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QMR Job- Description, Their Salary, And Duties

Quality management representative’s function will be necessary. Indeed, the role is integrated into a more supportive culture, given that the updated regulation gives senior management additional responsibilities. As a representative of quality management, you supervise the office’s activities to keep everything running smoothly. Oversight jobs may entail assigning work, clerical responsibilities, to other personnel. Quality […]

Zumiez Hiring Application Online- Jobs & Career Info

Zumiez had its inception as a single retail store in Seattle and since then, it hasn’t stopped. The Zumiez now handles over 400 retail stores across the United States. Read more about Zumiez hiring application online. Hailed for its cutting-edge footwear, clothing, and other diverse products, Zumiez offers excellent career prospects for those with similar […]

How Gibson Biddle got the job as VP Product at Netflix

Gibson Biddle | LinkedIN Here is Gibson Biddle story in his own words How I found my job as VP Product at Netflix after a two-year sabbatical In late 2004 after a two-year break, I began a job search. My time-off left me “rusty” and companies were wary about whether I was ready to work […]

My story starting as a product manager at Microsoft Word to becoming an Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures

How was your University time? I landed at Stanford thinking I wanted to be a communications major so I could be a TV anchor but soon realized there were far more interesting things to study while there. I wound up majoring in Political Science when a professor pointed out I was three-quarters of the way […]

Savoring Each Step: How I Fell Into My Dream Product Manager Job

I’m currently working at my dream product manager job, and I love every minute of it! I’m a Product Manager at Blend, where my team and I are creating an entirely new consumer lending experience that’s simpler and more transparent, while ensuring broader access for all types of borrowers. The first question I usually get […]

My career lessons leading Product management teams at VMware, Cisco and HP

A Quick Guide to the Product Management Team From Chemistry to Clouds is a bit of an odd name for a blog, right? And yet, these four words truly embody the spirit of my journey. Having recently left the big company corporate world after a few decades of moving through different technologies, business models, and […]

How to get into the business of defining experiences that make the world a better place

If the headline interested you, then you have a potential to become a Product Manager. But potential still has to be realized. I would like to share several tips that can help you in that journey. Understand what motivates you to become a Product Manager What gets you out of bed every morning, what gives you […]

How I got my dream job by creating a business around productized expertise

You can look for a dream job, or you can create one 🙂 ​In the ​gig economy of today, that is a very realistic plan actually. By productizing your expertise and then developing a business around that product, you can work on what you are really good at, what keeps you motivated and what gives […]

How I transitioned from software engineering to product management

A story of passion, determination, and courage. “May you have the courage and determination to pursue what you are really passionate about” – Anonymous I’ve always enjoyed talking strategy. As a software engineer, I would typically find myself having the desire to be part of the strategic decision making and slight dissatisfaction when I am […]

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