UX Engineer

How I Became a UX Designer & Full-Stack Developer

My name is André-Pascal Werthwein. I am a mixture of User Experience Designer and Full-Stack Developer. I am sensible for design and fascinated by the possibilities Code offers. I believe in teamwork, communication, honesty, and have got a deep love for thinking things all the way through. Currently, I work within IIoT. A topic that […]

Working As A Senior Artist: Daniel Nilsen

Daniel Nilsen is a Senior Artist with 13 years of game development experience. He has worked with companies such as Nintendo, Sega, Avalanche, Warner Bros, The Pokémon Company, and Disney. What Does Your Job Entail? My job consists of creating 2D and 3D art, VFX, animation, game development, and management. The type of art I […]

How I Got My Job as a Senior UX and Product Designer

Guilherme Castellini, a Senior UX and Product Designer: Currently work with Innovation Management, Circular Design, and as a Business Strategist. By looking at my story now, it feels like I followed a straight line in my life to work as a product designer. But this is not how it happend, and I almost quit everything […]

How I got a UX Engineer Job at Putnam Investments

Derek Mei is a UX Engineer at Putnam Investments in Boston and doing UX Engineer job. His strengths lie in implementing high-level design thinking across different teams, helping bridge the gap between designers and developers, and optimizing the entire user experience all the way from conception to implementation. Outside of work, he enjoys playing basketball, […]

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