Why Do You Want to Be a Dentist? – How to Answer?

Why Do You Want to Be a Dentist

Why Do You Want to Be a Dentist? The main reason is self satisfaction. In my point of view they are the person who smile seeing others smile

Why Do You Want to Be a Dentist?

The specificity of a dental surgeon is that they don’t only care about a patient’s mouth they interact with family history, behaviors

Health care professionals are the people who dedicate their time to improve other health. In the true sense of the word, we should have a clear knowledge about diseases and treatments to be health care professionals. As you know toothache is the most painful suffering of a human being. Actually, it is not second to the labor pain too. If you can be the person who relieves that much pain of people, definitely you will be an admirable person in society. It’s a great feeling that talking with people, educating about their oral health, treating for their pain, and improving their knowledge about oral diseases. As there are lots of oral diseases like oral cancers, gingivitis, decaying of teeth, and periodontal diseases, there is a good demand for a dentist in the present situation. Sometimes dentists may be the first person who recognizes some serious diseases such as cancers, hypertension, diabetes, Haemophilia, and anxiety.C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\IMG-20201124-WA0014.jpg


The subject that the dentist learn is named as dentistry. Although it’s one word, it’s a complex and detailed based subject. The most interesting thing about dentistry is it updates day by day. As we know many diseases are added to the list of world wide diseases and we can diagnose  new diseases with the help of new technology. we can separate dentistry according to the type of diseases. Simply we learn about the diseases related to teeth, jaws, tongue, lips, buccal mucosa, labial mucosa, gingival tissues, bones of the mouth, periodontal tissues, alveolar bones, hard palate and soft palate. Apart from that dentistry includes treat for malocclusions, replacing the missing teeth, taking care about children’s oral health and medicines that are prescribed for oral infections. It’s easy to understand dentistry by categorizing it into the fields. After learning dentistry during their four years course dental surgeon can select a path for further education and be a specialist in that field. 

Why do you want to be a dental specialist from particular field?


Restorative Dentistry –  In here specially focus on teeth and their supporting structures. Specially rebuild the aesthetic requirements of a patient. This includes temporary fillings, permanent fillings, dental implants, putting crowns or dentures. A general dental surgeon can do this without any specialization. Missing teeth can be replaced by brides, dentures or implants. Cosmetic dentistry is a part of restorative dentistry. Their main aim is to give a smart smile to the patient. Basically  Why do you need to be an odd in restorative dentistry ? Simply it’s the most popular and  clinically demanded  field in dentistry. Therefore being a restorative specialist will be a great opportunity to deal with big amount of patients. 

Periodontology –  Supporting structures of teeth like periodontium, gingiva, alveolar bones, cementum, periodontal ligaments and diseases that affect them are studied in this field. An expert in periodontology we consider as a periodontist. If you want to be periodontist, it’s important to improve your clinical background from prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. Apart from that periodontal specialist are also talented in the diagnosis  of oral inflammation. 

Prosthodontic Dentistry –  In this, treat for missing teeth, missing bony structures such as hard palate, jaw parts and missing pieces of a tooth are done. Prosthodontic is important for develop aesthetics, rehabilitate chewing and for speech. Dentists restore this defects in a permanent manner or the removable manner. Those are called removable partial dentures. Why do you want to be a prosthodontic specialist? Just think, if you can replace teeth to give a perfect smile for a person, that will be an unforgettable memory in your life. Most of the time dentists have to keep a good interaction between technician when constructing dentures. 

Oral medicine and radiology  – This is also an important part of dentistry. Specially dentists diagnose oral cancers, cancer causes and symptoms after examine the intra oral and extra oral structures of the mouth. They take biopsies, do investigations, take radiographs   and plan the treatments for the patients. Of course this subject directly engages with the patients’ life. Why do you want to be a specialist in oral medicine? Because they are the people who diagnose oral cancer conditions at first. If you want to be an oral medicine and radiology expert that will be a life satisfied decision for you. 

Paediatric Dentistry – This is a kind of interesting subject for lots of dentists. But not at all. Because they have to deal with the kids and manage them. Paediatric dentists have the ability to diagnose and treat child’s teeth, oral mucosa, gums and other intra oral and extra oral structures. Children only have deciduous teeth in their first 6 months to 6  years time period. After that those are replaced by permanent teeth. It’s really important to take care about the teeth since their childhood if not they will face to life time complications. As paediatric dentists they do treatments for dental caries, fluoride treatments, management of gum diseases including ulcers and frenulae. Habit counselling is also a responsibility of a paediatric dentist. Why do you want to be a paediatric dentist then? Because they give a wide range of treatment methods. In addition to that talking with small children and manage them will be a stress relieving method also. Sometimes a paediatric dentist may cause to create new ambitions as to be a dentist , in their little minds.   


Orthodontic Dentistry – As educational and talented as dentists are, some areas have knowledgeable programs beyond the dental school. This is also one of those areas. In orthodontic, specially focus for teeth alignment, teeth setting on the jaw, teeth functioning and positioning of upper and lower jaws. Orthodontists are the people who specialized in orthodontic. Orthodontists provide braces and aligners and move the teeth to give an attractive physical appearance. Why do you want to be an orthodontist? Well, to my way of thinking it’s the most demanded dentist position speciality in the field. Apart from that these are the people who earn the highest salary among dentists. 

Community Dentistry ( Dental public health ) – This is the part of dentistry that mostly deal with public patients. Educating people, analysing death and birth rates, survey completing, getting public details of oral diseases, give advices to the students by attending to schools are some responsibilities of community dentists. They give services in places  such as community clinicals, patient’s houses, mobile clinics and nursing homes. Why do you want to be a community dentist ? This is the subject that deal with the lots of people. In here eventually you will can improve leadership skills, speaking in public practices, find the needs and facilities that remote people are requesting, fulfil the needs of poor rural area people. Those will give self satisfaction. Therefore being a community dentist is also a top notch decision.   

Oral surgery –  Most of the time this is done by normal dentists. Oral surgery includes tooth extractions and any surgical procedure of intra oral and extra oral structures. There are dental specialists who can do surgical treatments well. Treatments like root canal surgeries, repositioning of teeth and removal of tumours are done by oral surgery specialists.  The most famous oral surgeries include maxillofacial surgery, gum grafts, impacted wisdom teeth, tooth implants and jaw repair after injury. Why do you want to be a specialist in oral surgery ? Because it’s clear the most cases of dental field are managed by oral surgeons. Oral maxillofacial surgeon is one of the mostly earned person in dental field. Although it’s a risky field still there is a high demand for the oral maxillofacial surgeons.

Endodontics –  Dental pulp and tissues around the roots of a tooth are examined in this field. This includes root canal treatments, trauma and surgeries. Endodontic specialists take every possible efforts to save the tooth. Of course these are the people who directly treat for patient’s pain. As we know pulp is the sensible part of the tooth. During endodontic treatments dentists have to manage them with patient’s pain. Why do you want to be an endodontic specialist?  By protecting the tooth, endodontists can help people to keep their natural smile. You can be the protector of their most important lifetime investment. 

Oral and maxillofacial pathology – There are other names as oral pathology, mouth diseases and stomatognathic disease for the same field. Head and neck area is the most important part of the body. This field includes microscopic examination. Cleft lip and cleft palate, macroglossia, Ankyloglossia, Torus palatinus , Migratory stomatitis, Aphthous stomatitis and burning mouth syndrome are some of the diseases that can be treated in this field. Why do you want to be an oral and maxillofacial surgeon ? The people who are having congenital defects such as cleft lip, cleft palate and syndromes are suffering life time with their defects. Maxillofacial surgeon is that amazing person who can eliminate their suffering. 

Oral and maxillofacial radiology – In here interpretation of radiographic images are mainly done by radiology specialists. CT and MRI scans are used to examine head, neck, face and jaws related deformities. To become an OMR you should be having a sharp eye. Examination of radiographs and identification of defects is the main thing in this field. Why you should be an OMR? This is comparably a less risky field in dentistry. It won’t be a stressful carrier anymore.  

Dentofacial orthopedics – This necessitate the guidance of facial growth and facial development. Dentofacial orthopedics  occurs mostly in childhood. At the first phase of treatments dentists use treatments mapped out to correct child’s jaw growth and make sure about the jaw bone is properly aligned before beginning the next phase of treatments. Why do you  need to be a dentofacial orthopedics specialist ? This person will be able to diagnose any misalignment of teeth jaws and facial structures and can plan the teeth. This is also a demanded profession in dentistry. 


Responsibilities of a Dental surgeon

A dentist is a person who can take responsibilities about patient’s appearance. Some people are worrying about their physical appearance of the face and teeth. They may fear to face to the society because of their physical deformities. Sometimes there are people who can’t talk because of oral conditions like cleft lip and cleft palate. Fortunately a dentist can solve all these problems in an amazing manner. They can turn a person who can not speak into a talkative person. Dentists also can eliminate the fear of facing the society of some people just after one surgery. Therefore in the true sense of the word being a dentist is a blessing. They pave the way to smile people without any worries. Not only for restorations, repairing, cleaning, maintaining the dentition and treat for the trauma surgery which has been occurred due to accidents but also dentists can take care about the family oral health of people by educating them. Replacing new teeth/ tooth , called as dental implant also very important for pronunciation and eating. 

The service of a dentist is not limited to a dental chair. They visit rural areas, schools and take care about their oral health also. Habit intervention and patient education take a big part of dentist’s carrier. The specificity of a dental surgeon is that they don’t only care about a patient’s mouth. They interact with all the other subjects of a patient like his family history, income methods, behaviours, cultural things, social history, medical history and personalities. If you want to be a dentist that will be a very good opportunity to interact with people and help them.  

Creativity is a talent of dental surgeon. What does it mean? Dentists should have the ability to replace a missing tooth or missing part of a tooth to be looked similar to his/her other teeth. They should have a clear idea about the tooth shape and the colour. The most interesting thing is this subject are changed from patient to patient. Therefore they should have ability to manage those all disabilities in a proper manner. 

Demand of a dentist 

The meaning of “Dentist” word,  “D” is for Doctor , “en” is for engineer and “tist” is for artist. Of course a dentist should be having skills of doctors, engineers and artists. 

Absolutely a dentist does more than extracting teeth. There are opportunities as do the private and public practices, teaching opportunities as a lecturer or a professor in dental faculty, give services to school health programs etc. Today most of the people are caring about their oral health. Specially with the increasing of population the demand for a dentist also has been increased. As the elder generation is trying to keep their teeth for a long period, the requirements of the dental services have been increasing day by day. 

The average income of a dentist is $151,850 . The trending of dentistry is on implant cosmetic dentistry. Dentist’s carrier period completely a challenge. They accept the challenge and win it by treating the patients in a perfect way. Future dentistry will be at the turning point of new technology. When we consider about the US demand for a dentist, there are more than 140,000 dentists are working there. 

As the people who are caring about others’ health dentists should have very straightforward answers and standard qualifications to treat the patients. They can spell out all needs of the patients. As far as I’m concerned this personalities should be splendid doctors which is having talented hand skills. 


Goals of a dental surgeon 

The most important thing that the dentist should be  having is experience in clinical practice. It’s actually a productive profession and self satisfied carrier. It allows to perform procedures that help in the betterment of the humanity. 

Patients are coming with severe tooth aches and a dentist should have the ability to calm down the patients. Dentist’s goal starts from the way that they interact with the patient. Not only with the patient but also a dentist should be very friendly to the technician. So they want to act two characters and manage it at the same time. Completing dental program is more expensive than finishing medical school.   

Why do you choose to be a dentist ? 

The main reason is self satisfaction. In my point of view they are the person who smile seeing others smile.  People always pray for all  health care professionals including dentists. They take every possible efforts to give a confident look for their patients. Financially also it’s a very demanded job. In addition to that a dentist get the attention compared to other carriers because of the responsibility of human life.  Some people are surprised about the dentist’s ability to relieving others most terrible pain.  

To my way of thinking dental field is a physically demanded field. Dentists have to focus on very tiny and  tedious area only using their hand skills. That’s why dentistry is that much physically demanding. 

In conclusion, dentists execute an essential public service to help people. Oral health is the most important health part of the human body. Dentists are amazing personalities who care about their oral cavity, teeth, and supporting structures. Not only they diagnose diseases by examining intra-oral and extra-oral structures but also they educate society about oral diseases and preventive methods. All in all, being a dentist is a lucky break. It’s clear that dentists give a great service to society. The decision that you got to be a dental surgeon will be remarkable for the rest of your life. The service of a dentist is admirable. 

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Why Do You Want to Be a Dentist? – How to Answer?

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