New Baby Wishes To Congratulate The Parents [+Tips]

New Baby Wishes To Congratulate The Parents

New Baby Wishes To Congratulate The Parents (COWORKERS): I Hope You will be a Good Parent and Friend to Your Child, Always Make the Baby a Priority

Every baby born can be called a gift and a blessing to two people united by the lord to love.

New Baby Wishes To Congratulate The Parents

Every child has become the result that we humans deserve to be parents, and they will carry on to the next generations. With my co-worker I have a lot to say to you as a full-fledged parent:

You are Blessed

We all want to be a perfect parent because every child is a blessing to us given from the lord because he is the result of your love, and every moment you see him, you will feel the reflection of the person you love. Make her look like a mirror of how lucky you are to be her parent because not everyone has the opportunity to be a parent, and everyone dreams of having children, but they are not blessed sometimes because of a problem with the woman’s uterus or irregular menstruation, sometimes both have cell problems, so make your child feel that she is a blessing every second. You are so lucky.

You are so Blessed. Congratulations and Welcome to Parenthood.

I Hope You will be a Good Parent and Friend to Your Child

Along with parenting is also being a friend so that the child always has something to lean on and not seek the care of the people he loves. When the child is cared for and always given attention, he grows close to the parent and is far from rebellious no matter what happens. Raising a child will be the result of her tomorrow. Please do not take her for granted. Let her feel that you always love her in a way that you know how to show and make him feel that way.

Be Attentive and Sharp in Hearing

Always be alert and always watch over or peek at him because the newborn baby does not yet know how to speak and say how he usually feels when the baby is sweaty, so do not let the back of the sweat dry out so as not to get sick, always listen to her footsteps or movements. Sometimes unexpectedly, the baby may be run over by a pillow or her blanket, and her diaper will be soaked that can cause rashes. The child, especially when newborn they are always hungry. You should always monitor her milk intake so that she does not go hungry or have too much milk

Extend Too Much Patience

It takes a lot of patience that seems inexhaustible because being a responsible parent even when tired and hungry always puts the child first in whatever she needs. When you become a parent you become selfless and everything is for the good of the baby and her future. Even if you are tired from work or after cleaning the house and putting away things, do not let the child feel it because every load on the child every hug he will feel the same way you feel. Always keep yourself clean because the newborn baby is quickly infected with dirt and disease.

Always be Calm and Careful

Why is it necessary to be calm always? Move slowly because the newborn’s senses and hearing are strong and interfere with his sleep and rest.
Move not too loud so that she always sleeps well so that he grows up fast. Be careful because his body is still soft, support with full care not to be lame, and do not tighten his clothes too much to breathe properly.

When the Baby is Asleep, Accompany Her

When a newborn in the first week, she is always asleep, but when she is in the first month, you prepare yourself for waking up, especially, and the child is usually hungry every after two hours. So when he is asleep, you also take a nap to get stronger and always regain energy without weakening and preventing pain. Do not neglect yourself.

Practice Multitasking/Time Management

You can get used to moving fast because when the baby is awake, you have nothing to do but to make him laugh, play with her, especially when you do not have a babysitter who can talk to care. When you are a mother, always divide the time to eat, bathe, clean the house, cook, do laundry, and other household chores. Time is just fast, and you will not notice every time you kiss him is significant, so do not waste a second because the child grows quickly.

Learn a Children’s Song and a Lullaby

It is natural for a mother to learn to compose a baby song with her child without thinking. You are a natural composer and dancer when you become a parent because this is the only way for the child to sleep soundly and quickly, and it still helps him feel every hug and can more easily remember your voice and get used to your care.

Slow Down in Movement or Action

When the child is asleep, a little noise will wake her up, slow down in action, lower down her voice, and move slowly. The baby feels strong. Babies will be shocked, so always caress them and let them know that you are always by her side, especially when walking every step. You need to take every step you can startle her and disturb her sleep.

Be Careful When Carrying a Baby

The baby’s body is very soft and fragile support her head because she cannot stand up on her own yet, hold her back carefully so that she does not suddenly break down, support the wearing of diapers, especially if the umbilical cord has not been removed to prevent bleeding, her skin that is too sensitive do not let any insects approach him so as not to get germs and bacteria, keep your nails short so that she does not scratch. Carry her close to your chest so that she can always feel your heartbeat and love.

Be Thankful Everyday

Be thankful because you are the one God chose to be her parent and be thankful because you are blessed with a child not everyone has their own child often not having a child is sometimes choosing to adopt but it is also different when she is your own flesh and blood feels so overwhelmed more than like winning than jackpot in sweepstakes and that feeling is so priceless and so precious.

Always Be Grateful

It feels different especially when first glance first hug and first kiss on your baby, feeling inspired to wake up every day happy, contented, blessed, hopeful every waking up in the morning, grateful because every parent is the most dreamed and always praying will be blessed by our own child because our children are a part of our lives that we can be proud of and love so much forever they are our lifetime achievement.

Value Every Moment 

Time passes quickly without us realizing it, especially when a cute child is being cared for that becomes the joy of the whole family; she is the one who unites each family and gives joy and light to our lives. Your child can be considered your greatest blessing. She is the meaning of success, the meaning of love, cannot be compared to any amount, whether it is money or luxuries.

Every baby is a lifelong gift to every parent. Do not miss every second without developing a good memory. If you can follow by taking photos of her every part of her growth, take it to serve as a beautiful memory that she can see when she grow older at her right age.

Always Make the Baby a Priority

When she has his own child, a good parent will be selfless without prioritizing anything over her because having her own family should be planned so that you do not neglect her. She should be the priority no matter what you do you always look for time for her when you have a job before entering the company, bath first and milk the child when you go home, get dressed and take a bath before you carry her,  give care and value every time you can give to your child is important do not take her for granted. Some parents choose to sacrifice a job full-time and care for their own child rather than relying on a babysitter. When you are a parent, you should be able to sacrifice and let go of things that consume your time, and some choose to work even if their child is still young to save immediately to ensure the child’s future so as not to starve or experience hardship. Every parent is different, but every parent is also great. All parents have no other desire but to improve their children in any way but for the same reason. We cannot question each parent’s ability and do not compare because we have different upbringing and state of life, but the content of our hearts is to be a good mother and father to our children.

Be Happy 

There is nothing like the joy and happiness that every mother and father feels when they see their newborn child when they first found out that they are pregnant, and the joy and love they felt was how much more when they saw their newborn child waiting for her for nine months and cared for her while in the womb. There are many responsibilities involved with parenting, it is not easy, but the fun does not think it is not easy to take care of but thank you that you have someone to take care of, and you know when you grow up, someone will take care of you too. The happiest people in the world are the people who are given the responsibility to become parents. Always pray to the Lord to guide you in the way you raise your child so that he or she will grow up to fear God, be a good child, healthy, obedient, loving, and caring. Enjoy your parenthood through the guidance of God and assure that no matter what happens, you treat her with goodness and build a strong relationship with deep faith, for no one can harm her, and nobody will ever try to hurt her. You will be her weapon and strength, strengthen her, and teach her to be strong so that she will be ready for every trial and problem when she grows up. Teach him to communicate with other people, be a good Christian, and have self-confidence while you are young to instill in him kindness so that he can carry and practice until he grows up. When the child grows up well and kindly grows up, every parent is an honor and the fact that you have not failed as a parent.

I ask, Seek, and pray that the Lord will guide you, teach you how to be better in raising your child, and guide you to become a successful parent. HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD. A Big CONGRATULATION!!!


New Baby Wishes To Congratulate The Parents [+Tips]

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