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Questions to ask senior leaders- 25 Best Questions

Have you ever approached a leader you liked at a professional convention and gone utterly speechless? You could have been a tad star-struck. Perhaps you were aware that there were a plethora of nice questions you could pose to them… However, you decided to say the very first one out loud. Few people can think […]

The 11 Leadership Principles That Remains Timeless

Introduction The collection of activities or guiding ideas that leaders might use to propel people toward accomplishing victory are known as leadership principles. How much a leader inspires and directs their people has a significant impact on how much an organization or business operates. Significance of Leadership Principles When an organization is prospering, its people […]

Core Values of a Leader- 10 Core Leadership Values

Introduction The word lead basically means to direct by example. Such a person knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way (John Maxwell).  Therefore, a leader is an individual who directs others into a particular path or way by showing them exactly how to get on that path. A leader is very different […]

Directive Leadership – Definition, Elements, and Advantages

Directive Leadership – Sometimes, leaders may employ different strategies or styles of managing their team to support or train them to reach a certain goal. They tend to adopt one or more ways to lead the team towards achieving the desired outcome. These ways or strategies are called Styles of Leadership.  Path-Goal Theory The Path-Goal […]

Apology Letter To Your Teacher: Format And Examples

To write an apology letter in the right way to convey the message include saturation, start with appreciation , tell what happened, apologize, promise, close letter. Misbehaving at school is common. However, sometimes a simple prank or mistake committed by a student can be hurtful for the teacher. School was invented as an institution of […]

How To Write An Apology Letter?

 Guide to Write An Apology Letter: Introduction, choosing the tone, Writing the letter, Subject line, Salutation, Introduction, Body, Conclusion Introduction: Letters are an important means of communication, ever since as early as 500 BC, letters have been used to relay messages from one person to the other. While runners were used before, the means of […]

Things I’ve Learned Working as a Leadership Coach

Brad is an author, speaker, and consultant with more than 25 years of corporate experience in various aspects of human resources. As the founder of PerformancePoint, Brad has worked as a leadership coach, a human resources trainer, an executive, and an entrepreneur with organizations and their executive leadership in different industries. His leadership coaching clients have […]

Connecting The Dots Looking Forward – David Mullings’s Journey

Connecting The Dots Looking Forward – David Mullings’s Journey: Small private equity fund taught me that it is far easier to raise money Graduating high school in Kingston, Jamaica at 15 is not uncommon although it is a year earlier than most students. This was due to me being born in January and thus able […]

How Gibson Biddle got the job as VP Product at Netflix

Gibson Biddle | LinkedIN Here is Gibson Biddle story in his own words How I found my job as VP Product at Netflix after a two-year sabbatical In late 2004 after a two-year break, I began a job search. My time-off left me “rusty” and companies were wary about whether I was ready to work […]

My story starting as a product manager at Microsoft Word to becoming an Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures

How was your University time? I landed at Stanford thinking I wanted to be a communications major so I could be a TV anchor but soon realized there were far more interesting things to study while there. I wound up majoring in Political Science when a professor pointed out I was three-quarters of the way […]

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