15+ Meeting Request Email Template Examples

Meeting Request Email Template

Research, the person you are emailing to make sure that you are communicating with. We will present Meeting Request Email here. You think you have communicated with the right person, then verify the name, spelling, job, title, and contact information. If you have inaccurate contact data, it will waste 27.3% of sales reputation time per annum and the emails that go to the wrong person, which means we do not respond. By getting the wrong email, they may also create the ability to take a hit. 

If you are using a nice schedule tool, send a test email to yourself, then what to prospect you will see and ensure everything is working correctly or not. You must be aware of what kind of experience you are giving to the recipient. They will move on if they feel it is difficult or confusing to schedule a time. There is no secret that people are busy, especially senior executives and managers who hold decision-making power.

Always consider the scenario of what will happen if you do not go as planned. If a person decides to schedule a meeting, you should be flexible for the meeting but suggest that can’t me during the day or the time you have suggested. Give incentives such as business lunch or coffee, which may encourage people to say what they want to either mean yes or no to a meeting.

Meeting Request Email Templates

Here given below are few samples of templates, with the subject to perform the email requesting through the templates: 

  • The Standard Meeting Template:

Subject 1: Set meeting schedule?

Subject 2: Ask for a meeting tomorrow?

Subject 3: Meeting (Company + Their Company )

Subject 4: Meeting = You + Me

Example of the Template:

Dear marketing manager, 

Our company, XYZ, would like to request a meeting with you to make necessary decisions for the service that we can offer you. 

(Mention the detail of service)

Please contact me in an opening with your schedule so that we can fix the meeting.


(Mention Name)- (mention the email)

  • A Meeting Schedule Flattery: 

Subject 1: Love with the work.

Subject 2: You are a legend.

Subject 3: Quick sincere call (with a legend)?

Subject 4: You belong to a legendary community (Industry).

Example of the Template: 

I am grateful to connect with marketing legends!

Hello(mention first name),

I have to say this sincerely: your work inspires me at XYZ company, and now you have improved better than before(mention what they have done). I would love to pick your ideas(mention some specific skills). 

You can continue to increase the work of sales(mention your service), time is very precious. I will not ask if there is any substantial benefit for you. (We can steal your 15 minutes tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. sharp).


(Mention the name).

  • Invitation of Some Casual and Informative Meetings:

Subject 1: Can make a call tomorrow?

Subject 2: There are three things to discuss.

Subject 3: Would steal your time from 12 to 12:15 pm.

Subject 4: Tomorrow will be the best touching. 

Example of the Template:

Hello ( mention name), 

Can make a 15-minute call tomorrow if you mind?

I would love to, 

  • We want to show you what our top clients are doing to get more in emails.
  • Lack of conversion on-site will be shown.
  • Look if I should improve the conversions at the spot.

Does 12 to 12:15 PM sound good on Tuesday?

Will talk soon,

(Mention name)

  • Traditional Meeting Template is Kind of Generic and Sounds Boring:

Subject 1: Availability of tomorrow?

Subject 2: Schedule a time and make a call?

Subject 3: XYZ company can use our help 

Subject 4: Amazing work=Their Company + Product

Example of the Template:

Hello (mention first name),

I hope you are doing well! I wanted to reach out because (by explaining, let them know how you get their content information from the recommendation of trust o  a colleague).

(Mention name of company) contains a new platform that will help: (your team)(at company XYZ, mention the name of company) (give one-sentence which can explain the benefit).

I know that (mentioning the company’s product) will help(mention the interest of higher-level benefit), if you are available there for a quick call.

(Mention some time option).


(Mention name)

  • Email of Personalized Industry:

Subject 1: Insert the action of the company lately?

Subject 2: Have seen the news above (insert the action of the company)

Subject 3: Have recently seen you in the press.

Subject 4: (mention impressive client) Uses of would like to also?

Example of the Template:

Hello(Mention first name),

Because I have worked with so much(mention by targeting your company) which becomes a priority,

  • Bragging Some Little Bit:

Subject 1: Mention your company name + mention their company name=good relation.

Subject 2: Having a quick chat tomorrow?

Subject 3: (mention the impressive customer) Who loves us.

Subject 4: There are top 15 company users (mention the company)

Hello ( mention  first name),

My name is (mention your full name), I am working with XYZ company. Here we have worked with The Ventures-backed startup to 300 companies(mention impressive customers).

Here we worked with a different approach to grow the company and are not like others(mention company name). We move quickly forward, and for everything we don’t need, we fired them out for you, will be upfront about it.

Are you free to chat(mention the time in options)? 

(Mention the field)?

(Mention name)

  • Offering the Product Demo:

Subject 1: Provide a quick demo of (mention the product).

Subject 2: Faster response to the customer.

Subject 3: Need fast support for (mention the name of company).

Subject 4: Does there (mention the name of their company) have slow support?

 Hello (mention first name),

I came to know from your website that you are getting repetitive support requests.

I am (mention the title) of XYZ. We have to support the team which treats all customers on the same screen. This is how the customer can get responses faster through the support team.

Did you think it would help XYZ company? If yes I would like to tell you ( mention your calendar) by showing the demo. 

(Mention name)


  • After Meeting Someone in a Personal Request for a Casual Meeting

Subject 1: It’s nice to meet you.

Subject 2: I had a great time yesterday.

Subject 3: Meet you at (mention where you meet)party.

Subject 4: A pleasure meeting you let’s keep it going.

Hello (mention first name),

It sounds like you were interested in the offer of copyright which we provide.

Would you like to fix a quick meeting this week to see what we can do?

Fix the schedule,


(Mention your name)

When I say 15 minutes then it means 15 minutes because I respect your precious time.

  • Meeting Request with the Help of Cold Website

Subject 1: The issues with your site.

Subject 2: (mention the issue of the site) With the site?

Subject 3: (mention the issue) Can I fix the bug?

Subject 4: Professionals are at service ( mention the industry).

Hello ( mention first name),

I have noticed that ( mention the issue) on your website, while I was using it.

I am (mention your position), and have fixed this for (mention the industry) professionals, and now I think I could help. I have some time next week, and I am free. Here is my list of schedules ( mention your schedule).


(Mention your name).

(Provide the link of schedule for website).

  • The Strategy to be Brutally Honest

Subject 1: (mention critical point) Influencing you? Can I help?

Subject 2: I can (mention you can provide a solution) for the industry.

Subject 3: Can make a quick call(make a stroke limit of 15 minutes)

Subject 4: Schedule tomorrow’s call for 15 minutes.

Hello (mention first name),

(Mention full name) here. Stalking on the internet is stealthy, thanks, and you don’t know me. I should know no (mention critical points). It may turn out, it can (mention the solution). It works( give an example of one customer). Would you like to make a scheduled call of 15 minutes? If no, then it’s ok. Just make a reply. Whether you are interested or not. 

I will be waiting for your response.

Thank you

(Mention name)

  • Providing Free Stuff Bribe Them

Subject 1: Here we get some leads from XYZ company.

Subject 2: Our goal is to meet more leads from their companies.

Subject 3: Getting the certificates including the more leads. 

Subject 4: Bribing you to make a call for 15 minutes.

Hello( mention first name),

I would like to inform you that we are getting more leads from companies in the (mention the name of industry). Can you fix a call of 15 minutes on Friday? 

Please let me know if the time is good.

(Mention and schedule the time)

(Schedule link or website)


(Mention  name)

PS- With your mailing address, reply, and I will give you a $20 gift certificate(provide some coupon). Mention my saying that you get a bunch of gifts from your customer.

  • Scheduling template lucid chart meeting

Subject 1: Make an impressive diagram.

Subject 2: Most of the diagrams.

Subject 3: Diagram must be better with lucid chart.

Subject 4: Demo diagram a day?

Hello (mention first name),

In the professional designing space, you guys are doing great. 

We have to help the company, so I am reaching out to increase the visibility in this similar situation, with the efficient lucid chart as per effectiveness, visibility, and collaboration. Automatic a w s network mapping we offer in integration with G Suite. 

Alternative to Microsoft lucid chart is in the first place, with more than 10 million users. I would like to know more about your business and see if the lucid chart is a good fit. Can you fix a schedule for this week for a 15 minutes talk? 


(Mention name)

Xyz development, lucid software. 

(Mention website)

  • Code Mentor Template with Chatting for 10 Minutes

Subject 1: Software (mention company name)

Subject 2: (Mention company name) Fore software

Subject 3: (mention company name) Network development

Subject 4: About your devs chat for 10 minutes.

Hello (mention your first name), – while keeping this in brief you’re a  great growing company. 

Augment your team(adding senior react for several months) by hitting your milestone for product faster. We are inviting and vetting developers who can help out. If you are working on XYZ software ( mention my example), we can help you develop it within several months. Would you like to chat for 10 minutes within a few days? If not, then tell me who you would recommend talking to. Great, thanks in advance.

Thank you

(Mention name)

Specialist of business development, a freelance developer with world-class need Codementor? If you want to stop getting mail from here, click the link below.

(Mention the link)

  • UpCounsel Requesting Schedule, with a 10-Minute Demo

Subject 1: (mention company name) Which is legal for.

Subject 2: Would you like to show your insider of an UpCounsel number. 

Subject 3: Legal work handling day-to-day.

Subject 4: Managing all your legal works.

Hello ( mention first name), 

I am ( mention your full name) for UpCounsel, An Xyz-backed company and tech enabler with the legal service provider. Companies like XYZ, ABC, and MNO rely on us for day-to-day handling of the legal matters and saving you 60% of the legal bills, including some contracts, any intellectual property and employment, and so on. We want to offer you a 10 minutes demo. Would you like to fix the schedule? 

(Mention name), UpCounsel 

Business legal solutions

Please try it and see our rates, policy, and attorney.

  • To Shopify Vendor Outreach the Specific Options 

Subject 1: Request for an appointment.

Subject 2: Schedule for strictly 15 minutes.

Subject 3: It is better for Shopify to provide more leads and with less effort.

Subject 4: Demo of Shopify product beat test.

Hello (mention first name),

I am (mention your name) manager at options. Our company provides one of the most popular retargeting onsite tools for Shopify. You can reach the page click here:

(Mention the link of the website)

To increase the number of leads, we have a kind of award-winning strategy by spending less time and effort, including more potential. I would love to share it with you, and this is something which is working in our marketing department. 

I have checked ( mention company name) and believe that we also have our same target, which is with Shopify, so I think that both of us would be beneficial to do work with cooperation. I would appreciate you making a call for 15 minutes to share further details about this. I believe this would be great for both of us.

Thank you,

(Mention  name)



(Mention email ID of the company)

You have got a 14-day free trial.

  • Meeting Request with Testimonial Zenefits

Subject 1: (mention name of company) in the interest of the company.

Subject 2: Your board with the use of benefits (mention interest of customer)

Subject 3: With Zenefits we can compete with many other big companies.

Subject 4: Within or less than 6 weeks 45 onboard associates.

Hello (mention first name),

I (mention your position in industry) in your industry, I wanted to talk to you about his benefit. 

By saving a lot of company time with automatic and manual data entry, typically associated with HR. This is done by giving you a single place of management of HR administration, benefit, compliance, and payroll, making it easy to sync data and share information. 

The reason why our customers love us: we can compete with bigger companies by having a system like this with so many HR people who are doing this work: 6 weeks and 45 associates from the bio point related to benefits. 

(Mention the name of the company) I even love Zenefits, which can show the solution of HR. Do you have some time for a quick chat at some other time this week?


(Mention the name) benefits(mention the address)

  • Meeting Schedule Base on Yodel Question

Subject 1:  Hello,(mention first name )for your slack of integration I have a question. 

Subject 2: Integration of slack?

Subject 3: Response for 20 minutes with customer time

Subject 4: Yodel=magic + slack

Hello (mention first name),

Did you and your team avoid slack users? There is some other integration that you wish to have? Running your call through the slack, how would you like to get rid of your old phone system? We thought so, too, is that right. 

I am (mention your first name) from your yodel, slack with the full first integrated phone. Your old phone system can Dikshit and gives you a very what’s your phone receptionist through the slack, which will lead the phone calls to write to a team member.

Customer service sync makes incoming calls in customer service. Does it sound like something new you would try for free? It would be great to show you how it works or give you access to your team. Yes, so there is my calendar book for this weekend next week.


(Mention  name)

Yodel ( mention email )

(Mention address)

  • Personalization of your Meeting Request

Subject 1: (mention name) Go time to talk

Subject 2: Request for a business lunch

Subject 3: Meeting your company + their company?

Hello (mention first name), 

Michael league XYZ has recommended you are designer graphic stand out, even my company work with graphic designer and help the creatives to make them give better service, and I would about your artwork and like to see that if I might be able to help drive some out of your business way. 

We are available here for a coffee meeting (mention the time and day)? Let me know by this weekend if it would work for you.


(Mention the name)

(Mention Email address)

  • Following Up with Prospect Meeting Request

Subject 1: If the recipient did not receive the email

Subject 2: Schedule the time data location specify the meeting request

Subject 3: Looking for your response

Hello (mention first name),

I have requested a meeting with you last week but didn’t get any response from you and your team. By working together, I think that other companies would benefit more, and I wanted to meet with you for further discussion. 

If you are busy, I can understand, furthermore. If you think this meeting would make any sense, let’s schedule and let me know what your calendar looks like. 

Looking forward to your reply,


(Mention the name)

Way Forward:

Here above are the various types of email templates through which you can get an idea of how to begin with and how to and with the mail’s request. There are several different kinds of requests which may be to the senior or the junior also within their respect. This is one of the best ways to get their attention because they spend much of their time in their inbox. They already spent many hours a week reading, writing, and responding to emails for a good chance to reach them.  Sending a meeting request email is the first step to get on their schedule, and how you can increase the chance is by getting a positive response. First of all, your meeting request email must be set in the tone of the meeting itself. Don’t let any few minus mistakes prevent you from getting what you are getting from.

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15+ Meeting Request Email Template Examples

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