Best comebacks for short people

Best comebacks for short people


The Best Responses for When Your Height is The Center of The Joke

So, you’re not exactly the tallest in the group. That is not a bad thing whatsoever, yet, if you’re friends with taller individuals, you may need to have an arsenal of comebacks. There’s always the “How’s the weather up there?” but that’s a shortcoming on its own. Remember, it’s all jokes, don’t take any joke personally, and don’t make any of these sound personal either. The last thing you want is to be short and salty because that is not a good combo. You’re not a snack and not a cheap one who can be left to hang on a rack after a cheap shot at your genetics. Here are a few clap-backs for the average short stack that may catch your interest, along with the attention of others without even trying. 


“I’m already short, so why would this help?”. You should own up to your unique traits so that what bothers you looks as if you could care less. Own what you are so that they know even if you can’t stack up to the crowd in height, you can stack up with charisma and confidence. Just remember, Bruno Mars is 5’5, Kanye West is 5’8, and they are doing fine. However, let’s say you want to be petty. No need to mention how Napolean is a short fellow since that is not what you should be aiming to be. Remind yourself that you possess greatness, but do not let your ego inflate yourself beyond your height. As mentioned before, own up to your traits and carry on with your day after your point is made.


You love yourself, and you can take a joke, perfectly balanced. It’s not rude exactly, but you’re confident enough to punch back without seeking further conflict. Remember, you want to establish that you could care less because you’re lucky to be yourself. In the end, others will question if they were ever that happy and snappy at once. They’ll wonder if life would’ve been better if they were below average or average height. Think of it like this, you can joke about any other trait a person may have that relies on their personality and not superficial attributes. Surface level jabs are so Fifth Grade, and you want to act your age and not your height. Please don’t give them the satisfaction, but be the reason they keep looking for it. That right, there is a win that leaves you satisfied for the longest. Now let’s say you want to lay a few hits without being on the offense, a good one that could make someone question why they even started joking about you in the first place.


Never mind, this one will hit them a bit with the offense. However, jokes are jokes, so why should you hold back either. This may seem a bit much, or is it? Show you can take a joke and give one back with some spice on it. You’re not calling someone stupid or saying their existence is a mistake as you’re just playing. Short is short, ugly is ugly, everyone wins in the end. Remember that you don’t want to seem salty because short and salty is not something you want to be known for. Nobody should strive to be Napolean, and his story didn’t end the best for a reason (besides the fact that it was from a disease that could happen to anybody).


Hit them with the 1, 2, obvious all over again. You’re different, literally and mentally, when compared to your peers. Establish that by saying, “I am what I am, and you’re a bit late.”, along with a nice walk-off that shows nothing can bother you even if it’s right in your face. Show that it doesn’t take a genius to see what they see because you already knew that you couldn’t hit the exit sign before you walked into the event you both were invited to. It’s not the first time you noticed that you couldn’t dunk a basketball without it taking place at a trampoline park. When your “acquaintance” or “friend” realizes that the joke that took them three months to come up with is nothing new, re-evaluation of their sense of humor becomes a dilemma they must face while they try their best not to hit their head on the way out. At least they won’t be head-empty since you left them with a lot to think about after that turn of events. Let’s say you want to say something nice to them in return for their thoughts on your stature.


Bingo! You got them there, pal, and you look like a full-fledged champ. You sound like you’ve heard enough while patting them on the head after establishing you’re taller in many other ways than one. Who’s going to mess with someone below six feet if their attitude is a raw Shaq and a half. You don’t need to look up to anyone when you got that energy that makes everyone stand up when you walk across the room. Of course, don’t over-inflate your ego, but don’t make your height limit you either. Please make sure you let them know that you only look up to them based on one physical trait. Other than that, you’re too above their level. No one can match your energy, even if they want to bring you down. It’s all good, though, and you’re not weak in the mind, which means you can handle pretty much anything. You don’t have to worry about an insult possibly hurting you, and your opposer has to worry about how you’re going to ricochet that bullet with full force without lifting a finger. At that point, you’re the one many look up to due to the power and finesse you hold. The best part of it all, you never even had to try to begin with. Now when you stand up, there’s no one stopping you the minute you stick your neck straight and show off the authority you hold without a single soul attempting to stop you. 


Is this one mean? Nah, this should be good enough to pass for decent or “informal.” All you’re doing is making sure that it’s known that you’re an intellectual who can comprehend anything thrown at you. Intelligence is a trait that is hard to possess, and this is what makes you unique. Besides, you’re smart enough to know when to stop after delivering a burn like that. Not only do you make your friend or foe feel small, but you make it known that you’re just too smart for a jab like that even to hit you in the first place. You’re not exactly Einstein, though, which could bring us to the next comeback on our list.


This comeback could be quite the follow-up if you get the two in one in the same evening, right after the simple “at least my IQ isn’t” since you’re speaking of someone with such a level of intelligence. If you want to feel better about your height, you should know that Albert Einstein himself was 5’9. 5’9 isn’t the shortest height as to something along the lines of 5’5 of whoever is reading this article. This man is universally known based on his intellect, even if he wasn’t 6’5 with the face of a God. He became a mainstay in academics and pop culture while many ridiculed him for other reasons than his height. Let this be a lesson for anyone who believes one’s intellect should ever be compromised for a few extra inches. 


This could be a strong one, depending on your faith and what you believe in, so users may vary. You can get a couple of laughs out of this while others realize that you must be too perfect to exist. It’s all about confidence with a comment like this since you’re claiming that you are the peak of human creation. Flaunt it, rock it, whatever. As you just said in the middle of that room, God grew you to perfection. Don’t be ashamed since you know you hold no mistakes in your design. Remember, the celebrities that you believe are perfect may need to wear heels next to their counterparts. Robert Downey Jr. had to wear heels while shooting the Avengers saga as he stood next to Chris Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, as all stand at above six feet. A reminder that Robert Downey Jr. himself stands at 5’9, yet if we’re going by Hollywood standards, that may be a good 5’8. Not that the Hollywood metrics always lie to the public, but remember that not all the heights you look up on Google are 100% accurate in the first place. Don’t forget that every actor who played Spider-Man was well below 5’10, whether Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland. God’s perfect creation might not that be that from you as may believe, and with that, you can as questions like this next one. 


You’re a genius, you’re ahead of the curb and ahead of the game in general. This one sounds like

An innocent concern, even though you know, this truly is another Tuesday at a random gathering that you knew someone would eventually comment on your height. But, you wonder, “wow, out of all the things to be said, they go for the obvious.” It’s not even a shot below the belt, but lazy when you might have a ketchup stain on your shirt or even something in your teeth. Oh well, you move on with your day at a function that you honestly thought of skipping by saying you had to work overtime when in reality, you were going to binge-watch something on Netflix. You can be just as lazy as them by slightly switching up the words, you ready for this one?


Just as lazy as the joke that started it all, except you found even more ways of showing you could care less in bright, bold letters. Why go through so much trouble to make an intelligent response when the joke was nothing to care about? Treat it as it deserves to be treated, like nothing. You’ll only show that you do not need to put the effort in the first place. This comeback shows that the instigator who chooses to go all day with the nonsense couldn’t mean a thing to you as you’ve dealt with childish behavior for way too long. You’re too big for nonsense to begin with, so why pay any mind as it’s nothing but a waste of time and sense. You don’t want to seem rude, so maybe you should ask some follow-up questions as such.


You can tell who is just trying to seek laughs from the outside. Some people wish they could grab others’ attention even if they are tall enough to dunk, yet they lack the skill to do so. Are they missing a hug? Wishing they got a text back? Seek approval? We’ll never know, and that’s not your problem. In reality, jokes like these are not that clever and cheap. Someone is looking to fill a void, and you don’t pay attention, it can be rather noticeable to everyone in the room. You’re not rude at all since, of course, you could validate the comment yourself to help them out with their possible broken ego. Community service is a duty that you can commence anytime you see a person in need. Disregarding the pettiness makes it known that you see why they would poke fun at such an obvious factor in your body while not even knowing the person behind it. You’re just showing concern for their wellbeing with a weak joke as such. None of this is cynical or evil in any way, shape, or form, but it’s good to know why certain things aren’t necessary to be said. Be sure you tell them to keep their head up even though it already is. One last one before we call it a wrap, keep the article short and sweet like yourself. 


You don’t care, so why would anyone if there is no reaction? Ever had someone felt stupid for speaking in the first place? You don’t have to be rude because you just showed the room that it honestly doesn’t concern you. Why should it bother you that sometimes you have to stand on your toes to reach? Or that you have less trouble finding clothes? Not to mention that many inspirational figures are below the average height, be one of them. 


As mentioned multiple times, your height doesn’t define you whatsoever. These are best comebacks for short people which will come in handy for any situation addressing your height, but only you can be comfortable with who you are. Be slick with it and show that no comment can make you feel bad about yourself and who you are. No matter what, keep these comebacks in hand for that social situation or zoom call comes up. Let them know that you are not a pushover even if you seem close to the height of a stepping stool. As was said before, keep it short and simple period. 

Best comebacks for short people

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