How I got a Growth Hacker job at Tapchief

How was your University time?

Even though I’m a Growth Hacker by profession, but I have a degree in Mass Communication. My degree played zero roles in my current Growth Hacker job, and it was all because of being curious from the very start. In university, I was more focused on looking at the digital side of everything and less on my books. When placement season came, I wasn’t sure about what I want to do but was sure about what I don’t want to do, and it worked out well for me. My department supported my decision, and I’m glad few people reach out to me regarding career advice around same.

Why did you Seek out a career in growth hacking?

I love being online, From the second I was introduced to the concept of the internet I knew that it is my call. I started content writing job from class 9th and slowly groomed myself into it, published two paperback books which did decent in the market. I moved to mass communication after a few internships in the field of Digital Marketing I joined Opentalk as full-time Digital Marketer, and after ten months into it, I Got TapChief Growth Hacker Job..  In short, my passion called, and I picked it up.

How did you prepare for growth hacker interview?

-Rehearsed in front of Mirror
-Built an impressive online portfolio
– Dressed smart, Good Posture
– Researched a little bit about the company and person who was about to interview me
– Used right words at the right time
– Smile with confidence does help

why do you think you were selected among other candidates?

– Resume backed by authentic proofs.
-Enthusiasm to build something for the company.
-A formal but friendly way of talking.
-Vision to create something better.

What can you recommend on the CV?

– A good photograph
– Good Spaced out fonts
-No irrelevant information

Things are changing very fast in the industry, how do you keep yourself updated. Please list techniques or newsletter, podcasts, events etc

Neil Patel’s blog is best to follow up with friends.
– Google Alerts helps a lot.
– As a marketer, being curious helps the most.

What was your first job or nuggets from jobs you had that helped you to get to where you are today?

– I started off as a review writer on an e-commerce website for a particular publication house when I was in class 9th. Those small gigs with multiple platforms groomed me to work in any company and drive different kinds of metrics the way they want. I kept working on my brand simultaneously, and when the time was right, i leaped faith in content writing to digital marketing.

Lessons from jobs that you couldn’t get:-

– How to do Taxes 😛

Advice for someone looking for a growth hacker job?

– Building a good LinkedIn profile.
– It is okay to go Freelancer for some time but never quit.
– Facebook groups are an underrated platform when it comes to looking for a Growth Hacker job
-Network more often.
Udita Pal  BioEven though I’m a journalist by my degree, I always wanted to be in the Online Marketing field by heart. There is no point in dedicating a part of your life to something you are not interested in because I realized the power of the internet and how it can help in acquiring customers and shaping our future. I have been in Content Writing industry as a freelancer for 3+ years now and have built personal brand of mine over social media of close to 100,000 followers over four platforms which generate 11,00,000 Views a week in last four years.
How I got a Growth Hacker job at Tapchief

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