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Citi Job Application Status – Know More

Citigroup Inc. or in other words Citi, based in New York City, is an American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation. The company was established in 1998 through a merger of banking giant Citicorp and Travelers Group. Let us know ‘Citi Job Application Status’. Citi Job Application Status Citigroup is the third-largest banking company in […]

Marketing Plan For Bank

A bank’s entire business plan must include a marketing strategy. It promotes brand exposure, boosts customer acquisition, and promotes sales. This post will go through the essential components of a bank’s marketing strategy and provide pointers for developing one. Let us know What are the ‘Marketing Plan For Bank’. Marketing Plan For Bank Market research […]

ICICI Bank Employee Termination Policy- Know More

ICICI bank is one of the most reputed private banks in India whose head office is in Mumbai. The ICICI stands for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India which was entrenched on 5th January 1955 and it was delimited as a confederation of the IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and development). ICICI bank will […]

Stakeholders Agree On The Same Goal For The Financial Manager

Companies have to make profits but it is easier said than done. In this contemporary world, both companies and societies are connected, therefore the success of both is dependent on mutual support. Business is interlinked with a lot of stakeholders. In order words, a company has a lot of responsibilities towards society. Now the question […]

Bank Mandatory Vacation Policy and PTO – Know More

Vacations are an essential part of any business as they positively affect employees and the organization. It is a practice that has been around for a long time, but the banking sector takes it to a different level. Unlike several other industries, the banking sector has put in a level of compulsion, thus making vacation […]

Bank Of America Vacation Policy And PTO

Bank of America, as the name says, is one of the largest bank holding companies. Bank of America operates its banking services in more than 150 countries, and Bank of America provides services like financial and banking-related services like insurance, investment, management, loans, deposits, and more. Bank of America owns Berkshire Hathaway and has stakes […]

How To Network For Investment Banking?

In this competitive world where education, jobs, life, and some more things have become very competitive, networking is the most underrated thing in this situation. It is underrated because many people do not know the power of networking in this competitive world. Networking can help in many situations, be it in getting a job or […]

Loan Closer – Job Description, Salary, Duties

Today, the normal occupation development of 8% for loan questioners and agents, including loan shutting occupations is quicker than previously. Up-and-comers with great client support abilities and loan shutting experience may have a strategic advantage in the work market. Let us know about ‘Loan Closer’. How Does A Loan Closer Respond?  Loan closers work for […]

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