By calling out my multiple professional identities in my job applications, I have become a stronger applicant: Sarabeth Berk, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Have you ever felt as though no one understands what you do?  You have a bunch of talents (some might even say too many), yet you find you have to compartmentalize and prioritize them because your boss, your coworkers, or your clients don’t see how they all fit together.  You feel like you have to

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achieve career goals

“If you want a career, apply to a company where you can find a mentor who will help you achieve your career goals” says Aliza Sherman,CEO of Ellementa, Inc.

How to achieve career goals How was your University time? I went to three different colleges. First, I was studying Fashion Merchandising at a small college but found I wasn’t very talented at design and was gravitating more toward liberal arts classes. So I transferred to a large, well-respected university in a small town and

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“If you’re looking for a job in advertising, strive to combine your Right Brain creativity with Left Brain data” says Jessica,CEO of Hawthorne

Why did you seek out a career in the advertising industry?  Patience has never been my strong suit, so finding a career that allows me to see immediate results was a natural fit for me. Advertising provides the best of both worlds – a perfect combination of working directly with clients and leveraging creativity. The

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