Samples Of Letters Addressed To The Principal – Tips & Format

Tips, Format, And Samples Of Letters Addressed To The Principal.

Letter writing is fun, especially if it’s directed to a close friend or family member. But the problem arises when the letter is directed to a public figure or someone who holds a position of authority. Since the time school was invented, letter writing has been an integral part of it.Many students often find it challenging whenever the English teachers ask each student to write a letter to the Principal, requesting something to be done. Although most times, students won’t submit these letters to the principal because they are just meant to teach the students how to write formal letters for days when they will need to write a real one. This article is focused on teaching you how to write a letter to your school principal and the type of letters you can write. Whether you are genuinely writing a letter that you will submit to your Principal or doing an assignment, this article will guide you. You have to bear in mind that letters addressed to the Principal of a college must be written formally and in a formal tone. 

You must also know that whenever students write a letter to the Principal, they are either requesting something, complaining about something, or explaining school-related issues. Most schools encourage their students to express themselves freely, inform the school management if anything is going wrong, and whenever they have a demand to make. The best way to express oneself is to have a face to face meeting with the concerned body, but some times, this might not be possible. The Principal might be busy with school activities/management, having board meetings, or dealing with personal issues. When this happens, it is advisable to express yourself through letters. Before writing a letter to the Principal of your school for anything, you must bear in mind that the letter will be carefully scrutinized by either the addressee or anybody acting for the Principal. This is why you must be careful and organized; you must mind your tone, writing style, and how you express yourself. Each line of the letter must reflect professionalism and officialdom. Therefore, it is imperative to write a draft, ask people around you to read through it, correct every mistake before delivering the letter.

In this article, you will be reading about the guidelines for writing a formal letter to your Principal, the tips, and the format. Apart from these, this article will also provide you with explanatory samples on different issues that you can discuss with your Principal.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!!.

Before diving into the guidelines and format for writing a formal letter to your Principal, you should know why students write letters and the types of letters students can write. 



1) Students write letters to request a change, improvement, infrastructural provision, school facilities, transfer, etc.

2) A student can also write a letter to seek permission to be absent from school, allowed to participate in an upcoming event, or permission to be excused from an activity/service.

3) Another reason is to log complaints about issues going on in school, the state of the school, and against teachers. 

4) To seek transfer from one school to another.

5) To apologize for gross misconduct, absenteeism, and improper behavior.

6) To request permission to use a school facility, etc.

So since you already know the reasons students write letters to their Principal, what’s your reason?

Assuming you’ve decided to write a letter based on one of the reasons mentioned above, but you don’t know where to start, this article is for you. 

Firstly, you must know that any letter addressed to the Principal must be grammatically correct, include exact information, and follow a professional pattern.

You must also know that except you are of age and know how to express yourself clearly and concisely, you should allow your parents or guidance to write such a letter. 

However, if you are ready to write the letter, come along. 

Guidelines For Writing A Formal Letter To The Principal.

Have you decided to write a letter to your school principal because you feel there’s an issue that needs to be addressed or want to seek permission? 

Whatever your reasons might be, here are the guidelines that you should follow when writing your letter. 

•Use a formal tone and ensure the letter is professionally written.

•Provide necessary and exact information/reason for the letter.

•State the number of days or when you noticed.

•Mention the arrangement on the ground, what you have done towards the event, issue

•Include appropriate document when necessary, such as doctor’s report, event invitation, etc

•Dissuade from using slangs and abbreviations

•Express yourself in a clear, concise, and straightforward manner.

•Be persuasive yet subtle and submissive. Let your letter convince the Principal.

•Avoid spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and use appropriate punctuations where necessary.

•Dot your “I” and cross your “T.”

•Proofread your letter, read aloud, and ask people around to help you out.


Here is a simple and straightforward format to follow when writing a letter to the Principal. 

1.Sender’s name: this includes your first name and last name.

2. Sender’s Contact Address

3. The Principal

4. Name of the college/school

5. Address of the school/college

6. Present-day date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

7. Salutation; Dear (Principal’s name)

8. Subject: The purpose of writing the letter

9. Introduction or opening line: This is where you commend, praise, and appreciate the Principal’s effort concerning the school.

10. Body: Here is the real deal; it is the vital part of the letter where you state and explain your reason, back it up with necessary information and point, express yourself and what you want in a formal way.

11. Ending or closing line: You’ll appreciate the Principal for his time and emphasize on salient point. You can also tell him you’re expecting his response concerning the issues raised.

12. Closing salutation (Yours faithfully, sincerely, etc.)

13. Sender’s name

14. Sender’s signature

15. Enclosed/attached documents (if any)

Since you already know why students write letters to their Principal, the kind of letter you can write, and the format of a letter, it’s time to see some samples.

Here are some samples of letters written to the Principal, each letter bearing a different reason. Read through each example and customize them to suit your purpose.


Sample #1. A letter requesting for leave application from the Principal.

Jane John


The Principal

Manchester College


10th December 2009

Dear Principal,

RE; Request Letter For Leave Application.

It is an honor to write this letter to you, Mr. Alexander, the Principal of our great college.

As a result of the unfortunate and unexpected incident that happened to my sister, which led to her death, I would love to request five days’ leave from school.

My sister’s death has caused a lot of sorrow, mental breakdown, and immeasurable pain to us all in my family. I would appreciate it if you can grant this request. 

My family needs me at this crucial time, and you’ll agree that staying in school with such a colossal pain and void in my heart is not the best option. It is also not good for my mental health as I wouldn’t concentrate in class or engage in any activity. 

This leave will allow me to spend some personal time alone with my grieving family, perform the necessary burial rites, and get over the pain so I can focus on my academics.

I will ensure that I perform any pending assignments and forward them to the school. I will also copy the notes and read them through to avoid being left far behind by others.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter. I will be back to school as soon as the five days leave is over.

Yours sincerely,

Jane John



Sample #2 Letter to the Principal requesting for improvement of the school toilets.


Diana George

Beverly Hills


The Principal

Boulevard high school



Dear Principal,

Subject: Request letter for improvement and refurbishment of the school toilets.

It is a pleasure to have an understanding principal like you in this citadel of learning. I won’t hesitate to congratulate your office for emerging as the overall best Principal in London; you deserve the honor. 

I also appreciate the privilege of writing to you on behalf of the students concerning our hearts’ grievances. Just as you always advised us to express our minds freely, I have taken the pleasure to write to you to speak our minds.

I want to notice the school toilets’ detrimental state and request an improvement/refurbishment. The last time I went to the toilets for a routine check, I discovered that the building has several wide cracks that harbor lizards and other reptiles.

Apart from these, some of the water closets are stained beyond recognition, broken, and stinking. Sometimes, the students complain of not being able to flush off the debris in the toilets. Most of the WC’s water handles are also broken and don’t permit flushing off waste; the doors and seats are in a deformed state.

As a health official, you already know that a healthy toilet is a healthy life, and a stinky stained toilet will harm the students’ health. Toilets might not be on the teachers’ priority lists, but it is the most concerning students’ issues.

Aside from the fact that a healthy toilet is a healthy life, it also promotes good bladder and bowel practice. Most times, students ate advised to drink more water to pass out harmful substances in the body as urine. 

But when a student wishes to pass out urine and the toilet isn’t in a healthy state or stinks horribly, he or she will be forced to hold back the urine. Holding back urine for a long time isn’t healthy, and it weakens the bladder, which isn’t a good sign.

Let’s look away from the effect of a good toilet on the students; a good, clean, and healthy toilet paint a beautiful school image. Parents, teachers, students, including outsiders, will be proud of the school and represent the school anywhere.

The present state of the toilet isn’t encouraging and heartbreaking. Assuming we call for a PTA meeting and one of the parents asked to use the restroom, it wouldn’t be great on our path.

We are hereby requesting improvement, refurbishment, and proper maintenance of the school toilets. We know you value our health and the school’s excellent image, and that’s why we are writing this letter to you.

We are indeed grateful for your time and consideration concerning this request. We are hopeful that you will acknowledge our request and work on it.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Diana George

(Your signature)

Sample #3

Request Letter To The Principal For Provision Of Infrastructural Facility; Library.

(Your name)

(Your contact address)

The Principal

(School name)

(School Address)


Dear Principal

Subject; Request Letter For Provision Of Infrastructural Facility; Library.


I am proud of my school because it gives students the freedom of expression which other schools lack. It is that freedom that provides us with the privilege to address this letter to the Principal.

We, the students of (school name), have come together to write this request letter to the Principal’s office and make our heart desires known.

The primary reason we are writing this letter to you is to subtly but persuasively request for the provision of a school library. 

It is so unfortunate that as big, beautifully adorned, materially equipped, and internationally accepted as our school is, we don’t have a library.

A library is a significant part of the school building, which must not be found in a prestigious college that focuses on its students’ excellent performance.

As you already know that the library has several significant and positive impacts on the students. Some of which include the ability to have free access to books, research works, educational journals, and magazines.

A well-equipped library also allows students to read ahead of the class, see written evidence of what is being taught in class, and have a vast knowledge about history, politics, and happenings in society.

For a student like me who loves reading, acquiring more knowledge, and staying back in school to engage in educational activities, I think the library will serve this purpose.

It is not the students alone that will benefit from the construction of a well-equipped library and the staff and the school management. The teachers will have access to complete information about the subject they teach and have several references to back up their teachings.

It will also paint the school in a bright image; both the parents and the students will be proud. No parent will want to withdraw his/her children from a school that has a library. 

Another thing is that the students will be more serious than before and the library could be used as punishment for any student who disobeys or isn’t serious. The teacher can ask such students to spend a couple of hours in the school library after closing hour.

All these will further boost the image of the school and help us gain international recognition. Other students from other schools will be envious of us and be willing to transfer to our school.

We are optimistic that you will see the benefits of constructing a school library and do justice to it. 

The entire students of (the school name) implore you to co sides our request carefully and grant it. We await your positive response, sir.

Your students

(Your full name)

Representing the students.

Sample #4 Request for extension of school fee deadline.


(Your name)

(Your Address)

The Principal

(The school name)


Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Subject: Request letter for extension in school fee payment deadline.

Respected Principal,

My name is (your name), a student of this prestigious college (your school name). I am writing this letter to request an extension in the school fee payment deadline as announced on the assembly ground.

Earlier this morning, while on the assembly ground, you announced that the deadline for payment of outstanding school fees is on Friday, the 20th of this month. 

You also said that anyone who failed to pay before or on Friday would be sent out of the school premises by Monday, 23rd.

I am requesting an extension of the affixed deadline because my parents are out of town and are financially unstable.

You should know that ever since I joined this school, I am one of the first set of people who usually pay their school fees in the first-second week of resumption.

This time around, we are financially unstable because my father’s company went bankrupt, he incurred some debt, and my mother’s business isn’t going on well as usual.

I promised to pay every outstanding debt before the session runs out. I humbly request that you grant my request and allow me to stay in class and receive lectures like other students.

I am hopeful that you will consider my request and not turn it down. Thank you for the time you took o read through this letter.

Yours sincerely

(Your first name and last name)

(Your signature)


Letter of permission is another kind of letter students often write to the Principal of a school. The permission might be to use a facility, to take absence leave or request for something.

Sample #1 Permission letter to be absent from school.


Cynthia Morgan



The Principal

Ave Maria International College,


United State Of America


Dear Principal, 

RE: Permission letter to be absent from school.

My name is Cynthia Morgan, and I’m studying in class xv. I am from section B with seat number 28. I am writing this letter to seek permission to be absent from school from Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November.

This is because I will be traveling to my hometown alongside my parents for my grandpa’s funeral ceremony. The journey to my hometown will take us a whole day, and the funeral rites will commence from Tuesday to Friday, according to our tradition.

I will be back to resume with my classmates by Monday morning. I have also formed my class teacher if he wants to organize a test or break us into groups for class activities.

I will make sure I write every note given while I am away and turn in my assignments.

Please, grant my permission and allow me to be absent from school for these days.

Thank you for your time and consideration as I await your response.

Yours sincerely

Cynthia Morgan


Sample #2 Permission letter to take an exam.


(Your name)

(Your Address)

The Principal

(The school name)


Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Subject: Permission letter to take an exam.

Dear Principal,

My name is (Your name), and I am a student of this (name of institution), in class IX on roll number 2 with seat number 8. My school admission number is (……..).

According to the school’s laid down rules and policy, it is expected that a student should have 70% of the class attendance before he or she can qualify to sit for the exam. 

However, I have just 60% of the class attendance, and according to the school policy, I won’t be able to participate in the exam because I didn’t qualify.

My inability to meet the required specific attendance percentage was because I had a mental breakdown, different sickness attacks, and family emergencies, most of which you know as I always send letters requesting leave/absence.

I know I am ineligible for the exam, which is why I am writing this letter to you so you can permit me to write the exam. I have copied all necessary missed notes, performed the given tasks and assignments. I have also adequately prepared for the upcoming exam.

Furthermore, I made sure I sat for each test assessment I missed while I was away. Except for not meeting the stipulated percentage, I think I’m qualified to partake in the exam.

I, therefore, implore you to permit me to write the upcoming exam. If I miss this exam, it will have an adverse effect on my academic performance.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your student.

(First name) (last name)

Sample #3 Letter of permission to use the school hall for the quiz and essay competition.

(Your name)

(Your Home Address)

(Your zip code)

The Principal

(The school name)

(The school Address)

(The school P.O.Box)

Date; (dd/mm/yyyy)

Dear School Principal,

Subject: Permission To Use The School Hall For Upcoming Quiz and Essay Competition.

I am (your name), the school press club’s editorial team leader. At each end of the semester, the school press club’s editorial team always organizes an inter-school quiz and essay competition, where students’ delegates from neighboring schools will participate. 

Every semester ending, we borrow the program’s closest event center because the school doesn’t have a large open space or hall. Butt this year, we would love to have the event in the newly constructed school hall. 

It was a great joy when the proprietor announced that the new school hall was open for events and educational activities on the assembly ground. This is why we hurriedly forward this letter to your office to seek permission.

The inter-school quiz and essay competition, as you already know, is a means of uniting all neighboring schools, sharpening our brains, and challenging ourselves academically. 

The exact date for the event is January 24, 2020, around three weeks from today. We would appreciate it if you can grant this request. 

Apart from the fact that we will save the money we usually spend on renting event halls, the hall will also bring fame and prestige to the school. This is because many people will be in attendance and talk about the hall and spread the news after the event.

I await your response regarding this to put in place all necessary actions before the D-day. 

Thank you for your time.


(Your full name)

(Your signature).


Here are another reason and the type of letter that students can write to the Principal. Whenever a student behaved unacceptably, he expected him to apologize and promise not to repeat the same misconduct. 

Below is a sample of such letters.

Sample #1 Apology letter for bad conduct and behavior in school.


Shawn Mendez

123 Main street,

UK, London.


The Principal,

Mr. Adams Shannon

Futurelearn college



Dear Mr. Adams,

Subject; Apology letter for bad conduct and misbehavior in school.

I am writing to you to apologize for my bad conduct and poor behavior at school this morning. I made some silly mistakes and made wrong decisions, which implicated some students and myself. I am sorry for disturbing the entire school’s peace, for constituting a nuisance on the assembly ground, and for not comporting myself in an orderly manner while the morning speech was going on.

I know you have a lot on your plate, and taking time to discipline unruly juveniles like me isn’t part of your daily schedules. I apologize for wasting your time this morning and for the terrible choice I made.

In the future, I promise to make better choices. I know that staying out of trouble will go a long way in helping me in the future and prevents me from regrets. It will also dissuade me from walking down the path of destruction.

Your discipline made me realize that school is for learning and studying different subject matters that will grow us into responsible adults. You also made it clear that when I mess around, I miss out on meaningful educational opportunities.

I promise you that from now on I will be a great student. I won’t be caught up in this situation, and you won’t have any cause to discipline me. I will study hard and stay out of trouble. You can count on me.

Thank you for your time, and please accept my apology.


Shawn Mendez



Complaints are inevitable in a social or academic gathering where different people from different upbringings exist. If there’s any complaint against a fellow student or teacher, the best thing to do is write a letter and direct it to the principal. The principal will resolve the issue in the best way possible.

Sample # Complaints Letter To The Principal About A Teacher.

(Your name)

(Your Home Address)

(Your zip code)

The Principal

(The school name)

(The school Address)

(The school P.O.Box)

Date; (dd/mm/yyyy)

Dear School Principal,

Subject: Complaints About the Male English Teacher.

I am so proud of my school because it upholds both students’ and staff’s moral and ethical standards. It is one of the many reasons why parents prefer this school over others.

However, despite the strict rules, moral standards, and ethical instructions laid down by the school, it is unfortunate to still see some staff violate the rules intentionally.

Mr. Johnson, the English teacher, is one of such staff who has decided to violate the rules intentionally and was caught several times harassing the female students.

Just yesterday, I received two reports concerning the English teacher’s misbehavior, which wouldn’t be the first time. I have personally witnessed some situations where the English teacher was physically harassing the female students.

Mr. Johnson is fond of hitting the female students on their backside with his hands, putting his arms around them, and rubbing their arms towards the shoulder. Apart from this, some female students have reported that the teacher made sexual advances towards them.

This shameful act of indiscipline, lack of respect, and disregard for moral and ethical standards in the school mustn’t go unaddressed.

Sir, I’m optimistic that you will thoroughly investigate this issue, resolve it as quickly as possible, and call the culprit to order.

Thank you for your time and consideration


(Your name)


There are many more letters that you can write to the principal of the school. Feel free to download this and customize them.

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Samples Of Letters Addressed To The Principal – Tips & Format

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