What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?

Michaels Store Inc, also known as Michaels, is a famous arts and crafts store. It has its base in America and Canada. Founded in 1973 by Michael J. Dupey, the store has 1252 franchises spread over America and Canada. Reports say Michaels is North America’s largest provider of framing, crafts, floral and wall décor, arts, and home decorations for DIYers. As it is a well-renowned store, many have several doubts about it. One such doubt is their employees’ dress code. Almost all stores maintain a dress code for their employees. Does Michaels also have such dress codes? Are you curious about it? Keep reading and Let’s learn about ‘What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?’.

What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?

What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?

Michaels, the arts and crafts store, doesn’t have any dress code for their employees, but there are restrictions. The store asks their employees to maintain usual decorum by not wearing some clothes. What those clothes are will be explained further in the article. Before that, here is some information about Michaels. 

Michaels: What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?

Before starting in 1973, Michaels was another arts and crafts store named Ben Franklin. The store was later transformed into Michaels by Dallas businessman Michael J. Dupey. As a result, it has undergone numerous phases over the years. Michaels has partnerships with many brands and maintains good rapport with everybody. The association with Martha Stewart led to the launch of Martha Stewart Crafts in 2007. This crafts retailer Michaels has US$4.528 billion.  

Michaels has a lot of various products of arts and crafts in store. They have items for home decor, knitting, framing, floral, greenery, baking, beading, seasonal, rubber stamping, kids’ crafts, paints, and scrapbooking. Despite this, the company offers custom framing with Aaron Brothers Custom Framing. As the technology flourished, they now stepped into the online world of custom framing. The public now has a more convenient way to access it. The process is quite simple. Customers need to edit, print, and upload photos on social media.   

Dress Code: What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?

Michaels doesn’t have a specific dress code for their employees, but they try to maintain a casual, comfortable dress code. 

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What dress should Michaels’s employees wear?  

They want their employees to feel comfortable in their dress. Hence, clothes like jeans, capris, khakis, blouses, and shirts are allowed inside the stores. They don’t keep restrictions on shoes or sneakers. The red Michaels vests that have the name tags on them are compulsory for all employees. Two essential things the employees should be conscious of is that the dresses they wear should have short or long sleeves. The skirt or pants should reach past the knees. 

What dress should Michaels’s employees not wear?   

As said above, employees of Michaels can wear any dress they want that is casual and comfortable. Even though this is the scenario, there are restrictions for some clothes during duty hours. Management has maintained strict orders for employees not to wear skirts, shorts, long dresses, leggings, and sweatpants. They also have conditions regarding jeans. Michaels can wear jeans but are not allowed to wear ripped jeans while on duty. 

Does Michaels warn their employees about makeup? 

No. As arts people, they love seeing their employees with fake nails, piercings, crazy makeup, and tattoos. 

Does Michaels allow dyed hair? 

Yes. Michaels doesn’t keep any restrictions on employees for having dyed hair. It is a person’s sole decision, and Michaels doesn’t indulge in that kind of matter. An employee of Michaels can dye their hair with whatever color they want. There is no discrimination against this. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?’, Michaels would love to have their employees in blue jeans and t-shirts. Hence, all the employees maintain it. The store provides its employees with shirts, but they have the freedom to wear what they want. If they are wearing their shirt, they should wear a vest too. Irrespective of this, they have no restrictions for their employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Are there any requirements to work in Michaels? 

Yes, there are some requirements to work there. The person getting a job should be or should be above 18 years of age. It is also beneficial for prospective team members to have qualities such as interest in retail, sales, arts, and crafts, open availability, and customer service. 

  1. What dress should a candidate wear at the time of the interview process? 

During the interview process at Michaels, a candidate should maintain to wear a formal dress in which they are comfortable. Appropriate attire for men includes dress pants, button-down shirts, and dress shoes. Wearing on a nice pair of shoes and a professional blouse with jeans are a few recommendations for women. 

  1. Are ripped jeans allowed at the Michaels? 

Many have doubts about whether Michaels allows ripped jeans. No. Michaels doesn’t allow their employees to wear ripped jeans. It is against their rule. They can wear the usual jeans. They can pair it with tops or blouses, as per their wish.

What Is The Michaels Employee Dress Code?

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