Uber Product Manager Interview Guide- Know More About It


There are a million interview processes. Still more ways to go about them. Every company has differently structured interviews. These are based on various factors like the position, platform, product, target, and so on. A lot is to be taken into consideration before actually putting yourself out here as an applicant. Moreover, when it comes to higher positions like those of managers, the process is more complex. However, it is possible to ace these with the right guidance. Let’s learn about ‘Uber Product Manager Interview Guide’.

Uber Product Manager Interview Guide

Uber Product Manager Interview Guide

Being a product manager is an important job. Looking after the customer needs and coordinating them with the company on a large scale requires skill. There is a lot affiliated with this position. It’s ideal then, that the interviews will be at the same level. This article contains information about the interview process for a product manager at Uber. What will the process be like? What questions will be asked? This article has it noted! Also find tips to prepare yourself to do well at your interview! Let’s read Uber Product Manager Interview Guide.

About Uber: Uber Product Manager Interview Guide

Uber is an American service provider that originated in San Francisco. Popularly known for its transport services, Uber also has quite a few subsidiaries. Uber Eats fulfills the food perspective i.e. ordering online and delivering. Careem, another transportation subsidiary of Uber. Cornershop Inc. is a grocery site with Uber for delivery services of groceries. Others include Postmates, Drizly, and so on. The main focus lies in door-to-door delivery and transportation. ‘Move the way you want is the motto Uber follows. With their prime aim for effortless and accessible travel and delivery, Uber is one of the fastest-growing businesses today. 

What is the role of a product manager?

Generally, a product manager oversees the company’s larger perspectives. They look at every department and ensure that customers’ needs are met in the right and quality way. Their focus is on the company as a whole and therefore, they manage the company and its products to achieve primary and central targets. What the company as a whole aims for, is what the product manager works toward. 

When we talk about an Uber product manager, we understand that they must focus on the needs of customers about the transport system offered. Understanding the product and enhancing it to its best is the ideal duty of the product manager. Have a look at a few duties that can help you further build on how to prepare for the interview:

Understanding customer needs 

Uber focuses on giving customers what they want. For this, the product manager has to carry out research. Not just research, analysis as to what is good and bad is also necessary. While attending to the customer’s needs, one should not get burned out. Therefore, the PM must analyze what is possible for the company and derive that to its fullest for satisfaction.

Developing services as per the needs 

When your aim is customer satisfaction, dynamism is crucial. It is the PM’s responsibility to adhere to the customer’s needs and act on them. After analyzing, the next step is action. To further enhance services, add-in features, and so on counts. For Uber, constantly evolving their idea of a safe and happy ride is necessary. This is a task that rests on the shoulders of the PM.

Strategies and procedures

Developing new strategies is what will keep you up in the market. Uber constantly focuses on adding to its plans and ideals. This is what keeps them on the map. Focusing on new strategies as well as transformations of values is also necessary. Keeping up the trustworthiness. Ensuring safety, enhancing comfort, and so on are always being updated. This too is done by the PM.

Watching out for competitors

Needless to say, you have to be on the lookout for competitors. While you’re growing, they’re evolving too. Keeping a check on their developments and looking at how you can up your game is also a must. Uber wants product managers who are lively and aware. Those are always on the run to live by the motto. Those who can come up with efficiency and brilliancy for the company can be worthy product managers.

Interview process: Uber Product Manager Interview Guide

Now that you’re aware of the duties of an Uber product manager, let’s hop on the interview process! 

Resume and papers

This begins with applying for the position of Product Manager at Uber. right from the preparation of your resume to the adding of referrals or recommendations, all of this comes in this stage. The documents that you need to submit before Uber can shortlist you for the first round. Be sure to target Uber as your company while preparing your resume. Also, consider the position. 

First call 

If your application seems reliable and meets the requirements, the first call is next. This call would be held by a general recruiter for Uber. It doesn’t involve the higher-ups but is a key for getting to the next step. This would be a more generic interview that is less specific. Questions would be regarding you and your resume. This is just to check whether your application matches your personality and tone. Simply put, to verify your information. After this, if you’re selected you move to the phone interview. 

Phone interview 

The phone interview is a bit more specific compared to the first call. The interviewers now have all the information they need about you. Therefore, the next focus is your ambition and objectives. What you expect and why you’ve applied in the first place. These types of questions are usually covered in this call. However, the interviewers here would be the hiring team. Uber will try to understand why it is that you want to work with them. Whether you’re capable or not isn’t decided in this step. 

In-person interview

This is more like the finale. However, there is still more. The in-person interview will require you to go to the offices or so. Moreover, this is where you get the suit on! A typical professional interview. This will include your final and important persons. All your skills, knowledge, experience, and so on are tested in this step. There would be varied types of questions. These may include behavioral, skill-testing, practical, problem-solving, and so on. Be ready to give your best performance at this stage. In this step, you’ll meet the important people; the managers, engineers, marketing personnel, etc. they will throw all sorts of questions. However, don’t be afraid, these questions will be in line with product management and Uber.

Constructive prompt discussion

This is not necessarily counted as the next step. This comes as part of the in-person interviews. You see, there won’t be just one in-person interview. As and when you clear these, you’ll move to the next interview. The prompt discussion, commonly known as the ‘jam sessions’ by the Uber members comes in too. In this step, you will be given scenarios where you’re required to apply your knowledge. You’ll have to make use of your skills to solve issues or provide strategies to the case given. This round will be like a free round for you to use your methods to give a display of your potential. This round will involve other members to participate with you. They could be checking your communication and teamwork.

Interview questions samples

Have a look at a few questions from the Uber interviews. These are a mix of questions from all stages so you get a clearer picture of what you’re headed for. 

  1. What is the one unique proposition you like about Uber if any?
  2. Why choose Uber?
  3. What is your idea of prioritizing work?
  4. What does customer service mean to you?
  5. How would you develop customer satisfaction and Uber’s efficiency?
  6. Are you aware of Uber’s policies?
  7. Is there anything you’d particularly like to add to Uber?
  8. Tell us how you deal with tough customers.
  9. What can you do to increase the trust in Uber?
  10. Is there anything specific that you wish to achieve? 
  11. How do you plan to encourage your employees?
  12. Would you like to do things differently at Uber and how?
  13. How would you decide what features to add next? 
  14. If you had to choose between the team and the customer, who would receive priority and why?
  15. How far are you willing to go to maintain Uber’s qualities of trust and reliability?

Tips to the interview process 

At Uber, there are certain qualities the interviewers look for. If you exercise these at your interview, you may increase the chance of passing to the next round. 

  •    Product vision
  •    Strategizing methods
  •    Technical knowledge 
  •    Leadership and impact 

Other tips to consider include:

Improve your resume 

Needless to say, edit and frame your resume with the correct information. At the same time, ensure a balance. Avoid being too obvious about Uber’s policy and requirements. Remember that the resume is the first thing the personnel will see. They will make the next decision with the help of your resume. Ensure that your skills and potential are well-reflected. At this stage, also focus on any other recommendations or documents you may have. These may be suitable to increase your chances of getting the first call.

Ace the jamming session 

If you reach the jamming session, ace it. Understand the questions and use your analytical thinking to derive the best possible results. The jam session is one of the final steps that is going to leave a mark on the interviewers. Be sure to focus on your other qualities that will enhance your performance overall.

Understand Uber 

This goes for any company you will ever interview for. You have to understand the company, its background, and morals. You have to mainly understand and connect with the product. Especially, if you’re applying for a product manager’s position. Understand what they’re looking for before you can tell them what you have to offer. Do your research well before you can attend any of the stages of the interview process. 

Be constructive 

Be constructive and concise. Avoid prolonging your answers. Avoid being a people pleaser. However, at the same time don’t be too critical. Ensure constructivism in your answers. You may be faced with scenarios where you’ll have to express the flaws you see in the company. Be honest but at the same time remember to be practical. Politely and calmly say what you have to. Also, be sure to maintain a balance between the good and the bad and stay to the point. You’re applying for the position of product manager. Therefore, it is important that you professionally answer without bias. 


Now we have learnt ‘Uber Product Manager Interview Guide’, There you have it! The guide to the product manager’s interview at Uber. There may be other aspects attached to the interview. The interview may also differ depending on your qualifications. Use this information as well as your skills to ace the interview!


  • What is the salary of a product manager at Uber?

There is no exact amount. However, the range is between Rs 50,000 to Rs 30,000. This gain may vary depending on the place you’re working as well as your qualifications. The salary is an annual fixed salary. This amount differs from country to country and maybe even city to city. 

  • How to pass a product manager interview for Uber?

There is no doubt that your skills and qualifications are what will help you pass the interview. However, one can take basic initiatives to improve their performance at the interview. This could be as simple as rephrasing and updating your resume to suit their values. One can also go through sites and look up questions to get an idea about the course the interview may follow.

  • Are there any benefits or incentives of working at Uber? 

Yes. There are different incentives for different countries and places. Common ones include paid leaves, a good and diverse working environment, and so on. These too may differ as per the unit you work for. Additionally, terms and conditions may also affect the same. 

Uber Product Manager Interview Guide- Know More About It

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