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Becoming Investable – How did I become a Product Designer?

Hi there, my name is Vlad, and the following article is about my story about how I become a Product Designer ((UI/UX). I also have some tips in here for those who are starting. LinkedIn: Website: – too busy to keep it up to date 🙂 Bio – How did I become a Product […]

How I Got My Job as a Senior UX and Product Designer

Guilherme Castellini, a Senior UX and Product Designer: Currently work with Innovation Management, Circular Design, and as a Business Strategist. By looking at my story now, it feels like I followed a straight line in my life to work as a product designer. But this is not how it happend, and I almost quit everything […]

How I Got Out of the Experience-Job Dilemma

If you’ve been on social media in recent years, I’m sure you came across a few memes about the struggles to get a job without experience. Here’s one of them: As the market is becoming more and more competitive, university degrees alone are not enough anymore. Most employers today look at experience and a proven […]

Letter to a future product designer from UX Designer at Shopify

Dear future product designer, I’m so happy you’re interested in product designer career. I fell into it by accident myself, but the past couple of years have been the best of my life. In this time I’ve grown as a shopify designer but also as a thinker, a problem-solver, a teammate, and a person. But […]

How I Built My Career In Graphics Design & Customer Experience Management

Sory: How I Built My Career In Graphics Design & Customer Experience Management My name is Kelechi Okeke I specialize in Branding & Customer Experience Management. I help businesses design experiences that leave their customers satisfied, loyal and willing to talk about the brand in a positive light. I am also the founder of cxservice360, […]

How I Got Product Designer Job at Local Measure

Luis Ouriach is Designer, writer and the guy asking questions at meetups. How was your University time? This is a difficult one. Whilst at university, and also looking back, university was mostly a waste of time. The education quality was very low touch, and the assessments were massively behind the industry standard; something we didn’t […]

“All your actions and interactions should be personalized” – Vinish Garg, Strategic Story Designer

Vinish Garg is a Strategic Story Designer. He works with product teams to ensure that they make right investments in their UX and content processes, for a shared understanding of business goals and customer success goals. Organizations communicate their brand story around their customers. Customers have their own story to interact with a brand. Vinish […]

How I End Up Being an Independent User Interface / User Experience Designer After Finishing Business School

Daniel Korpai is an independent User Interface / User Experience designer with an educational background in international business and marketing psychology. Daniel is passionate about building & designing products, which are easy-to-use and helps to grow your business even further. He also loves documenting his journey and sharing it with the community to help others succeed. […]

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