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How to transition into product management

How to transition into product management Prior to business school, I was a management consultant working in international development. In my role, I worked with multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, and other public and private sector organizations on projects with social/environmental impact goals. My career transition has intrigued a lot of people including […]

Be resilient and do not think that everything has to happen instantly: Tiia Sammallahti, CEO whatCharity

I do not believe in pre-decided careers or journeys. Life takes you to amazing places, jobs, friendships if you are open-minded, curious, allow yourself to be passionate and find your true purpose. Education is important, but the point is to educate yourself for YOU. So choose a subject, which truly interests you and which you […]

By calling out my multiple professional identities in my job applications, I have become a stronger applicant: Sarabeth Berk, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Have you ever felt as though no one understands what you do?  You have a bunch of talents (some might even say too many), yet you find you have to compartmentalize and prioritize them because your boss, your coworkers, or your clients don’t see how they all fit together.  You feel like you have to […]

My journey to getting a Digital Marketing job at Google

My journey to getting a digital marketing job at google was not a straight line. I intended to have a much more different career. Back in Bulgaria I was very interested in arts, I was drawing and painting a lot. I studied Art History, which in the beginning was a very interesting subject for me, […]

How I went from Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo to Head Of Content at a tech startup

Deborah Tan-Pink If you are with Deborah and, someone comes up and says to her, “Hey, you look familiar. I think I’ve seen you somewhere,” chances are it is her magazine-past catching up with her. The head of content at SmartUp.io didn’t start her career in tech until 2017. What led her here? How Was […]

“If you want a career, apply to a company where you can find a mentor who will help you achieve your career goals” says Aliza Sherman,CEO of Ellementa, Inc.

How to achieve career goals How was your University time? I went to three different colleges. First, I was studying Fashion Merchandising at a small college but found I wasn’t very talented at design and was gravitating more toward liberal arts classes. So I transferred to a large, well-respected university in a small town and […]

How I Got my Job in Public Relations (PR)

Lisa Wells PR & Marketing: Public Relations job, Digital Content/Marketing Hometown/Current City I live in New York City, NY Industry you represent I’ve been a publicist for more than 20 years. I’ve had my own consulting firm for 6 years. I offer my clients digital and creative content for social media, trade and press event […]

How I Got my Shopify Product manager job

  The Beginning I did not have access to the internet while studying and because of this, I did not have the information which would have helped me choose the right career. I was a good student with good grades. I went with the flow and entered a college with a good reputation, picking a […]

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