How Talking to total strangers on trains got me my first job as Summer Intern J.P. Morgan

Networking is hard but Networking is probably the highest leverage activity in getting job offers. Let’s be honest, not many people enjoy doing it. It’s not easy, particularly at organized events. However, you should never underestimate the value of being open and receptive to other people – it helped me get my first banking job as […]

Women’s Day Special Stories – How Mai Chi Nguyen Got Sales and Marketing internship at Pearson

Learnings from Sales and Marketing internship position at Pearson, a globally known education company, a few days ago for this upcoming summer 2018. I’ll be working with the local Sales team in Lynchburg, VA for a few weeks, then I will spend the few weeks after that at one of their home offices in Columbus, […]

Ryan Hurst, Product Manager at Google and Information Security Expert shares his Great Career Story

I have taken the “non-traditional path” in both my education and Google Product Manager Job career. At age eight my parents discovered my aptitude and (more importantly) interest in programming. My mother was always learning new things and as a result when she got our first computer and started to learn to program it gave […]

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