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Quality Of Business Leaders

Successful leaders are the power and intellect behind them. They always focus on the Vision while steering their goal. They have reached their goals with charisma, enthusiasm, and self-assurance. One becomes a leader with different styles that can use for other-oriented businesses. Keep reading to know more about Quality Of Business Leaders. Characteristics in the […]

Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership 

If you’re a leader in any capacity, whether in your family or at work, a few traits define an exemplary leader, like honesty, integrity, and generosity. However, these qualities aren’t the only components of leadership — there are several more that set truly exemplary leaders apart from those who settle for simply being competent in […]

Selfless Leader Qualities- Examples & How to Become?

Leadership is a must in every field. Being the face of the whole team, a leader will often be put under pressure to be perfect and to represent the whole team in the best way. The article highlights the key factors necessary to be a leader, especially why a selfless character is required. Let’s know […]

Questions to Ask a Leader- 25 Questions

A pandemic is sweeping our planet and it’s time to learn from those who are leading. In a world where leaders demonstrate their skills, we can educate ourselves by following their examples. Remind and encourage leaders, this is what they’re trained for, but by interacting with and learning from them too. By asking questions, we […]

Leadership Quotes by John Maxwell

Authors and writers over the years have always tried to define various words and their meanings. Their attempts and research help us understand these words better. For many years many authors have tried to define the word leadership and the complex meaning it carries. Leadership as a word is quite hard to define because it […]

What is Task-oriented Leadership?- Definition, Examples

What is Task-oriented Leadership? Task-oriented leadership refers to the leadership that requires the leader to focus more on the work than the employee relationships. The main motto of task-oriented leadership is to achieve the goals that come with a project. While both task-oriented and relationship-oriented leaderships have their merits and demerits, we will focus on […]

Autocratic Leadership- The Complete Guide

Leading a group of people is a complex responsibility. To make an impact in society, a leader ought to choose the most appropriate method of leadership to produce the best possible results for a given environment and people. What is Autocratic Leadership? Autocratic leadership uses the top-down approach to influence and guide followers towards a […]

Examples of Adversities- And How Successful People Overcame Them

We all have come across this famous quote many times. But how many of us took the pain to understand the deep meaning hidden behind this quote? We come across portfolios, interviews, pictures, videos, magazines, and whatnot featuring the people who are successful in their respective fields. As a general instinct, we rarely pay heed […]

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