Convincing Apology Letter For Absence From School (+Format)

Convincing Apology Letters For Absence From School Due To Illness (Samples and Format)

Convincing Apology Letter For Absence From School Due To Illness (Samples and Format): appropriate salutation and address, Express your apology

As humans, diseases, sicknesses, or illnesses are something we have no control or power over. They often come unannounced, and irrespective of your age or status, they don’t care. One of the victims of illness is students. Yes! Students also fall sick, even while listening to lectures in class. This sickness might prevent some of them from coming to school for some specific period. The missing of class due to one sickness or the other usually affects students academically, and often, there’s a need to seek help. Students need to seek academic support from others so they won’t be lagging in their studies.

Apart from missing classes, some students might also miss examinations and tests due to their inability to come to school because they are sick. When things like this happen, the best thing to do is write a letter to either the teacher, principal, or the school’s proprietor/proprietress. The letter is focused on apologizing and explaining reasons for missing classes, tests, or exams, as the case may be, and also ask for a chance to take it. 

You might say it wasn’t your fault that you took ill, so apologizing isn’t necessary. You are right to say it wasn’t your fault that the sickness came and prevents you from coming to school. But it is expected that you apologize and explain what happened to your teacher, who might be worried or had to postpone a class for your sake. You need to write an apology letter to officially inform your teacher/principal, who might be angry about your absence. Assuming your teacher came to class and couldn’t find you, don’t you think you have some explanations to give? As you already know that writing a letter, especially one addressed to someone outside your peer group or family tree, follows a format. You can’t just get a sheet of paper and start writing without having the prior knowledge or information necessary.

Below are the formats of writing an apology letter; this will serve as guidelines for drafting your apology letter, either to your teacher, principal, or the school owner (Proprietor/proprietress).

Table of Content:

1.Convincing Apology Letters For Absence From School Due To Illness.

1.1 Format for writing apology letters for absence from school.

1.2. Tips on how to write the best apology letter. 

1.3 Format of an apology letter.

1.4 Samples of impressive and convincing apology letters from students.

1.5 Samples of apology letters from the parents.

Formats For Writing Apology letter For Absence From School Due To Illness:

1. Begin the letter with the appropriate salutation and address. 

2. Express your apology for your inability to come to school and be convincing.

3. Adopt the right tone that matches the addressee and the purpose of your letter.

4. Mention the exact date and number of days you were absent from school.

5. Describe your illness and how it affected and prevented you from coming to school.

6. Apologise for your inability to come to school.

7. Convince the addressee that you are ready to make up the lost days by doing the necessary things (writing notes, taking the test, reading).

8. Appreciate the reader for his/her understanding and show hope that you will be allowed to take the test/exam.

Tips on how to write the best letter:

1. Avoid grammatical errors, redundancy, mistakes, and apply necessary punctuations.

2. Write a sketch, list your points, and perfect your draft before writing the main letter.

3. Let your letter have headings, body, and conclusion.

4. Let the letter be written professionally.

5. Be clear, concise, and let your handwriting be legible.

6. Be persuasive and convincing with your words.

7. Mind your tone.

Here is the format of an apology letter:

  • Sender’s name and Address
  • Date
  • Teacher/Principal’s name
  • Salutation
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Samples of Impressive And Convincing Apology Letter From The Students:

Below are some samples of drafted apology letters addressing different recipient (teacher, principal, and Proprietor)

An Apology Letter To A Teacher Sample:

From: Alexandria,

New Jersey,



The Teacher

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Apology Letter For Being Absence From School Due To Illness.

Good day, Mr. Bright; I hope this letter meets you well and in good health.

I am deeply sorry for absent from class from 15th May to 20th May 2020; I should have informed you in advance, but it was unexpected. It happened so suddenly that I couldn’t tell anybody, not even my classmates, about it.

It happened that after the football rehearsal we had on 14th, I discovered that I was running high temperature on my way back home. When I got home, I was already shivering and in severe pain. 

My parents weren’t at home, and before they could come back from work, I had vomited three times. Later that night, I was rushed to the hospital, where the test carried out on me showed I had typhoid fever.

The doctor put me on a drip and prescribed some drugs for me. I spent three days in the hospital before returning home on the 18th. My mom insists I stay back for some days to aid my quick recovery.

During my illness, I got in touch with Joyce, who gave me her lecture note and told me about the test that you organized while I was away. I have read through the notes and copied them into mine; I would appreciate it if you can organize the test for me as well. 

As you already know, tests are essential if one wants to pass the exam excellently; I would not want to fail as a serious student trying to pass excellently. I am ready for the test anytime you choose. 

With Thanks and heartfelt gratitude.

Your student,



Apology letter for absenteeism directed to the class teacher:


Mr. Francis


Dear Sir,

I kindly apologize for my unexpected absence on Thursday and Friday. I was having a terrible fever and a bad cough. I had to leave the school unannounced because I didn’t want to unnecessarily infect the other students in the classroom or raise the alarm.

I also apologize for not informing you before leaving the school premises on Wednesday afternoon. I did plan to inform you, but you were in the teacher’s meeting with the Proprietor, and I couldn’t wait until the end of the meeting. 

I have picked up the assignment and notes from Alex, who stay on the same street with me. I am sincerely sorry for the unexpected absence, and I promise it won’t happen again. 

The doctor prescribed some drugs, which I’m taking while on bed rest. I will report back to school on Monday.

If I have any questions on the work missed, I will appropriately seek your assistance, which I’m sure you won’t decline. You always advise us to feel free to come to you for anything we want academically.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Your sincere student,


George Afton

A Sample Of Apology Letter For Being Absent In School, Directed To The Principal:

Any letter addressed to people outside your peer group and family must be written professionally. The tone of your letter must be official and at the same time persuasively convincing. The tone you employ when talking to your principal will be slightly different from that of your teacher. This is because some people have intimate relationships with their teachers.  Below is a sample of a letter addressed to the principal. Feel free to copy the letter or customize it to suit your needs.

No 25, Claire Street,

Beverly Hills

18th November 1998.


The Principal

Oxford United College,


18th November, 1998.

Apology Letter For Being Absent From School Due To Illness.

Dear Mr. Drey,

I have been away from school for the past couple of days due to a terrible illness that struck me. I couldn’t get in touch with you to inform you of my illness because you weren’t in school when I left.

The illness came unannounced, not because of my act of negligence. I was in class, receiving the last lecture from Mr. Alex when I began to feel uneasy in my stomach. At first, I ignored it, thinking it was a sign of hunger as I hadn’t taken anything that day because we were told to observe fasting in church.

When it got to a point, I couldn’t take it anymore and had to go to the toilet because I felt heavy. I was vomiting at the same time. I was using the loo. After leaving the loo, I felt very light and uncomfortable in my flesh, and as soon as the last lecture for the day finished, I went home. I couldn’t stay for the after school lecture.

Before I could get home, I was already so fragile and weak. When I got home, my mom detected I was weak and took me to the hospital immediately but not before I had vomited again.

At the hospital, I was told I had cholera, and my water level was down. I was in such a miserable condition that I forgot to inform you; my mom was anxious about me and forgot to call and inform you.

However, I have recovered partially, and I have come back to school. I should have written the letter and sent it to you before this time, my apology as I was too sick to think about anything. I am optimistic that this behavior won’t repeat itself, and I would be grateful if you accept my sincere apology.

I will also copy all the necessary notes, read through them, and perform all other activities the class already had while I was away. I promise to cover up and do everything it takes so I won’t lag. 

Thank you for your kind gesture and for accepting my apology. Thank you for sparing a minute or two to read my letter.

Best Regard,


A Sample Of Apology Letter For Being Absence From School Due To Illness, Addressed To The Proprietor/Proprietress:

Writing a letter to the school’s owner or proprietary can be a bit tactical because you don’t have a close relationship with them. 

It doesn’t matter if your parents are writing the letter, but if you, as a student, is the sender of the letter, you need to use a professional tone.

Here is a sample to guide you while writing the letter to your proprietor/proprietress.

(Your Address)

18, Triumphant street


 4th March 2014

(The proprietary address)

The Proprietor/Proprietress

Royal Island College


4th March 2014

(Subject of the letter)

Apology Letter For Absence From School Due To Illness.

(The proprietor name)

Dear Dr. Cross,


I hope this letter meets you in a sound and healthy state of mind.

(body of the letter)

I am writing to you to express my heartfelt apology for my school absence for a whole week due to my illness. It wasn’t intentional or in my best interest that I decided to stay away from school for such a long time and not inform you beforehand.

After swimming lessons in preparation for the upcoming Olympic competition against Manchester College, I took ill. After the swimming lesson, I realized that I felt a terrible pain in my chest and upper hand; I was also running at a high temperature.

On getting home, I passed out on the bed and woke up in the hospital with a drip fastened to my left arm. When I asked my Dad how I ended up on the hospital bed, he told me I was unconscious for two days after passing out in our sitting room apartment. 

He told me that the doctor ran some tests and discovered that I had pneumonia. It took me by surprise as I have been careful about exposing myself to harm or cold. 

After spending five days at the hospital, I was discharged and advised to take the prescribed drugs with enough rest. I didn’t even think about writing a letter to keep you informed because I was blank; my parents were also worried and forgot to call through to the school.

I apologize for not informing you about my absence before this time. I have fully recovered and would be back to school by Monday. I will make sure I copied every note before coming back to school to be far behind other students.

It’s so sad that I won’t be participating in the upcoming Olympic competition as the doctor advised me to stay away from water and anything that will stress me. I hope you will consider my apology letter.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter.



Samples Of Apology Letters From Parents:

Apart from the students, the parents can also write an apology letter to the teacher, principal, or proprietary of the school to inform them of the absence of their school ward.  The parents can adopt any format and tone (as long as it is professional and not derogatory) because there’s no specific format or style assigned. Below are some samples of letters written by the parents on behalf of their wards to the school management.

Sample #1 Apology Letter For Absence From School Addressed To the Teacher By The Parent.

From; Mrs. Tesla



The Teacher,

Mr. Sylvester

IET Boarding school


RE; Apology Letter For My Kid’s Absence From School.

Dear Mr. Sylvester,

This letter is written to inform you that my daughter, Teresa, could not attend school from Monday to Wednesday due to the flu. I had to take her to the hospital, which prevented her from coming to school. Aside from this, I wouldn’t want a situation where she will infect other students with her flu, so I decided to keep her from school. After the treatment, her temperature has since returned to normal, and her doctor has stated she is well enough to attend classes. She will be returning to school tomorrow; I will make sure she read through her mate’s note to get the lessons she has missed.

I’ve attached Dr. Nelson’s note for your records. Thank you.



Mrs. Tesla.

Sample #2 Apology Letter From Parents To The Principal

(Parent’s name)

(Parent’s contact address)

(Principal’s Name)

(School Address)

(Date; D/M/YYYY)

(Subject of the letter)

Re: Apology for kid’s absence from school

Dear (Principal’s Name)

First, let me congratulate you on the school’s victory in the spelling bee competition you had. 

Secondly, I wish to extend my most profound appreciation for your efforts to get in touch when you discovered Emily hasn’t been in school for some days I am sorry I didn’t try to put a call through to you beforehand; as Emily’s mother, I have been in and out of the hospital to ensure that she’s adequately treated. This note is to inform you about the reasons for Emily’s absence from school; she was recently diagnosed with yellow fever virus, according to our family doctor, Dr. Renaud. She has been in the hospital for the past four days now, receiving treatments. I should have informed you beforehand but was busy trying to see that she got the best treatment. You know it isn’t easy taking care of a sick kid. Please, help me to pass the information to her class teacher and her private lesson tutor. Please, feel free to contact me about getting any classwork to her, so she can work on it while resting. I am enclosing both the doctor’s note, as well as my contact information. Thank you so much.

Best regards.

(Parent’s signature)

Ms. Edwina 

Sample #3: Apology Letter for kid’s absence from school to the class teacher from parents.

(Parent’s name)

(Residential Address)


(Teacher’s name)

(School/Contact Address)

RE: Apology For kid’s absence from school

(Dear Teacher’s name)

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not sending this letter soon and would also bring to your attention that Ben has been absent from school for three days now due to his illness. He is having a high temperature and suffering from a rash infection; the doctor advised complete bed rest and school-free days for as long as he’s down. Therefore, he has not been able to attend classes for three days. As I write, he is already feeling better and would be back to school in no time to continue studying with his classmates. I hope to keep him for one or two days to check if he’s medically fit and stable to return to class. I would genuinely appreciate it if you can send all the work that he has missed while he was away from school to go through it and not fall too much behind. Please, kindly feel free to call me on (mobile number, office number) or send a mail to my email address (……[email protected])

Thank you, Mr (Teacher’s name)

Yours sincerely,


(Parent’s name).

Sample #4 

Apology Letter for kid’s absenteeism to the Proprietor from the parent.

(Parent’s name)


(Proprietor’s name)


Date: (D/M/YYYY)

RE: Apology letter of kid’s absence from school

Dear (Proprietor’s Name),

My son, the Jay, has been unable to attend school from Friday 13th October to Wednesday 18th October due to his illness’s nature. Since he came home from school on Thursday, 12th October, he complained of stomach pain. His mom decided to take him to the hospital on Friday morning; we discovered that he has a chronic ulcer. As I write, he is on the hospital bed receiving treatment; but he is responsive and doing great. He should be back to school before this week runs out. I would be happy to provide Jay with the classwork that he has missed these past few days. Kindly contact me on (phone no) in case you need more information. Thank you.


(Sign here)

(Parent’s Name)

Apology Letter for absenteeism from school, whether from you or your parents, explaining your reasons shows how responsible you are. Sicknesses are part of man’s life and will always surface once in a while. Whenever you’re down with an illness, keep your teacher or principal informed and get the assignment and notes you might have missed. Your teachers will be willing to help you through those subjects and areas you don’t understand in past lessons.

Feel free to download the samples above and customize them to suit your purpose.

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Convincing Apology Letter For Absence From School (+Format)

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