Cyber Security Engineer Required Skills

Cyber security is the process through which the specialized engineers strengthen the cyber systems, including various internet servers, networks, devices such as – mobiles, computers, laptops, etc., electronic systems, and data information stored online from unauthorized access by hackers. Everything in daily routine currently relies online on the internet – using debits/credit cards online for […]

How I got my dream job in cybersecurity

Story: How I got my dream job in cybersecurity How was your University time? College was rough. I was taught theory but tested on application. While all of my professors were clearly knowledgeable in the topics they taught, not all of them were able to teach in an effective manner. I was in classes where […]

How I built my career in marketing analytics

I always had the DNA to work hard – it started with part-time jobs in various Retail stores when I was in high school. It was gigs doing things like working in a Christmas tree lot showing/loading tress during the holiday season, checking people in to  their rooms at a Motel as a front-desk clerk, […]

Women in Tech – How I became Director of Cybersecurity Global Service Operations at Aon

My name is Saira Harcus and I am currently the Cybersecurity Service Operations lead globally for the Aon Corporation. My story began back in 1997 (Now I am dating myself :)) where I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Technology. It was the new and exciting degree to attain […]

Ryan Hurst, Product Manager at Google and Information Security Expert shares his Great Career Story

I have taken the “non-traditional path” in both my education and Google Product Manager Job career. At age eight my parents discovered my aptitude and (more importantly) interest in programming. My mother was always learning new things and as a result when she got our first computer and started to learn to program it gave […]

How Stephen Chap Got a Job in Cyber Security

Getting a job in Cyber Security can be incredibly frustrating, expensive and a lot of hassle. We are always reading that there’s a shortage of people in infosec, but yet every “entry level” role seems to require experience no graduate could possibly have or enterprise technologies a student could not possibly have had the chance […]

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