Zumiez Hiring Application Online- Jobs & Career Info

Zumiez Hiring Application Online: Jobs & Career Info, Shift hours and Employment Benefits

Zumiez had its inception as a single retail store in Seattle and since then, it hasn’t stopped. The Zumiez now handles over 400 retail stores across the United States. Read more about Zumiez hiring application online.

Hailed for its cutting-edge footwear, clothing, and other diverse products, Zumiez offers excellent career prospects for those with similar likes.

The minimum age to be employed at Zumiez: 18 years is the minimum age for employment at Saks Fifth Avenue

Zumiez work hours: Zumiez operates Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-6:00pm

Employment options at Zumiez: Customer Service Representative, Cashier, Management, Keyholder, and Sales Associate.

Zumiez Employment Opportunities

While Zumiez’s prime focus is on the snow and skateboard industries, it offers a diverse variety of action-sports-related apparel for tasteful consumers. If you’re someone with a liking for surfing, snowboarding, or skating and want to work the relevant business, Zumiez could be the best place to start.  Employees at the entry-level position generally work as sales associates, sometimes aiding shoppers with their purchases and paying invoices. In addition, there are roles available in stockrooms and on the sales floor restocking inventory.

Individuals with prior exposure in the fashion industry and an eagerness to carry out long-term jobs may benefit from managerial roles. For the majority of entry-level positions, supervisors and managers should have a couple of years of leadership experience and a  high school diploma in order to be hired. It’s up to the managers to build and maintain a  strong customer base, as well as to maximize sales outcomes. Over time, a manager may find roles in the company’s district management or regional or corporate offices.

Salary Information and Available Positions for Zumiez

The minimum employment age to work in the specialty clothing retailer stands at 16, creating suitable part-time employment options for university or high school students. 

In addition, because Zumiez offers flexible schedules and shifts, individuals coming from various walks of life want and need may benefit from working at Zumiez. 

We’ve listed some of the available roles below –

Sales Associate

Sales associate employees provide consumer service through suggested marketing tactics and friendly, helpful support. Employers are always looking for candidates who are motivated, focused, and capable of engaging with customers.

For the most part, sales associates start out at a minimum hourly wage.

In addition, employees must exhibit adaptability to various work hours as well as the capacity to lift, push, or pull heavy objects.


Cashiers call out guests and supervise the final transactions of the day. Cashiers start at a minimum pay but will be subject to increment over time. Employees with great people skills and a clear grasp of store merchandise are preferred to fill this role.


Having a prior retail service and management are often sought to fill these roles. Management and retail service backgrounds are often sought for supervisory positions. Additional training and supplementary education are sometimes required as well. When starting out as an assistant manager, you may expect to make between $11.00 and $12.00 per hour, while store managers can receive up to $40,000 per year in pay.

Managers should show a solid understanding of teamwork, leadership roles, and restocking inventory, and boost sales exceptional customer service, motivation, and solid grasp of retail operations. 

Tips for Applying

As an ever-expanding skateboard and snowboard industry, Zumiez favors recruits who share a genuine interest in action sports such as skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Sporting the store fashions while dropping your applications might capture the store manager’s attention contributing to on-spot interviews and job offers.

Applicants who tend to favor applying online can do so by creating user profiles on the company’s career page, which allows them to submit numerous applications at once. 

Employees are advised to procure relevant employment information in advance to ensure correctness and clarity while submitting the online application. You really don’t want to mess this up!

It is suggested to reserve twenty to thirty minutes to construct a profile so that you can reuse the same information for each job you are interested in applying for.

Application Status

Employment Managers usually get back to employees within a couple of weeks of receiving their application to schedule an interview either over the phone or in-store. Be sure to not be too hasty when calling store officials to follow up on your application, it usually takes a week or two, so give it time.

Call or walk into the store during office hours and request to get an audience with the manager while being mindful of the many tasks a manager generally accomplishes in a day.

in a day. Make a good first impression on store employees and managers by dressing appropriately when you visit them in person. 

Benefits of Working at Zumiez

Employees at the action-sports retail company enjoy a variety of benefits, including competitive salaries and flexible work hours. Many full-time employees are eligible for healthcare benefits like medical, dental, vision, prescription medicine, including flexible spending accounts. Sick leave paid vacation, are all available for employees. The majority of employees also enjoys a good discount on store merchandise

Wrapping it up

The Zumiez Charity buys clothes and other necessities to give away to those in need and to groups that serve such communities. Some of the recipients include homeless shelters, religious organizations, youth centers, and various other transitional programs. While the foundation is reminding its staff about the importance of giving back, it is also creating incentives for those employees who show a willingness to contribute their time and energies to local community groups.

As of 2012, the foundation had donated more than 180,000 commodities to more than 190 charities in 21 states.

The Zumiez Foundation has its inception in 2005 and is registered as a private foundation.

Zumiez Hiring Application Online- Jobs & Career Info

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