Women in Tech

How i became a successful female engineer

Story About Becoming a successful Women Engineer My name is Barbara Rodeker, and I would like to share my professional history, mistakes I made, what I learn from them, and what I did right. Since I got my first job at the age of sixteen, my journey of selling cocktails on an Argentinian beach to […]

My story starting as a product manager at Microsoft Word to becoming an Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures

How was your University time? I landed at Stanford thinking I wanted to be a communications major so I could be a TV anchor but soon realized there were far more interesting things to study while there. I wound up majoring in Political Science when a professor pointed out I was three-quarters of the way […]

How I got a Growth Hacker job at Tapchief

How was your University time? Even though I’m a Growth Hacker by profession, but I have a degree in Mass Communication. My degree played zero roles in my current Growth Hacker job, and it was all because of being curious from the very start. In university, I was more focused on looking at the digital […]

Be resilient and do not think that everything has to happen instantly: Tiia Sammallahti, CEO whatCharity

I do not believe in pre-decided careers or journeys. Life takes you to amazing places, jobs, friendships if you are open-minded, curious, allow yourself to be passionate and find your true purpose. Education is important, but the point is to educate yourself for YOU. So choose a subject, which truly interests you and which you […]

My journey to getting a Digital Marketing job at Google

My journey to getting a digital marketing job at google was not a straight line. I intended to have a much more different career. Back in Bulgaria I was very interested in arts, I was drawing and painting a lot. I studied Art History, which in the beginning was a very interesting subject for me, […]

How I Got my Shopify Product manager job

  The Beginning I did not have access to the internet while studying and because of this, I did not have the information which would have helped me choose the right career. I was a good student with good grades. I went with the flow and entered a college with a good reputation, picking a […]

How I fell in love with technology and found my unique career journey

Story: My career with technology In my final year of high school, I was utterly confused about what to do next. All I knew was that I was good at math, and that allowed me to explore and enjoy different fields at university. My dad suggested, “why not Computer Science?”. The field was beginning to […]

A leap of faith: How I transitioned from corporate to entrepreneurship

Story: How I transitioned from corporate to entrepreneurship I would sum my life as a roller coaster ride; fast paced, sometimes upside down, but lots of fun. I was born and brought up in a small town in India with the de facto Indian career norms to be a doctor or an engineer. Instead of […]

How I got my dream job by creating a business around productized expertise

You can look for a dream job, or you can create one 🙂 ​In the ​gig economy of today, that is a very realistic plan actually. By productizing your expertise and then developing a business around that product, you can work on what you are really good at, what keeps you motivated and what gives […]

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