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Pros and Cons of Academic writing jobs

Finding a job as a freelancer as an academic writer is not as easy as we consider. You can join the freelancing platforms providing space for freelancers to offer their services. But remember that this profession shows fluctuations. If your friend or a person near you is making handsome money through freelance academic writing does […]

7 Highest Paying Jobs in Education in 2021

Thinking of pursuing a career in education? Wondering which are the best careers in the world of education? We are here to help. Usually, you will need a specialized associate education degree at minimum to have a career in education. There are many options with lucrative salaries and as you gain more experience, your pay […]

How I Got a Project Coordinator job

I’m Caz. I work with a small group of highly-skilled, technically-minded people as the Project Coordinator for Brightec. We design and develop bespoke mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the web, working with clients in industries such as e-commerce, e-learning, finance, and travel. So how did I get a project coordinator job? I’m stubborn, it’s […]

How I Got a remote writer job while traveling the world

Are you interested in remote writing jobs? Read this article to grt practical advice from two writers who are living dream of remote writing job My writing wings fell open after I took the leap, two years after realizing I would never be able to mold into the person the corporate world wanted me to […]

How to become a pharmacist

Dr. Swathi Varanasi, or Dr. Swathi for short, is a pharmacist specializing in integrative health and cannabis. She serves as a bilingual medical consultant for CBD/botanical companies, a natural medicines educator, a clinical researcher, a TV show co-host, and a multimedia content contributor for print & online publications. Emphasizing an evidence-based health and wellness approach, […]

How I Became A Digital Marketer

Wondering What does a digital marketer do? How to become a digital marketer? Read the insightful interview with Horatiu I’m Horațiu, and I’m a Digital Marketer*. Born in 1984, I’ve early become enthusiastic about the magic of electronic devices. In 1990, I had my 1st contact with ATARI and JVC, soon following the discovery of […]

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