How I Turned My Passion in Storytelling to Being a Marketer and a YouTuber

Being a Marketer and a YouTuber

How was your University time?

University time was the best time of my life. I discovered my passion, which was storytelling, and I became a sort of a recognized name in the media department because of the short films I was making. While other students were making films about poverty, immature love, or terrorism, I was telling stories about characters with psychological complexities trying to figure out their place in the world and running wild after their goals in life. That approach really enticed my collaborators to keep working with me, and that’s a gold feeling when you know people wanna work with you because of your thinking pattern.

Why did you choose a career as a marketing and a YouTuber?

Answer – I’m currently working as a digital marketer during the day time, but by nightfall, I become a YouTuber. Originally, I never thought I would be working in the digital landscape as a marketer, but my filmmaking dream of becoming a big shot director wasn’t working out, and my monthly income was frustrating me out.

I was a digital audio and video editor working for a local radio channel back then and helping them build their online video channel. The increment they gave me after hard work year after year made me furious, so I decided to start freelancing, which I hate.

So I started looking for a partner who could handle the client-side of the business, and I would handle the filmmaking side of things. I was hoping to get into wedding films, corporate documentaries, and so on, but I couldn’t find anyone who would be willing to partner up for this venture with dedication.

So the frustration reached its boiling point, and I started researching what I could do besides filmmaking.

I met this girl; she was smart, beautiful, intellectual, and amazingly successful in her career, she was a web developer, and so she inspired me to become one as well. I thought becoming a developer would be a fruitful career for me like it was for her. So I enrolled at an institute to study web design and enrolled in another institute to study web development at the same time.

So in the morning, I went to my job, and in the evening, I went to the design institute and then the development institute for the next six months or so.

As the courses were coming to an end, I had lost contact with the girl, and I realized I don’t wanna be a web designer or a developer; I wanna be a decision-maker in the digital landscape. So I started applying and finally switched jobs to a place that allowed me to lead a team and get hands-on experience as a senior employee handling social media accounts.

Then I got the entrepreneurship bug after reading religiously on That website changed my perspective about writing and reading. I started a YouTube channel to fulfill that thirst for entrepreneurship. But it wasn’t enough; I had to turn it into something bigger than myself and my imagination. I didn’t know how to do it, but the universe molded everything, and one day, I suddenly ran into one of my very good friends with whom I had lost touch for quite some time. We caught up, and I found out he works at a place with a leader who only hires people with an entrepreneur’s mindset.

I requested to get me a meeting, and he gave me his email and told me to impress him there. If you do it, he’s going to call you then.

It was a success, and I got my meeting where I explained the idea for my YouTube channel and to what heights it can go. So no CVs, no formal interviews, nothing, and within that week, I met the COO of the company, explained my idea again, and within a day, they decided to bring me on board and work on this idea. But there was a catch; I had to learn real 360 digital marketing and handle their digital accounts as one of their key players in the digital department was moving on to build his own company.

I said yes, and the journey began. I can proudly say I’m a key player in the company now while working on my dream to be one of the best storytellers in the world!

That was one hell of a long answer, but that’s how I got to the career, which has become my lifestyle now.

What was your first job or nuggets from jobs you had that helped you to get to where you are today?

My first job was as an audio and visual editor for a local radio channel for which I was building an online video channel. Following are the key elements I learned on that job which helped me mold myself into a better commodity:

1) Always make your presence known and what you do in the company: A lot of people had no idea I existed in the company or what I did there because I loved to be isolated and be busy with my work. That is the worst approach to have. You gotta take a break from what you do and just talk to people letting them know what you do. Not who are, but what you do

2) Listen to other people’s stories: The best thing you can do to climb the learning curve is to approach the warm hearted experienced people in your company and just listen to their stories as to who they are and how they got to where they are. What were their challenges, what was their passion, and how they look at life? This is going to help you understand people, and understanding people is the most valuable asset you can carry

3) Associate yourself with the decision-makers: The big dogs of the company, always try to seek out and spend some time with them and learn what they are doing and how they are doing it. Then ask them to let you assist them. Keep doing it until they see you as an integral part of their job. From there, trust me, your career is going to skyrocket!

These were the three most valuable things I learned, which, if I had applied, I would’ve been way ahead in my career a lot sooner.

How did you prepare for an interview?

By researching about the company and its values, by visiting the LinkedIn profile of the key players in the company and making sure that I’m emotionally in the headspace to go ahead with the interview

Answering technical questions is one thing, but driving them to an emotionally intellectual conversation about personalities, movies, and life, in general, is an art you have to learn in order to prepare for an interview. Skill sets can be learned, but values can’t be. You either are, or you’re not, or you want to be or you don’t want to be.

Books that helped you.?

No books in particular! It was all about reading all I could on Medium about entrepreneurship.

Things are changing very fast in the industry; how do you keep yourself updated. Please list techniques or newsletters, podcasts, events, etc.

Yes, things are moving with light speed. Instead of reading all the time, I continuously talk to my friends who like to stay up to date with technology, current affairs, food, traveling, etc. So I just grab whatever knowledge I can instead of making time to read. I’m not disregarding reading in any way, but having a productive conversation with your friends can do wonders.

It’s not all about chilling when having a convo with your buddies; you can extract max value out of all the amazing people in your life.

What can you recommend on CV?

Answer – Design it. Get a graphic designer or learn Photoshop yourself, but instead of jotting your CV on a blank ugly white spacious piece of digital paper, go for some appropriate and kickass eye-candy design to stand out from the crowd.

Advice for someone looking for a job?

Working for a big company is not important; what’s important is the people you work with. They’ll help you make your own big company. So always research about the kind of people your targeted company hires, then instead of dropping a CV, you should drop by yourself with a business idea which could potentially make the company some money while you get to exercise your passion.

Trust me; you’ll get the job even if they don’t have a vacancy.

Why do you think you were selected among other candidates?

I had a business idea around my passion and an intense drive to make it work. Plus, my values were in line with the company’s. Wisdom, Lean, Curiosity, Passion, and Innovation

Lessons from jobs that you couldn’t get.

Giving value to people and genuinely appreciating them every day. If you can do this, you’ll rule the world because you’ll have a whole army willing to stand with you any day.


I come from a middle-class family with a troubled childhood that made me depressed and miserable. At the age of 18, I fell in love with storytelling, and I found myself. I was a storyteller who wanted to tell my mind teasing stories about everything interesting.

Nothing helped me in crafting my skill than to have my own YouTube channel –

By day I’m a digital marketer working on brands like Mazda Oman, and by nightfall, I become a YouTuber with the goal to be one of the best storytellers out there.

I’m Mr. Zeecon, and I’m a teller of mind teasing stories!

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How I Turned My Passion in Storytelling to Being a Marketer and a YouTuber

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