Substitutes for Milk in Mac and Cheese

Substitutes for Milk in Mac and Cheese

Substitutes for Milk in Mac and Cheese. Yogurt, sour cream can be good substitutes that can be used and many non diary products can be used as stated below

If you are trying to avoid dairy products due to several reasons like dietary restrictions, allergies, or ran out of milk while making mac and cheese, here is the list provided of some alternatives of milk (both non-dairy and dairy products):

Non-Dairy products as Milk Substitute

Non-dairy products can be a good alternative for lactose intolerance or vegan mac and cheese. For vegan mac and cheese, cheese should be made of non-dairy milk.

1. Almond Milk

Using almond milk will not change much of the flavor though it is slightly sweeter, thinner and less creamy than regular milk. Extra butter and cheese can be added to get the desired consistency.

2. Coconut Milk

Using coconut milk will be a dairy-free and vegan way of making mac and cheese. The only snag with it is its coconut flavor. If you are going for this option, try to have unsweetened coconut milk. Canned coconut milk works best. The best part of using coconut milk is it is thick and creamy and also have low carbohydrate content.

3. Cashew Milk

It is similar in taste as dairy milk but is much more creamier. It is a good option for vegan mac and cheese but can not be used by someone who is allergic to nuts. If you want less sugar then choose for unsweetened milk. Though cashew milk is less sweet and nutty than almond milk. You can also prepare it yourself by soaking nuts overnight and then blending with the addition of nut milk.

4. Soy Milk

If you have unflavored soy milk, you can use it for your mac and cheese.  It is thicker than almond milk as it is made with thickeners.

5. Hemp Seed Milk

Hemp milk can be good choice as it is has much more protein than any other plant-based milk except soy milk. If you don’t want to change the flavor of you mac and cheese to earthy and nutty then you can use less hemp milk and add in some water as it has thick consistency. Also it is low in calories and contains two essential fatty acids. 

6. Rice Milk

Rice milk tastes similar to cow’s milk but it is more thinner than regular milk. If you are using rice milk, then your mac and cheese will not be creamier enough. Either you have to add more butter and cheese or you can use some thickeners like flour. Rice milk is also hypoallergenic hence can be used for the people with multiple food allergies.

7. Oat Milk

Oat milk can be a great choice if you want sweeter mac and cheese. It has same consistency as regular milk hence, can’t be used for preparing creamy mac and cheese.  Oat milk has natural sugars and have sweet taste but to avoid that unsweetened oat milk can be used.

8. Quinoa Milk

Quinoa milk can be a vegan alternative to dairy milk as it contains high quality protein. It is also watery than dairy milk that’s why you have to add some thickener while making your cheese sauce. It is a good source of riboflavin and helps in growth and repair of tissues.

Dairy products as substitutes for milk in Mac and Cheese

  1. Sour Cream

It can be used as both addition or substitute for milk in mac and cheese. It will taste more tangier and creamier than milk. Both sour cream and yogurt can be used interchangeably as it won’t make a huge difference though yogurt have low content of fat and calories.

2. Whipping Cream

To make your Mac and cheese extra creamy and richer, whipping cream or heavy cream is a best option. Butter can be skipped while using whipping cream as it is higher in fat and calories than milk.

3. Yogurt

If you like your mac and cheese to be tangier, yogurt can be the best option. Plain yogurt doesn’t make so much difference and is almost unnoticeable, but if you want more tangy and creamy taste than Greek yogurt can be used.

4. Cream Cheese

It will taste mildly sweet and definitely more creamy. It have high amount of fat and calories that’s why butter can be skipped. 

5. Dry Milk

Dry milk/ Powdered milk/ evaporated milk, whatever you call it. In dry milk, water of the milk is reduced or removed but it will still give you more creamier mac and cheese.

6. Condensed Milk

In condensed milk, water content of milk is reduced and sugar is added as a preservative. It can be used as a replacement of milk, but it will be more sweeter and thicker. If you want normal consistency, then condensed milk should be first diluted by adding more water and then used.

7. Water and Butter

If you don’t have any other option then water and butter can save you. If you are going to add water in place of milk then you mac and cheese is going to be less creamy and more runny. Butter and cheese must be increased too give creamier consistency. Try to add double of the butter than you would normally use. Use the same water in which you boiled the noodles for making cheese sauce as the starches of the noodles will create a creamier texture.

8. Goat Milk

Goat milk can be used as an alternative for people with lactose intolerance as its lactose content is lower. You can use goat milk with goat milk cheese as it doesn’t tastes different than regular mac and cheese.

So now, you have a handful of substitutes for Milk in Mac and Cheese to go for and have a plate full of pure comfort, bliss, and happiness.

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Substitutes for Milk in Mac and Cheese

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