How Much Is Oncology Pharmacist’s Salary?

Oncology pharmacy is a field that deals with the treatment of cancer patients in all stages of cancer for prolonged and most healthy living. Let us know ‘How Much Is Oncology Pharmacist’s Salary?’. How Much Is Oncology Pharmacist’s Salary? Currently, an oncology pharmacist in the US is paid an average of about $120,000 yearly, which […]

How To Address A Nurse Practitioner?

HOW TO ADDRESS A NURSE PRACTITIONER? First Name, Mister/Miss, “Nurse” or “Doctor”, In writing may not be different from how you talk to them Every time you visit the hospital, you are privileged to contact a Nurse practitioner who makes your visit comfortable and less demanding. A Nurse practitioner works with the doctor to provide […]

Information governance in healthcare

The meaning of information governance of health care is rules, structures, and other programs started by health care centers, hospitals (private and government), companies of medical insurance, and health care providers to gather, protect, analyze and organize data.  This procedure is really important not only for protecting and analyzing patient’s data but also they are […]

How to become a pharmacist

Dr. Swathi Varanasi, or Dr. Swathi for short, is a pharmacist specializing in integrative health and cannabis. She serves as a bilingual medical consultant for CBD/botanical companies, a natural medicines educator, a clinical researcher, a TV show co-host, and a multimedia content contributor for print & online publications. Emphasizing an evidence-based health and wellness approach, […]

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