Pros and Cons of Academic writing jobs

Finding a job as a freelancer as an academic writer is not as easy as we consider. You can join the freelancing platforms providing space for freelancers to offer their services. But remember that this profession shows fluctuations. If your friend or a person near you is making handsome money through freelance academic writing does not mean that you can also earn like them. Another point that you should remember is that no one can find a similar job as he dreamed of. It is hard to find everything according to your preference.

Some people who have the experience to cover difficult tasks find it very easy to write online research essays for students. Similarly, some people take it as the toughest job ever. For a clear statement, set a list of features that you have and have not, then decide if you can be an academic writer or not. If you relate to the first group of people, you can get paid to write essays.

In the following paragraphs, you will find some advantages and disadvantages collected by our team. They are commonly existing factors that impact academic writing.

Pros of working as an online academic writer 

Demonstration of self-organization and development of advanced skills that gives excellent results

Self-management and self-organization are key factors that influence your personal development. Your success is dependent on these factors. If you own these features in your personality, then have faith in yourself that nothing can create hurdles in your way. These features give you motivation, knowledge, and stimulation for great work that results in a great outcome.

Choice of subject 

You have the option to select the subject of your choice. That is a great option that allows you to choose a variety of subjects. You can take it according to your master’s degree. For example, if your bachelor’s or master’s degree is in science, you can provide services for writing a scientific paper. However, a professional writer has skills to revolve around a specific niche and have knowledge of other subjects. An academic writer should know about the writing pattern and have a good searching ability. If you explore different subjects and learn them, you can take part in tough competition between academic writers.

Follow the schedule 

It is the point that you need to do work according to a given time, day or night does not matter. So, for example, when you take an order of writing an essay, then forget procrastination and deliver before the deadline.

No restrictions of location and appearance 

Online jobs’ greatest point demands nothing but accuracy, quality, and on-time work. You just have to follow all the instructions and guidelines given by the customer. It does not concern where you are and what is the condition of your dress. If you feel comfortable on the couch, then go there. If you want to sit in bed, then go ahead. Nothing important if you are wearing jeans, shorts, or a tracksuit. There is no restriction. They only concern the quality and uniqueness.

No fix rate 

An office job has a fixed salary that you can get after working for a whole month. But if you are a freelance writer, then earning depends on the quantity of work. The more essays you write, the more money you will earn.

Disadvantages of doing the online job as an academic writer 

Online writing job has advantages in many aspects, but it also shows some limitations that can affect your personality building.

  • Lack of motivation 

As discussed in this article’s introductory section, a freelance writing job does not suit everyone. Every individual has to face different circumstances. When you see your friend earning a lot from freelancing but failing to get even a single order, it demotivates you. Most people give up after some failures due to a lack of motivation and self-control. So it is the major limitation of freelancing.

  • Strict schedule 

Freelancing does not provide a free room if you fail to deliver on time. There is a strict schedule that you have to follow with no relaxation. It causes stress, anxiety, and depression if no chill is available.

  • Distraction of surroundings 

A peaceful environment is required for proper working. But if you are staying at home all the time and writing an essay, the surroundings distract you badly, even if you close yourself in a separate room.

  • Working without a specific schedule 

Without a specific schedule, you can’t continue your online job for the long term. In addition, working late at night and sleeping all day can disturb your health.

  • Seasonal work 

It reminded us of the school days when we got a lot of homework in certain months and then a period of free days. Freelance writing is also a seasonal job. Sometimes the writer can face a huge burden of many essays and sometimes not a single essay to write.

Pros and Cons of Academic writing jobs

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