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Read Inspiring first hand stories from current Program Managers on how they got that Job. Get Practical Advice, Interview Tips, Resume Ideas

Program Manager- Everything You Need to Know

A program manger is a professional who deal with many activities of the company and coordinate with the people and make strategies to work on the projects. For example, they may be in charge of several projects that support a new product launch, such as developing a marketing campaign, implementing a new sales process and […]

Google Program Manager And Example Questions

Google Program Manager is a coveted post for many students and people, and to get an offer as a Program Manager at Google is very challenging. There are two kinds of positions in Google Program Manager one is the technical program manager and the other program manager. In short, they are called TPM and PM. […]

Salaries For Non-Profit Program Manager

Before delving deeper into any career field, it is vital to know the rewards you can possibly reap when you give your best! There is no doubt that whichever field you immerse yourself in, the two requirements are hard work and utmost devotion to your work. Knowing all about one field involves not only being […]

Generating Em Dash (or Long Dash) in Microsoft Word

What is an Em Dash (or Long Dash)? An em dash or long dash, also known as, is a versatile punctuation mark used to divide a written body of work into sentences, clauses, etc.— it represents a comfortable pause in a sentence. Depending on the circumstances, an em dash can take the place of punctuation […]

How to Insert Therefore(∴) Symbol in Word/Excel

Several special symbols are not printed directly on the keyboard. One of these symbols is, therefore(∴)- a symbol that we often use in mathematics. But there is a way around it as Microsoft provides quick shortcuts to insert(∴) in MS Word/Excel. Be it a Mac OS/Windows user to insert, therefore(∴) symbol in Microsoft documents (MS […]

How did I become a Project Manager at a video IT company?

I’m Jeong Ji-won, the PM of Im Creek Team at BallantineDream, a video IT company. When I say I’m creating an app, then I’ve been asked, “Are you a developer or a manager?” frequently. I’m a project manager in charge of “managing” “a project” that creates apps. We check the schedule and let our team […]

How I Got a Project Coordinator job

I’m Caz. I work with a small group of highly-skilled, technically-minded people as the Project Coordinator for Brightec. We design and develop bespoke mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the web, working with clients in industries such as e-commerce, e-learning, finance, and travel. So how did I get a project coordinator job? I’m stubborn, it’s […]

How to Become a Project Manager

You might wonder how you’re going to become a project manager. Or maybe, by deliberate preparation or mistake, you are already deep in the throes of project management work. There are benefits and obstacles for being a project manager and for the traditionally qualified project managers, no matter what direction you are considering (or which you have […]

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