Salaries For Non-Profit Program Manager

Before delving deeper into any career field, it is vital to know the rewards you can possibly reap when you give your best! There is no doubt that whichever field you immerse yourself in, the two requirements are hard work and utmost devotion to your work. Knowing all about one field involves not only being aware of the salary but also what degree and courses you have to pursue to achieve one of the highest positions. And since the query involves non-profit salaries, we shall also look at how working at a non-profit organization affects your resume and how much they pay. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Non-Profit Program Manager’.

Salaries For Non-Profit Program Manager

Salaries For Non-Profit Program Manager

When it comes to the salaries offered to Program Managers at any non-profit organization, you should know that it depends on a lot of factors. However, simply saying, a program manager at a non-profit organization tends to earn anywhere between $53720 and $95980. This indicates that when you start working, your salary might initially fall in the range of $53720 to $65455; however, once you gain enough experience, you are bound to receive a few raises! The average salary of a non-profit program manager is around $81600.

Non-Profit Salary: What Does it Depend On?

Moving closer to the main point of concern, let us first know all the essentials regarding non-profits. It is not surprising that salaries, be it in profit or a non-profit company, are dependent on many factors. So now, without further delay, let us have a look at these factors.

  1. The Type of Non-Profit: One of the most important factors that might affect your salary is the type of non-profit you work for. It is believed that the non-profit organizations that specialize in education and health-related affairs tend to give more salaries than the others.
  2. The Size of the Company: Another factor that might influence your salary is how big the organization for which you’re working is. It is quite obvious that the more revenue a firm generates, the higher salaries they offer. Thus, to up your chances of earning a high salary at a non-profit, make sure to look for big organizations.
  3. Educational Qualifications: It goes without saying that when you enter the corporate world, your education and qualification matter. So, before choosing your career field, bear in mind that the degree you get is going to affect your salary. Moreover, you can also go for small-duration courses that help in making your resume look good! 
  4. Responsibilities: In addition to all this, your salary is also dependent on the set of responsibilities you are usually given. While initially all you would be required to do is learn, once you move up the ladder and are capable of handling more responsibilities, you can expect a raise! Getting hold of roles that expect you to act as a leader or supervisor is destined to help you increase your annual salary package.

Program Manager: What are the Requirements?

Now that you know how certain factors are bound to affect your annual salary package, let us move ahead and look at the requirements for becoming a program manager!

  1. Education: To become a program manager, it is obvious that you need to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, psychology, or computer science since program managers are required to make use of these three subjects. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a higher pay scale, then you might want to pursue higher education and get a master’s degree as well! 
  2. Courses: Besides pursuing a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree, you also might want to have a look at certain courses that will help you in increasing your annual salary package! Some courses that can help you achieve your aim are the Project Management Certificate course offered by Cornell, the Non-Profit Leadership Certificate course offered by the Harvard Kennedy School, the Budgeting for Non-Profit Organizations course by Duke University, and the Workplace Communication course by the University of Toronto. These courses will hone your project management, leadership, budget management, and communication skills!
  3. Skills Required: Besides having the necessary knowledge, it is vital for you as a project manager, to keep certain skills in mind. These skills include leadership qualities, wherein you will be tested on how well you manage your team and how well your team members get along to achieve the required goals; good communication skills, wherein you will be judged on how well you explain the organization’s goal to the team members; conflict resolution, wherein you will need to skillfully resolve the conflicts that arise within your team; and your profit-focused mindset, wherein you will be tested by your supervisors whether all your tasks are being done on time and whether these tasks have a major impact on the main goal.

How much do Program Managers Earn at Non-Profit Organizations?

When going for a non-profit organization, you must not let the name fool you. Working in a non-profit company does not mean that you earn less than usual. These organizations do demand more hard work; however, this is only because the basic aim of any non-profit is to achieve its larger goal! 

As a Program Manager at any non-profit, you should be glad to know that the starting annual salary package is around $52678. If this does not seem high enough to you, it is because it is only the starting package. As you eventually move up the ladder, you are bound to get many increases! In fact, the average annual salary package of program managers working in non-profits ranges from $80789 to $85945. 

Besides this, if you are looking for the highest range annual salary package, you must know that you will have to devote more time at work than is usually required! Nevertheless, in the United States itself, one of the highest packages one can receive as a program manager is around $96740!


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Non-Profit Program Manager’, you know how much annual salary package a program manager at a non-profit tends to earn! There are many factors to consider while contemplating a program manager’s salary such as his qualification or experience in the field or even the size of the organization. However, achieving this role is no child’s play. You have to complete your bachelor’s or even master’s degree, and it doesn’t end here. You should also go for short-duration courses that help in honing your professional skills as a program manager so that you can make use of the required skills!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Is it necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration to become a program manager?

It’s not necessary, but it does give you an upper hand.

  1. Do non-profits offer less salary than for-profits?

No, what they offer depends on certain factors.

Salaries For Non-Profit Program Manager

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