Why do I suck at everything? How to overcome the negative feeling


Why do I suck at everything? You try so much to be good at everything, You hate criticism, You are extremely lazy, You lack purpose, You think so.

Living life can often get overwhelming, but having the right mindset, focusing on specific goals, and determination will help you master your craft and live life easily. The secret to living is not too hard on yourself. When you try so much to be good at everything, you struggle with negative thinking, lack purpose, lazy, and detest criticisms. You will never attain mastery and would definitely end up on a roller coaster of messing everything up. The fact that someone somewhere figured out their life in its early stages does not mean you have to put yourself under unnecessary pressure to prove a point. It’s alright to challenge yourself, but never try to outdo yourself, or you’d end up a big mess! 

You suck at everything because you try so much to be good at everything! 

Daily tell yourself the truth, and that is you can’t do everything or be everything. In appreciating people’s strengths and areas of expertise, we often compare ourselves unnecessarily, and we expect to become people we weren’t in the first place. If your friend is good at playing soccer and your other friend is skilled at Math, you do no good to be good at both when that is not your area of strength. Have you ever looked up some people’s social media profiles and you wonder to yourself what exactly do they do? You see biographies like “Professional music producer, singer, photographer, cinematographer, fashion designer, baker, and Real Estate Agent,” a lame man may think, oh well, that’s some bunch of diverse skills. Still, in the real sense, that’s a bunch of mess. 

People try to be good at everything due to an inferiority complex; they feel left out if they do not know how to do a particular thing. Another reason might be that they’re trying so hard to make money and want to be the go-to person who can meet everyone’s needs, but it doesn’t work that way. The simple trick is knowing the basics of life and then choose a path and own it. Knowing how to make your own bed, be nice to people, operating the basics of a computer are simple foundational knowledge everyone should have. Still, after that, you need to discover your area of strength and learn to be the best in that field. Is it possible to know how to do more than one thing? Of course, Jennifer Lopez is a good actress and a great singer, but everyone knows one career speaks louder results than the other; why not grow a basic career part and then as you excel you build other areas you are good at. Avoid trying to do everything simultaneously; sometimes, a second career part only blossoms from the first’s success. Most people who have this problem are naturally multi-talented people, they can do almost everything, but that’s why most of them end up feeling like failures because they never succeed in any. 

Have you ever admired someone who is artistically excellent in singing? or have you ever wished you could dance like a professional dancer? Or perhaps you have had your mouth wide open in amazement at the ability of a person to do something you see as a hard knack effortlessly. Have you been amazed at how some women are super skilled in being a mother while you still struggle with waking up to alarms or cooking food without it getting burnt? Have you wondered how some Dads effortlessly balance being a husband, father, businessman, and employee and there you are wondering, “if only I could be that amazing, I just suck at everything” One secret you do not know is that these people you have idolized as your “Mr. Perfect” or “Mr know it all” really do not know it all per se, they only believe that they can do anything. They make efforts to support their beliefs.

You suck at everything because you think so.

You can never excel above the thoughts you have about yourself; the more you keep having negative thoughts about who you are and what you can do, the more you keep messing everything up. Negative thinking makes you miserable, stresses you, and produces depressing results. Thinking positively makes anything possible to achieve when you work with an exciting mindset. Instead of thinking of all the limitations you have, why not think of the possibilities you can birth from your limitations? Mindset is everything! The reason why you see less privileged people still emerge as giants, and some make it to the Guinness book of records because they never allowed negativity to cloud their judgments and approach to life. 

One way to overcome a negative mindset is to confess positively. Our brains unconsciously respond to who we say we are constantly; with time, our minds adjust to that reality. Negative thinking creates fear, but when you affirm every force of positivity, you realize that anything is possible. 

You suck at everything because you lack purpose

It is amazing how people exist without having a plan or goal to achieve. When the purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. What are you good at? What do you want to be known for? When your name is mentioned, what do you want people to think of? When you hear Michael Jackson, music comes to your mind, when you hear Tyler Perry, theatre comes to your mind, when you hear Serena Williams, tennis comes to your mind, when people hear your name, what will you be remembered for?

If you can answer these questions, then you’ve found yourself a purpose. Finding it is one thing but focusing on specifics is greater. For instance, in music, Michael Jackson is known for pop, but a Tupac is known for a different genre. The same thing goes for sports and other fields; know your specific purpose that you and people know you for. 

Someone may be thinking, “how do I know what I’m good at? I’m just not good at anything!” if you have put away negative mindsets, think about those things you love, and you can do effortlessly. Apart from loving it, you ought to be able to do it at least at an average performance. Some people who have a great passion for music automatically believe that they will do well in music, they end up joining a choir or music band, and they end up making it a complete mess because their singing was only good for the shower. It is only wise to know your limits. You love singing, but you could never make it as a Chris Brown or Brandy; the fact you love movies does not mean you belong in Hollywood, Bollywood, or any theatre at all. 

While you may be obsessing about what you love but are incompetent in, you may ignore the fact that you’re an amazing cook and you can cook a whole day without flinching. You may be talkative who enjoys talking, or you effortlessly deliver when it comes to art paintings or drawings, then that’s a purpose you may be blind to. 

After discovering your purpose, it doesn’t end there. The true purpose is one that is refined and mastered. After discovering you sing effortlessly, it is only best to enroll in music courses, learn an instrument, rehearse and become a legend in that field. You may be an excellent cook, but you may lack good customer service, so the problem is not that you suck but that you lack knowledge in that area; once you discover your purpose, make sure you do everything to grow in knowledge.

Knowledge is dynamic. The way customer service or marketing was done in the 1990s will not be the same in the 21st century. In present times, you have to not only market to people traditionally but online. In present times, good customer service is not only how you can respond to people when they come to your physical store but how you can reply to their comments on a product on social media or reply to their email of inquiry or how you can remember your customer’s birthdays and the likes; if you do not grow in knowledge, your skill will be wasted. 

You suck at everything because you are extremely lazy.

How can you excel when you choose not to? In excelling in knowledge, you need to be up to the task. If not, you may not amount to anything great. Stop procrastinating and get to work! Most times, we talk and plan more than we act on our plans. We have a large blueprint of how we want our lives to be, but we hide behind excuses and procrastination when it comes to calling the chase; the world only responds to those who fight for results. More than imagining yourself with lots of money in your account, a comfortable home, and an outstanding career, if you do not work to its reality, it will only remain a creation of your imagination and never a reality. 

The best way to beating laziness is by setting realistic goals and specific strategies in carrying them out. It is excellent to dream big, but some dreams and goals are excessively impossible and outrageous; how can you build a skyscraper in two months or learn four instruments in one month? When you set outrageous goals, you will never have the motivation to achieve them. Set your goals one at a time and after setting them, plan specific ways to achieve them. 

If you plan to learn music, start with learning one instrument, then develop a learning plan. Decide if you will go to a music school or pay a professional to teach you, know what days of the week you will be devoted to your practice, and give yourself a reasonable time for a first growth. Hence, you have time to grow at a higher level fully. You can say that in a month, you should be good at the basics of that instrument.

Accountability will also help you defeat laziness. Have friends and family who wouldn’t tolerate any form of laziness from you, have people who inspire you to become your best. If you need to set alarms, do. If you need to tell a sibling to wake you up to study or practice, then do just that. 

You suck at everything because you hate criticism.

 As much as you are skilled and you have got an A-game going on in everything you do, if you are not subject to constructive criticisms, you may end up collapsing worse than you started. Systems are made for feedback and good criticisms because other people’s perception rules out certain truths you might have been too blind to notice. Experts who have trodden down certain paths you are presently on will have one or two cautions, advice, and criticisms about your craft or about how you live. Asides from business or personal skills, there is always wisdom in a multitude of counsel in living life and making decisions. If you have some money and want to make an investment or go into business, it is wise to advise professionals and people around you who are more knowledgeable. If you seem to have relationship issues, counsel will help you in making the right decisions. 

Living right or being excellent at life does not have any specific formula or lesson notes; basically, you get what you make out of life. Quit limiting yourself by all the reasons you can’t and own up to the truth that you can, and you will be great at anything you want to do. A renewed mindset is the major tool or formula you need to live life, if there is any formula at all. Having to relax and enjoy each beautiful opportunity, moment, and life’s challenges will move you from meager to outstanding. 

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Why do I suck at everything? How to overcome the negative feeling

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