Best Words To Describe My Dear Grandma


Best words to describe my dear grandma: selfless, caring, industrious, patient, devotional, funny, loveable, friendly, positive thinker

I grew up with grandparents, and they were acted as my parents because I came from a family that was not rich. My parents had to work hard to eat three times a day; that is why my grandparents took me and raised me well wholeheartedly and sent me to school because my parents cannot afford it. Hence, I have many good words to introduce to the whole world who my grandmother is and why grandmas are the best. What her unique characteristics are?

Words to describe a grandma are


The person who always finds herself able to give everyone the blessings she receives always serves her loved ones, and supports each other’s reliance on people in need of life, whether it is money or food or even care. Instead of eating her favorite food, she definitely gives it to her favorite grandchild; everything she wanted to take she easily give to her grandchild, and everything she has she share it with passion as long as she sees everyone in the family contented and gratefully happy that makes her very selfless.


She has a different way of taking care of you; she will not let you be sad or feel annoyed or sad; she is the person who combs your hair to tie and bathe so that you are always fragrant and clean, the person who buys everything you want so you could smile, sometimes It is said that the grandchild is spoiled because all the pampering is given, when every member of the family is sick she is the one who always takes care of the child and does not hesitate to stay awake to watch over the loved one who needs care, not to be bitten by mosquitoes or flies, you will be scratched at night so that you do not get cold and sleep well, you will be served to the best of your ability, and you will not be hurt because she is always good to support behind you when needed and sympathetic, ready to listen even if you are always repeating stories, ready to accompany you to your liking she is also awake to watch you overnight, and that makes her happy when you are watched, she is unique.


She is generous and very diligent; she does not neglect the housework even though she takes care of it too much; she keeps the house clean and takes care of her plants in her small garden. The most important thing that will never be forgotten is that she never gets tired of talking to her grandchildren and will play with them like a child; as long as her loved ones are happy, she will not care about the tired feeling.


Her patience is as long as the road without end, even once passing through the broken road even though it is still straight; you can stop and wait but continue the journey to get to where you are and get to your loved ones. With every rebuke of his grandchildren, she remains patient; when there is a lot of clutter instead of being angry, she smiles at the same time, when grandchild gets dirty because of playing too much instead of scolding or spanking, she just looking for a change of clothes and bathing to look clean again, nothing as the patient seems to be inexhaustible. When she gets angry for a few minutes, she will hug you, ask for your forgiveness, and say that she did not mean it.


The extent of her understanding is like the sea; you can see the opening but do not see the end or its boundary, our grandma is the one who serves the sea, and we are the fish that she settles in the vast water so that we can live and have a home when we run out of time we should be with her. Still, we prioritize our friends, games, or watching on social media, we will notice that she is also sulking, but she forces us to understand even if her longing is severe.


She is one of those people who cannot bargain for being generous, especially to those she sees in need anywhere, even on the street or on the road young and old as long as she sees that she is hungry or useless, clothes or blankets she is willing to give everything she has to be comfortable people around her. For her grandchildren, just a word or a request will be given to them as long as she knows they can be happy; she does not compute the money she uses or spends as long as she sees what she has provided with pleasure and a charming smile up to the ear.


She is very compassionate when she sees her grandchild crying she cries hard too when she hears her grandchild laugh as well as she laughs, when she notices a sad family member as if her day has also been ruined, she is soft-hearted and pure kind because being a good person can be seen in its actions, deeds, and words. She will never want to see someone who is having a hard time because she cannot stand it, and her chest seems to pinch when one of her grandchildren is not happy.

Positive Thinker

No matter what trials in life come and no matter how bad people try to hurt you or harm, a person with a positive personality who has a positive mindset will never run out of bullets in the battle of life and will never be discouraged and will not want to think of evil to others when you are positive no one can knock you down because you are like a stone that even if you throw it away it will not break, like a river that will always follow the flow, and stand as a light to those who have lost hope and are buried in the abyss.


Her tenderness is sometimes annoying but misses sincerely that sometimes you want her to always be by your side. Her hugs are really tight that feels good that is how the value of feeling her care; in one hug, she looks like a medicine that heals the pain he feels, her tenderness is the way she says that she loves her grandchild too much because she believes that love and care will be felt more when it is shown than it is said. She is like pillows that are so soft and will make you sleep with every move you really feel comfortable and loving.


Everyone ridicules her because she is very humble and knows how to get along with her neighbors; she is quick to approach other people because she is brilliant and not arrogant, not rude and quick to get along, a real person who will not show you bad things especially if it is not true and pleasant. Clinging to adversity, willing to listen and give advice to people experiencing grief or sorrow, there is no bad bread in her, but she is full of direction in life and guidance to people who go astray.


her imperfections make her more attractive and her flaws inspire her to love herself more, take care of the grace of God given and not be able to complain but she is more proud to show the world that she is beautiful in her own character, in the eyes of man dictates the vision of life if you are good you will not see anything bad in other people, if there is no trace of malice in your mind everything we have is important and can be considered an incomparable blessing whoever and when your foundation is strong no one can rock you, you will not be discouraged by the mocking ridicule of judgmental people but rather show that you love yourself or and accept who you are and are proud of it. Be loud and proud.


Every grandmother when she loves is unparalleled and there is no denying that the love she shares is one of the most important things a grandchild can feel. The foundation of the family is love for each other because that will be the weapon to strengthen the foundation of the family, when you are loved too much it means you are important and you are needed. When the grandmother’s love is sincerely shown, it is good to return it twice as much because everyone deserves it. A person who loves her grandmother can be considered good news and the best result in her few years of care means that she did not fail in how she raised and fed you with care and love. Being a loving grandmother makes the grandchild closer to her because the heart is invested so share the love back so she can feel successful in her mission to be a good grandmother and raise you right. That was a best gift for her. That makes her feel so proud and blessed.

Great cook

every time she serves at the table, she really prepares and works hard to enjoy the family meal and spend more time with each other because the grandmother believes that when the food on the table is delicious, the conversation and story will be good, the time will be extended together and form a good memory to share with the next generation. Every grandmother served best at the dinner table, she sliced ​​it neatly, mixed it well to taste and it was always delicious and would be a favorite to lay on the table when it was eaten. Being a ruthless cook inspires you to get the ingredients of those you will prepare to be taught for the next generation and will serve as a family sign. Because good food not only satisfies the stomach but also the mind and heart that can be carried to old age.


The grandmother is the person who will not be shocked especially the firmness of her faith, nothing will damage her beliefs and will not be forgiven the time she devotes to prayers for loved ones and her faith becomes her foundation when she is weakened and in whenever she is sad just a prayer and her anguish will be relieved. No one believes that man is inborn evil, but man, when she is tested she become still and has a strong foundation of belief and faith, no matter how much she is around the ungrateful surroundings she will not change or deceive by bad influence. Do not cry grandma, because your weapon is priceless.

Pretty Cute

your childish manners give you beauty and cuteness grandma, you are interesting to watch and it is really thrilling to squeeze your fat cheeks and your eyes are almost invisible when you laugh, every stripe on your face or so-called wrinkles makes you look older but pretty cute and it makes you even more beautiful.


You are funny grandma, sometimes you act like a child and you really enjoy watching, dancing nimbly and gracefully that gives energy to each other, you go along with the antics of your grandchildren that sometimes just to barricade the closeness that is engaging to look at. You make everyone smile with your small gesture, your laugh that
inviting everyone to laugh as well. Stomach pain is really caused by so much laughter. Sometimes you look like a clown or comedian who is addicted to humor and everyone is overwhelmed by what you do.


You are better than a cheerleader despite your age your stamina and strength are like that of a teenager you have not faded, every applause in the times when you are happy with what your grandchildren have achieved is truly unparalleled happiness. You are the proudest grandmother even in small things you are overjoyed. Thank you for always being there no matter what happens whether it rains or shines you are not completely destroyed or shaken.


you can be considered the number one fan or avid fan of your grandchildren because of all the people you meet you have no word but to tell your dearest grandchildren that they are the ones who give you proud moments.


you are very attentive to the guests at home you are the caretaker on occasions that really fill up with good stories, laugh to entertain the guests and be happy the party is always on any occasion. Your sense of humor makes you more lovely and angelic.


you are the foundation, the wall, the light, the window, the door or any other part of the house it symbolizes you because you grandmother is a very brave person no matter what storm passes you will not be shaken and nothing will hurt you whether it is sunny or raining .


Wherever you are taken, whoever you are in front of you always exists because you can carry yourself and you always have confidence that everything will be possible. You believe that as long as you plant well it will bear a tree full of grace and when you plant goodness in others you will also be rewarded with good words and good deeds. What you plant in your neighbor you will also reap at the right time.


Every person has a mother and every mother also has a mother who gave birth to her and they are what we call grandmother. They are the source of well-being so we must take care of, serve and live well because they are God’s way to give us life and see the beauty of the world we live in that shows us what life all about is and that includes love and care.



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Best Words To Describe My Dear Grandma

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