Digital Marketing

What led me to become a Digital Marketer?

Mudit Garg inspires, motivates, and educates businesses on leveraging digital to stand out from the noise and reach the target customers. Mudit is a professional, direct, and detail-oriented digital marketer. He has a diverse background, from being a technology evangelist to a marketing strategist and an entrepreneur. If you’re wondering about solutions to branding, marketing […]

Marketing Management 101 – Marketing Models & Best Practices

Marketing Management : method of getting things done in the most efficient and effective way, doing operations in an organized timely way To understand marketing management, one has to know what marketing is and what it involves. Marketing is a very broad concept that has to be interpreted in the right way. In layman’s terms, […]

How to Become A Digital Marketing Specialist?

How to Become A Digital Marketing Specialist? Technologically inclined and should know how to use web-based tools such as the internet. A digital marketing specialist has to be very technologically inclined and should know how to use web-based tools such as the internet. The worldwide web is a digital marketer’s most used space. To become […]

How I Became A Digital Marketer

Wondering What does a digital marketer do? How to become a digital marketer? Read the insightful interview with Horatiu I’m Horațiu, and I’m a Digital Marketer*. Born in 1984, I’ve early become enthusiastic about the magic of electronic devices. In 1990, I had my 1st contact with ATARI and JVC, soon following the discovery of […]

How I Started My Digital Agency

Kelli Kelley began her career in communications nearly 20 years ago serving as Public Relations Coordinator for the WalMart brand Faded Glory in their New York office. Over the next 15 years, Kelley would go on to work with several successful organizations across the US in various marketing roles before deciding to launch her own […]

Expect the Unexpected: Career Interview with Kamia,A Digital Marketing Growth Consultant

Kamia Vasconcelos (A Digital Marketing Growth Consultant) If I could give my 20-year-old self any piece of advice, I would probably tell myself to not plan too much and learn to expect the unexpected.  I got a late start to my career as it took me longer to discover what I truly wished to do […]

How I Started My Own Social Media Agency

So, Market With Maddy started as a normal Social Media Agency back in 2018. I was just an NMIMS University Sophomore Student studying Engineering and taking responsibility for my expenses through the SMM Gigs and the start-up. Eventually, I gained recognition through success stories; I also got good recommendations via companies who got results from […]

What it Takes to Make Your Career Successful: An Interview With Fatima Ait Moulid

If I could talk to my younger self… I remember the day I walked away from my university. I thought to myself if I don’t continue studying Law following the standard path that was suggested by my teachers, guidance counselors or scholarship books I will then need to make sure my career is successful, I […]

How I Turned My Passion in Storytelling to Being a Marketer and a YouTuber

How was your University time? University time was the best time of my life. I discovered my passion, which was storytelling, and I became a sort of a recognized name in the media department because of the short films I was making. While other students were making films about poverty, immature love, or terrorism, I […]

How I Became a Digital Marketing Specialist

How to decide on the field/first job? It was inevitable. My parents are both entrepreneurs, and I grew up around a business environment. Deal making and strategy were passed down to me genetically J. All joking aside, my true passion was to be a famous soccer play on Manchester United, but that dream transitioned into […]

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