My journey to getting a Digital Marketing job at Google

My journey to getting a digital marketing job at google was not a straight line. I intended to have a much more different career. Back in Bulgaria I was very interested in arts, I was drawing and painting a lot. I studied Art History, which in the beginning was a very interesting subject for me, […]

What I learned From Interviewing and Receiving Product Designer Offers from Google Two Times

This article isn’t a step by step on how to get a Product Designer Offer from Google, but what I learned from all of this and how I got to where I am now. My Background I’m a fourth year student at California College of the Arts who came to California on a whim after […]

Ryan Hurst, Product Manager at Google and Information Security Expert shares his Great Career Story

I have taken the “non-traditional path” in both my education and Google Product Manager Job career. At age eight my parents discovered my aptitude and (more importantly) interest in programming. My mother was always learning new things and as a result when she got our first computer and started to learn to program it gave […]

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