How did I become a Project Manager at a video IT company?

How did I become a Project Manager at a video IT company?

I’m Jeong Ji-won, the PM of Im Creek Team at BallantineDream, a video IT company. When I say I’m creating an app, then I’ve been asked, “Are you a developer or a manager?” frequently. I’m a project manager in charge of “managing” “a project” that creates apps.

We check the schedule and let our team members know that we are developing our app well upon the release date and that the design is completed, and if we want to increase profitability, we think about what we should plan with the management team. In other words, we are in charge of managing plans, content, business model (BM), and progress and leading the team.

My path to becoming a Project Manager at a video-IT company

Actually, I am a designer majoring in visual design. I’ve worked as a video designer for 4 years after graduation. When I first joined this company, I was also a video designer. Until then, I had just used apps easily what someone created. Nevertheless, I was able to join the Im Cre team without hesitation because Im Cre was a video production education application.

It was very interesting to be able to incorporate my video production skills that I have been working on for four years into the contents of Im Cre education, and the big dream of doing video education globally at a Korean video IT company called “BallantineDream” was very attractive to me.

Managing was the next duty after the education content. Comparing Im Cre with many other apps I’ve used so far, I wanted Im Cre to be a more convenient, pretty, and practical app for users to use a lot. I usually like to make plans and complete them step by step.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice

I have many worries, so if I have any problems or concerns, I think about solutions a lot. A-1, A-2, A-3… B-1, B-2, B-3… If I don’t stop thinking and fall asleep, I’ll go up to Z.

  1. Finding a problem.
  2. Simulating a number of solutions for the problem.
  3. And coming up with the best solution, these are my good skills as a project manager.

So I discovered my new strengths and became a project manager. If you have a job you want to do but are frustrated and stuck in reality, don’t give up. Tomorrow me is not always doing the same thing as today. The attraction of this job is that there are many opportunities to challenge new things because I can participate in planning, development, design, marketing, and operation.

And on the contrary, the hardest thing about this job is to challenge something new. I’m always worried that my mistake will cause problems for the team as a leader who has to lead the team. I also need to analyze and study a lot about industry trends and the latest trends. But I still find this job is very attractive

I’m young and challenging and want to be rich. Suppose you want to challenge yourself to do this job. First, choose one of the many positions to create apps, such as developers, planners, designers, and marketers and prepare. It’s good to study at school, and reading books or taking a class is fine. And if you succeed in finding a job and have enough experience in business, you can challenge yourself to become a project manager.

This year’s goal as a project manager of the Im Cre team to serve Im Cre for you no matter where you are if you are the one who dreams of being a solo creator. I hope you will have a cool job.

Thank you.

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How did I become a Project Manager at a video IT company?

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