Thank You For Your Patience – Meaning, How to Use with Examples

Thank You For Your Patience - Meaning, How to Use, and Examples

Thank You For Your Patience is used when someone gives you credit for spending all your time and effort to make things happen.

Imagine that it is a fresh day, waking up to have a nice cup of coffee and you are planning to eat a hot creamy fried chicken cheeseburger in “Five guys cheeseburger shop” and you reach the spot to get your favorite munchies. But when you reach the spot you see a myriad of people waiting in the queue and it seems like you too have to stand along with them and get your bites.

Your hungry tummy tells you, you need to get your munchies quickly, but you see a hell lot of crowd to get it, and also it is the best spot to taste such a mouth-watery cheesy chicken burger where no one else sells such a heavenly burger.

Now there are two instances of how you react, either you’ll wait in the queue for a long time to get them or you’ll shift to the other eateries and try to satisfy your hunger.

Well, let’s say that you stood in the queue and finally, you made it standing near the counter where the counter guy greeted you “Thanks for your patience and here’s your Burger, Enjoy your Snack” and getting your favorite burger in your hand hovering straight into the mouth. This is where the delight comes in and you are perfectly satisfied with what you have got.

So, your time and effort play a major role in acquiring the needs for which you get the benefit that you expect. 


Not only the above situation exists in most people’s lives. There are critical instances and important decision-points where you need to spend your complete time and effort to get the wholesome benefits to make you satisfied.

“Patience” is nothing but how much time and effort you put whenever in need of any desired outcomes to get the best out of that outcome which gives satisfaction.

And “Thank you for your patience” is used when someone gives you credit for spending all your time and effort to make things happen 

This is a kind of state where either the benefits to stay-put in the long-run or the short-run. It depends upon the situation that it applies to a short-span or long-span of time.

Just think about a woman who is carrying a baby in her womb and nearly has to spend a year in her life to deliver the baby in good condition so that she eats good food and takes care of herself to get a healthy baby. Motherhood is not just an easy task to overcome and it takes a lot of time and effort where patience plays a crucial role in her lifetime. And every mom’s out there must be appreciated and greeted for her well spent nature of patience to raise a new soul to this world.

How to use thank you for your patience

There are plenty of ways how people can use it in their lives. For our good understanding, let’s take some 10 ways to make use of it. 

  1. With full heartedness

If you feel that someone who has done a long wait and nearly dedicated so much time and effort to get the need from you, don’t hesitate to give him the credit for his full-time patience.

  1. Appreciate with no due

Someone he/she who spends most of their good time and with no due or debts appreciate with all goodness and thank them enormously for their patience.

  1. Tell before you Offer

If someone gets the offer from you after a long wait, try not to give them the offer first and try to credit them with thankful patience by which you give them the offer next.

  1. Put a Big Grin

Here is the other impact you can make along with the greeting. Have a Pleasant and Big Grin on your face to make others feel good when greeting them with their value.

  1. Wise and Relevant 

Ensure that you use the greetings in the right instance or situation to get a big bow from the people and make them feel convenient, not awkward.

  1. Applied to all Ages!

Don’t make false assumptions that a 5-year-old kid won’t realize any feedback from you. You are at least expected to give a toffy to the kid or else you lose such a sensitive and valuable being when you ought to pay for the kid’s needs. 

  1. Be Genuine

Well, this is another critical aspect where people expect you to offer them in a genuine manner of their needs to get satisfaction.

  1. Gender unbiased

As for how we discussed that it is applied to all the ages, a similar approach is needed to understand that it applies to all the gender that it is essential to know all the variety of gender matters to us. All we need is to give a huge smile and greet them well for their precious patience. For that gender means it is a variance of nature seen in their personality. It isn’t a biased outlook.

  1. Greet Only the Contributes

It is important to make a note that, greet those who have spent their valuable time and effort to get the need from you which means making till the last moment to get from you. Ignore the ones who didn’t get it till the last moment. But don’t stop welcoming others who have not seeked the need during the past. Those set of people might come back and ask you for the need again where you have to welcome them. 

  1. Stay to welcome the unknown

You must greet the loyal ones to make it till the last moment. But who knows even the people who left previously might come shortly to get things from you. Where all you have to do is to give a big welcome and give them the credit thanking them for their long patience.

These are some of the 10 ways that you can make use of the Thankyou note for patience. Not in all cases these ways suit the individual needs. It differs according to the industry and other segments. I will explain to you with 10 different examples in the next few minutes to understand where this greeting can be perfectly applied including various industries and sectors.

Examples of thank you for your patience usage

Here are some 10 examples to facilitate the need for using the greeting as the right place to express gratitude for their well-spent patience.

  1. Supermarkets & Hypermarket 

If someone comes to “Kroger ” like hypermarket and purchases some products which they get on a blackfriday sale with all their effort and time spent on that day to purchase those amazing cheap priced products for that sale and offer from this shop. And if the seller gives the product along with the thanks card saying “Thanking for your Valuable Time for Shopping and Enjoying the Bonanza ” will impress the buyer at higher probability to shop next time repeatedly and turn them as a loyal customer.

  1. Online Shopping and Purchase

The digital running business must also take into account that if people purchase something on your site say “Amazon” like a site and the product is delivered beyond the delivery date that you made purchase. There are more chances that the customer will get disappointed due to the late delivery of the product. Again you can thank the customer inserting an apology card and thanking them for their patience to receive the product even if it is reached late to their place. So, the customers may calm down and would not lose interest in purchasing from your site.

  1. Preparing for Superior Exams

If students are trying to clear Medical, Astronaut or Navy examinations, there is more time, effort, and confidence to put in place for preparing these kinds of examinations and only very few of them reach the goal of passing their exams. So for these set of students, they need to get the thanks and appreciation message for keeping up their patience that they made till the final stage of reaching the goal. 

  1. Mindfulness and Meditation

There are certain people who are terribly messed up with their lives and are in need for a soothing, peaceful life to start all over. There are other set of people who try to overcome all their worries, stress, and practice some mindfulness techniques to make them calm for their stress release, free of anger and motivating themselves through meditation and mindfulness, need a long-run of consistent practice to shape themselves into a happy, stress-free person and they deserve to have a new normal change due to the patience they had to bring back this change.

  1. Medical Check-ups

Whether it may be a young kid or aged person, Doctors and Nurses who spend their valuable time to do a major check-up if they are unwell and maintains peace in the environment to spread a healthy surrounding such that the wait time for the people who come for the check-ups are also seems to be less burden. Both the Doctors and Clients are appreciated to be thanked for their patience.

  1. Slow Eating

Research(Kyushu University, Japan) tells that eating food in slow pace makes you feel healthy, maintain a good state in your body condition, stabilizes the nutrition at equal level. So all one needs to do is have patience to eat the food at the right pace not necessarily slower, but to maintain a right level of food-eating habit thereby to benefit them with a healthy and fit body in the long-run.

  1. Recruitment and Interviews

These are also a predominant areas of an organization where they carefully need to source, filter and hire the employees to match the particular role offered by the organization. A tremendous amount of patience needs to be maintained by the Recruiters and Interviewers to select the right talent to suit for the organization. Organizations in-turn can arrange a small appreciation meeting to encourage the HR team to keep up their patience level to filter the right candidates for the company and this could be done probably after measuring the initial KPI’s of how the new hires has done their job well.

  1. Decision Making

Taking a proper decision needs a lot of time so that it gives you a proper solution and benefits you and the other party in return. So, decision making requires a great patience to come up with a right decision that satisfies both the parties. If you are the one, who takes the right decision and gives a proper solution to others, give a big pat on your shoulders greeting yourself that you have done a good job realizing the level of your patience and making it a benefit.

  1. Good Friends

Not that everybody has a good friend and stays with you throughout your life. But, there are subtle cases where people get a loyal buddy who fulfills your need, listens for the things that you worry the most, gets engaged with you all the time, partying with you, making your day the best of all, and much more. To these sets of friends, they have a huge patience to stay by our side and motivate us more during hurdles and obstacles. A big thanks for keeping up their patience to all such friends to be in our life.

  1. Cooking

To the young and experienced chef out there!! It’s so very tough to cook a dish with the right consistency and bring the desired taste in the dish which requires a lot of patience and serving to everyone with love. Whether it’s your cheese creamy cake, or fresh fried chicken stocked soup, all you need is to add an extra ingredient called “Patience” to prepare the dish. A big thankful note for the cooks and chefs to practice patience consistently in making the dishes and serving it to others with love!


Finally you people have made it to keep up your patience going through my article and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart to keep up your patience. You aced it! Thank you for your patience and hope you enjoyed the article. Let’s stay connected and get engaged with the upcoming article.

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Thank You For Your Patience – Meaning, How to Use with Examples

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