Women in Tech

How did I Become an Art Director and Graphic Communication Designer?

Tina Touli is a creative director, graphic communication designer, maker, speaker, and educator. She currently runs her own London-based multidisciplinary studio and teaches at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She works in various design fields, including print and digital design, with different clients, such as Adobe, Dell, HP, Ciroc Vodka, Fiorucci, Tate, […]

How I Got a Project Coordinator job

I’m Caz. I work with a small group of highly-skilled, technically-minded people as the Project Coordinator for Brightec. We design and develop bespoke mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the web, working with clients in industries such as e-commerce, e-learning, finance, and travel. So how did I get a project coordinator job? I’m stubborn, it’s […]

How I became an android developer

My name is Zainab Jimoh. I am an Android Developer. I am passionate about building android apps, using Kotlin programming language. I am a campus chapter lead for She Code Africa, Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter. Outside of work, I am also a makeup artist and a part-time writer. I believe in teamwork, communication, honesty, and […]

Career Advice and success tips from Franz Escolastico

Are you wondering how to get a web developer job without experience? Career advice and successful tips from Franz Escolastico will be very helpful. Franz Escolastico is a designer, developer, and marketer based in one of the provinces in the Philippines. Since 2013 she’s been producing creative work with teams and individuals locally and around […]

How I got a Visual designer job

Story: How I got a Visual designer job I was always taught the myth of the “struggling artist.” I grew up in suburban New Hampshire playing with as many art medium as I possibly could, but it was always a fun past time for me. It was never something I thought I could turn into […]

How i became a successful female engineer

Story About Becoming a successful Women Engineer My name is Barbara Rodeker, and I would like to share my professional history, mistakes I made, what I learn from them, and what I did right. Since I got my first job at the age of sixteen, my journey of selling cocktails on an Argentinian beach to […]

My story starting as a product manager at Microsoft Word to becoming an Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures

How was your University time? I landed at Stanford thinking I wanted to be a communications major so I could be a TV anchor but soon realized there were far more interesting things to study while there. I wound up majoring in Political Science when a professor pointed out I was three-quarters of the way […]

How I got a Growth Hacker job at Tapchief

How was your University time? Even though I’m a Growth Hacker by profession, but I have a degree in Mass Communication. My degree played zero roles in my current Growth Hacker job, and it was all because of being curious from the very start. In university, I was more focused on looking at the digital […]

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