Salaries for Podiatrists-Know More

Podiatrists are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and injuries that are affecting the foot, ankles, and lower legs, Podiatrists are sometimes also referred to as health care practitioners too. Podiatrists help in keeping their patient’s injured feet in good shape by treating them. Podiatrists conduct physical examinations are performed by podiatrists on the areas where it got affected and use x-rays. Let Us Know Salaries for Podiatrists. 

Salaries for Podiatrists

a variety of $72,947 to $207,644 is paid to podiatrists who are working in the United States, according to the salary provided by PayScale, they also receive bonuses and contributions from profit sharing. $4,913 to $43,103 is the reported gains from profit sharing per year, as well as the incentives can go up to $49,698 for podiatrists. 

Average Salary 

Podiatrists’ average salary according to is $177,089, $129,700 according to PayScale, $121,672 according to Jobstat. According to the Bureau of labor statistics reports, it is said that the average annual wage of podiatrists is $13,470. According to Compensation. Om’s salary information, 10% of podiatrists make $115,530 or less each year, and 10% make $291,310 or more.

In physician offices, a salary of $157,590 is paid to podiatrists every year, according to the Bureau of labor statistics (BLS). In second place comes outpatient care with a median wage of $142,620 a year, and with $131,980, offices of health practitioners come in third place. 

An annual salary of $103,620 is paid to professionals employed by the federal executive branch, according to BLS. While podiatrists working in general medical and surgical facilities earn up to $112,170.

Starting Salary 

In their first year of employment, podiatrists earn about $68,163 to $117,916, according to PayScale’s salary statistics reports. $2,250 is the average incentive for this first year.

Salary by State 

Salaries of podiatrists differ widely from state to state.

  • Florida: – $58,343 to $164,829.
  • California; -$81,094 to $164,829.
  • Texas: – $50,684 to $177,539. 
  • Illinois: – $98,264 to $147,395.
  • New Jersey: – $91,563 to $159,169. 
  • Indiana: – $97,591 to $136,034. 
  • Wisconsin: – $100,101 to $170,000. 
  • New Hampshire is the highest paying state for podiatrists with $186,940 per year. 
  • Colorado: – $167,070
  • Maine: – $167,070.
  • Minnesota: – $163,880. 
  • Maryland: – $142,449.
  • Delaware: – $139,900. 
  • Ohio: – $124,260. 
  • New York: – $122,900. 

Hourly Wage

$63,69 per hour is paid to Podiatrists working in the United States as an hourly wage, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a median wage of $55.98 is paid to them. $80.53 Is paid to 25% of the Podiatrists. 

However, hourly salaries also vary in industries too. $75.76 per hour is paid to podiatrists working in medical facilities. While those podiatrists who work in outpatient care facilities are paid $68.57. $63.45 per hour is paid to podiatrists who work in the workplaces of other health practitioners. The average hourly wage for podiatrists working in fundamental medical and surgical facilities is $53.93. for podiatrists who work in the federal executive branch earn up to $49.82 per hour.

Hourly pay also differs from state to state too. $59.09 is paid to podiatrists who work in New York. And those who work in California, earn up to $53.01 per hour. $56.93 is paid to professionals who work in Illinois-based companies. According to the BLS pay data, podiatrists working in Florida are typically paid $71.38 per hour, while those working in Ohio are typically paid $59.74 per hour.

$68.48 is paid to podiatrists who work in Maryland, whereas in Delaware podiatrists earn up to $68.48, and New Jersey’s podiatrists earn up to $67.26. Podiatrist professionals who work in New Hampshire earn up to $89.87 per hour on average. While those in Colorado make an hourly wage rate of $87.57. 

Podiatrists working in Maine make a similar wage of $80.32. According to the BLS, podiatrists with offices in Minnesota make an average hourly wage of $78.79 and those in Indiana make about $80.05.


In addition to annual income, bonuses, and profit-sharing contributions, podiatrists receive a wide range of benefits. These benefit packages occasionally mirror their yearly earnings. 

A price range of $75,503 to $229,789 is paid to podiatrists with 401(K) plans. $76,753 to $167,765 is the price range of podiatrists who receive paid holidays and vacations, 

and podiatrists who receive paid sick leave actually earn between $66,977 to $193,916 per year. 

Podiatrists who receive payment for their training, education, or certification make between $64,564 and $15,374 per year.

Podiatrists who receive cell phones typically make between $48,000 and $175,000 a year. $84,430 to $201,341 is paid to podiatrists with life and disability insurance as a part of their benefits package.

Other income factors 

The size of the company they work for is the reason for the salary of podiatrists.

 podiatrists working for companies with 10 to 49 employees typically earn salaries between $71,976 and $183,83, and podiatrists working for companies with 1 to 9 employees according to PayScale data reports, earn salaries from the range $35,508 to $205,112. and podiatrists working for companies with 600 to 1,999 employees typically earn salaries between $118,008 and $155,849 annually.

A podiatrist’s income may also be impacted by the hospital setting,

Podiatrists earn yearly salaries in the range of $66,977 to $242,395 while working at general hospitals. according to Payscale, professionals engaged in private practices and doctor’s offices typically earn between $68,422 and $214,891 annually

Job Outlook 

The employment rates of podiatrists will increase by 2%, which is the average for all professions, in the next 10 years, and then in the next ten years, there are expected to be, on average, 900 opportunities despite the moderate growth in the field of podiatry. For the most part, those positions are predicted to be caused by the need to replace workers who change careers or leave the workforce due to retirement.


In conclusion, A podiatrist has many duties to fulfill, it is also important to continue to highlight the career that podiatry offers, as well as the opportunities and breadth of its field of practice. there is a pressing need to raise awareness of the benefits the field can provide, ideally with more positive role models in the media, there is also a

persistent underrepresentation of podiatry as a vocation

Salaries for Podiatrists-Know More

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