Women in Tech

Women In Manufacturing Are They Great Manufacturers?

Empowering Forces: Women Redefining Manufacturing Unveiling the Trailblazers In the symphony of manufacturing, a crescendo of change reverberates—a harmonious amalgamation of talent, innovation, and determination. Within this realm, women stand as vanguards, sculpting a new narrative that redefines the very essence of manufacturing prowess. In this blog post, we traverse through the vibrant landscape of […]

The Impact And Role Of Women In Manufacturing What Can They Do?

Unveiling Women’s Impact in Manufacturing Pioneering Innovations In the realm of manufacturing, women have ceaselessly woven an intricate tapestry of innovation. Their presence isn’t merely symbolic; it’s the force propelling transformative changes. From the deft hands designing precision instruments to the trailblazers conceptualizing novel production processes, women have transcended boundaries. They are architects of automation, […]

Starting A Business 20 Questions To Ask Successful Business Women

Unveiling the Wisdom: 20 Crucial Questions for Successful Business Women Purposeful Vision – What Drives Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit? Delve into the realm of purpose, the bedrock upon which successful businesses are built. Unveil how these visionary women discerned their mission, the fuel propelling their endeavors. It’s the profound motivation intertwined with their life’s fabric, steering […]

45 Quotes On Women Supporting Women

Celebrating Women Supporting Women In a symphony of empowerment and resilience, the resonance of women supporting women reverberates through the corridors of history. This harmonious chorus embodies unity, strength, and an unwavering alliance in the face of adversity. As we navigate the currents of modernity, the valor and solidarity among women stand as pillars, shaping […]

Women Entrepreneurs Characteristics Challenges Importance And More

Unveiling the Dynamic World of Women Entrepreneurs Unraveling the Entrepreneurial Spirit Diving into the intricate fabric of entrepreneurship, the world witnesses a seismic shift with women trailblazers defining the narrative. The landscape once dominated by traditional norms now witnesses a mosaic of courage, resilience, and innovative vigor showcased by women entrepreneurs. These pioneers exhibit an […]

How did I Become an Art Director and Graphic Communication Designer?

Tina Touli is a creative director, graphic communication designer, maker, speaker, and educator. She currently runs her own London-based multidisciplinary studio and teaches at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She works in various design fields, including print and digital design, with different clients, such as Adobe, Dell, HP, Ciroc Vodka, Fiorucci, Tate, […]

How I Got a Project Coordinator job

I’m Caz. I work with a small group of highly-skilled, technically-minded people as the Project Coordinator for Brightec. We design and develop bespoke mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the web, working with clients in industries such as e-commerce, e-learning, finance, and travel. So how did I get a project coordinator job? I’m stubborn, it’s […]

How I became an android developer

My name is Zainab Jimoh. I am an Android Developer. I am passionate about building android apps, using Kotlin programming language. I am a campus chapter lead for She Code Africa, Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter. Outside of work, I am also a makeup artist and a part-time writer. I believe in teamwork, communication, honesty, and […]

Career Advice and success tips from Franz Escolastico

Are you wondering how to get a web developer job without experience? Career advice and successful tips from Franz Escolastico will be very helpful. Franz Escolastico is a designer, developer, and marketer based in one of the provinces in the Philippines. Since 2013 she’s been producing creative work with teams and individuals locally and around […]

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