Expect the Unexpected: Career Interview with Kamia,A Digital Marketing Growth Consultant

Kamia Vasconcelos (A Digital Marketing Growth Consultant) If I could give my 20-year-old self any piece of advice, I would probably tell myself to not plan too much and learn to expect the unexpected.  I got a late start to my career as it took me longer to discover what I truly wished to do […]

My Success Story: Being a Product Manager

My Success story started off from very humble beginnings in a small, rural mining community of seven thousand residents in Northern Michigan. Through scholarships, I was able to attend a decent University in the state of Michigan for my undergrad and land a job as an application developer for a small company in Southwest Michigan […]

Learn From Mistakes and Make Changes: Sam,Head of Growth at Safetywing

This inspiring story by Sam Claassen to make you learn from mistakes made in the past. Sam is the current Head of Growth at SafetyWing, a Y Combinator-backed startup building a global social safety net for remote workers. He consults for remote startups on the side and has been to 65 countries while mountain biking, […]

How I Discovered My Calling as an SEO Consultant

Do what you love, and you can yield positive results. My career path has its own fair share of twists and turns. There were so many moments of emotional highs and lows, and there were times when I came close to calling it quits. But as all success stories go, determination prevails. How It All […]

My Story From Studying Theology to Becoming a Marketing Specialist

I was on my way to a press conference in Vienna and recalled how I’d been kindly asked to wear a suit since they’d seen my PR picture where I wear a hoodie. They thought the Austrian press is too conservative for such a startup cliché. I said no. I wear whatever I want. Then […]

How I created my Own Business Consultancy

Story: How to create your Own Business Consultancy My story starts in 2005 as I enter the final year of my Computer Science degree. I’d had a interest in Computer Science post completing IT qualifications at college, I anticipated there would be a rising demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within businesses […]

How I got a Growth Hacker job at Tapchief

How was your University time? Even though I’m a Growth Hacker by profession, but I have a degree in Mass Communication. My degree played zero roles in my current Growth Hacker job, and it was all because of being curious from the very start. In university, I was more focused on looking at the digital […]

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