Python Array: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this modern-day, it would be short-sighted to overlook the importance of programming. It makes a lot of things easier to visualize and to implement changes that are important to humankind. Be it the implementation of Artificial Intelligence or Robotics; every aspect is implemented using a programming language. Moreover, programming languages modify from time to […]

How did I Become a Muralist: Gonz’s Story

“I prefer creating murals because they tell stories. I love conducting research and learning more about humanity that way. My murals tell the stories with intention.” “Gonz” Jove, BA Fine Arts ’78, is a celebrated and internationally-known muralist whose works graced Southern Illinois University’s Art & Design Building, the St. Louis Art Museum, Better Family […]

How did I Become a Multi-faceted Professional Artist?

Asyla Holt is a multi-faceted professional artist engaged in various awareness subjects, including installation, photographic manipulation, and visual aspects in a narrative style. She aspires to trigger discussions after confront vivid researching and conclude in awareness subjects creatively. This born female in Lower Antilles inherited her gifted talent from mixed families Windward/European on both artiship and […]

How I build my Reputation In The Make-up Industry?

James Mac has been building a strong reputation in the make-up industry over the last few years has worked on multiple projects. He recently came to prominence in the second season of Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star. How did I establish my name in the Make-up industry? How was your University time? I originally studied a Bachelor of Science […]

How did I develop my own unique genre of music?

BREAKING BOUNDARIES both musical and geographical, cellist, composer, and multilingual vocalist IAN MAKSIN. He has created and developed his own unique genre by blending elements of different styles in a new way using his cello as the main unifying force. He sings in more than 20 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Yiddish, […]

How did I Become an Artist and Designer?

Based in Houston, Texas, Jennifer is an independent artist and designer exploring various mediums through multiple disciplines. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design and has worked as a Jr. Art Director, in-house designer, freelance artist, publisher, metalsmith, and print specialist. How did I Become an Artist and Designer? How was your University time? One […]

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