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Product Management is one of the most aspiring fields and there is no definitive path to become a Product Manager. Every story is unique and we are sharing inspiring stories from current Product Managers on how they got the Job. Read to get get Practical Advice, Interview Tips, Resume Ideas. Here are some of the stories we covered

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Technical Product Manager Vs Product Manager

There is always a demand for senior executives with different specializations in a successful organization, there are two important senior positions which are technical program manager and product manager; both TPMs and PMs are important for an organization, and their roles complement each other. TPMs ensure that the organization’s technical projects are completed efficiently and […]

Product Manager Competencies | Skills You Need!

Product management is a flexible, interconnected position. It is quite rigorous and varies greatly depending on the situation and from firm to company. Let us see some of the competencies required for Product manager. Product Manager Peak product managers are not generally good at shipping features. For the benefit of their customers, their team, and […]

What makes a Good Product Manager?

There is a long list of expected skills for a product manager. According to the definition, the Product Manager looks after the whole localization process, right from the beginning to the end. Product management was getting since a long ago, but the term ‘Product Manager’ came into existence later. The former works with the user […]

Salaries For Senior Product Manager In New York

A Senior Product Manager is a post where you work towards marketing and promoting your company’s product. Also, you have to oversee many things and work alongside different teams. But it is also a high-paying job even though the work seems difficult. Working as a Senior Product Manager is a great job if your office […]

Salaries For Product Operations Manager

A product operation manager is a person working in a company to look after the ways to manage the quality of the product and ways to make the product even better. He instructs the engineers and the designers about the plan and makes sure about the quality and quantity of products getting manufactured. Companies like […]

Stripe Product Manager Interview- Know More About It

The scope of jobs increases each day. Various fields and avenues are opening vastly too. With the entire world online, a lot of systems and organizations have shifted to digital modes too. With this shift, more opportunities are developing. However, along with opportunities the technicality too increases as the race gets tougher. When it comes […]

Uber Product Manager Interview Guide- Know More About It

Introduction There are a million interview processes. Still more ways to go about them. Every company has differently structured interviews. These are based on various factors like the position, platform, product, target, and so on. A lot is to be taken into consideration before actually putting yourself out here as an applicant. Moreover, when it […]

How Gibson Biddle got the job as VP Product at Netflix

Gibson Biddle | LinkedIN Here is Gibson Biddle story in his own words How I found my job as VP Product at Netflix after a two-year sabbatical In late 2004 after a two-year break, I began a job search. My time-off left me “rusty” and companies were wary about whether I was ready to work […]

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