Thank You For Prayers Messages To Colleagues During Illness


THANK YOU FOR PRAYERS DURING ILLNESS MESSAGES TO COLLEAGUES: I am thankful for the reason that sometimes I can no longer fully imagine if I am deserving of your goodness

Prayers Messages To Colleagues During Illness

“In times when we feel discouraged and hopeless because of sorrows, misfortunes, illnesses, failures, mistakes, left behind, resentful, and feeling like there is no tomorrow waiting for us….DO NOT LOSE HOPE! CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PRAY!”

With each prayer you pray, the pain felt gradually improves which I can say is that it is stronger than every medicine prescribed by the doctor because I believe that God is the only effective medicine that can cure the pain we are experiencing. I am thankful for the reason that sometimes I can no longer fully imagine if I am deserving of your goodness.  I am glad that I met you all, and hopefully, one day, I will thank you even more in words. In life, we ​​do not need so many friends; the most important thing is people who will accompany you in hardship and comfort, the type that will not lead you to evil but will lift you to happiness and give you peace in life without discrimination, plasticity and pure love and concern only. Because of your prayers, I was healed. I found in you the family I hoped I could not find anywhere in the world. Thank You!

To my colleagues, May God guides you so that you can help others to pray for the sick with your goodwill to serve as a guide for each of us who are looking for direction in life. You are one of a kind.  “Bless you all and be a light to those who fall into darkness and be the strength to those who lose hope of living.” Not everyone is blessed with acquaintances that care about each other. Sometimes or often, you are no longer known when you are useless to them instead of helping you when you stumble and still laugh at you. When you are sick, instead of giving you medicine and praying for you, they will talk behind your back. Come to think of it, you are just sick, but they will almost kill you in their minds because you are not that important, so from the bottom of my heart, I am very, very thankful because I met you. You are some of the ones who will give more strength to my life, hope, and I can say that I am very lucky that you all came into my life.

Not all the sick get over the disease there are those who just want to let go and rest because they feel tired emotionally, physically, and mentally especially nowadays when everyone is struggling with money due to pandemics. They just want to kill their lives. Still, there are a few who resist because someone is there for them, just like you. You are the creatures to be loved and thanked so much for the moment’s seconds, minutes, hours, and days you set aside to pray for healing. You are unique, and I feel so blessed to have you guys. You are the best! I can compare you to the jewelry I have because your brilliance does not lose its value does not diminish, your beauty does not fade, and your value is incomparable to others. I will not leave you, I will never let you go and at times when I am what you need, do not hesitate to approach me because even before you call me and need me, I will be there early because I love you and you are important to me.

You guys are awesome. Thumbs up and Cheers to all of you!

I will not add one more thing that you have done to help me because I do not have enough gratitude to say everything in my heart. I do not have enough words even if I accompany the work because you are a blessing from heaven that gave strength to my personality, and from now on, I will not think that I am alone because I know I can be with you in the important steps I will take Many are afraid of getting sick, ill, going through trials, especially in tragedy, but I have proven that when you have strong faith, you will not be exhausted and you will not be discouraged because strength comes from those who love you and are willing to accompany and support you every step you take that no matter how far and long you go you are not sure about the outcome but they will never leave you. You are so lucky because not everyone is blessed with life partners. I will not love you.

When a person is sick and is going through something, we first call our mother because they are the ones who understand us without mixed judgment, that is what I thought, but it is not. There are people who can love us more than we expected.  We can never even fully understand why and what we have why someone gives voluntary help even if we do not say and we have not yet asked them for blessings that are unparalleled and will never be taken away by others, even destiny. The days go by, but you are not gone. I have recovered from the pain, but you are still there, and  I have many ways on how to express my gratitude first is I pray for you every night that I hope you are very safe every day, have a better life and active body, best of tomorrows and wishing you do not go through the pains I felt, I am happy to see you strong and healthy, happy and joyful, you are my peace at a time when I am riding a wheel without stopping the cycle as if I wanted to let go and beg.

  My heart would have stopped beating, so I would no longer feel pain and soreness, but you gave me more than prayer. You gave me a new morning that says waking up every day is such a blessing and the world is full of beauty, hope, and love. We are blessed, for once our life is taken back by God, I will kneel and wholeheartedly thank you for all the opportunities that have been given to me. You not only gave my family strength, hope but you helped us get through the thorn that should have been a walk. Every message of gratitude needs to be written but sometimes better engraved on the heart and mind so that it can never be erased and not taken away by others. You are the result of human interaction that I hope I can only meet but what I have is an extended family that I am very grateful for. In our organization, togetherness is an opportune blessing and a gift. I hope the words I will release will also be a blessing because you deserve it.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for every prayer, concern that you shared. I may not illustrate it one by one but I know God has a gift prepared just for you. Please do not change. By the time I have said all my thoughts and gratitude, I want you to k, know that every word that comes out of my mouth comes from the depths of my heart insincere acceptance the second time God has given me.

Every disease has an appropriate remedy such as medicine and a specialist that will look and evaluate, but if not accompanied by prayer and belief that you will be healed, you will definitely weaken and gradually disappear, sometimes we keep on asking why we are feeling something missing in our lives. We should not have a negative outlook in life and keep on begging thru the ability of God. It is the only foundation, especially for reasons we do not know the answers to. We just kneel down and pray to know the answer. We, humans, are not forever on earth so celebrate every moment we have, especially those with diseases that need healing. There is no pain that lasts forever, but there are people you can be within the lifelong love and gratitude. So thank you for staying. Let us share our love.

The love of neighbor does not come from blood, but it comes from the deepest part of our hearts, which cannot be explained but is shared as you felt with me during the time you were praying for recovery and strength. All the sweet words I can say, but that is not enough for me to say I owe you my strength, which has been my defense against the pain I feel.

You are the creatures of God who served as angels to those like people who were plunged into hatred, pain, helplessness. I believe that you have been given by God to reach those who need the word of God, prayer is a solemn word that cannot be found in handwritten books, but the prayer mentioned in times of need comes from the lip, which paves the way from the goodness of the heart for loved ones.

It sounds like a song that sometimes we do not understand the meaning of, but it is good to hear for some reason when we are happy or sad or full of sorrow. Every word written in each song has a meaning. A song does not form without lyrics and sound as well, just like human beings. We are not created to be alone. We are created to give and share love, understand, and work together as the so-called Team. In the flow of prayer, every word that comes with sincerity becomes a song because I believe that life has to go with the waves of the water, the flow of the wind, the soles of the feet so that we can notice how happy the world can be and good for living. You are my vibes and every beat of my dance steps. I can live without you, but it would be meaningless and boring.

. Every tapping on my shoulder at a time when I was feeling unwell, when my joints were weakening, when I really wanted to give up because of the pain I was going through those little things became a big part of me to gain strength and courage. I am not brave. I am really lucky because I have people around me who love unmatched, friends who will not leave me even if the world melts, and the combined prayers that lift me up so that I can get up and lighten the weight I feel. Thank you so much, and each of these messages came from the depths of my heart. You are priceless.

Every heartbeat is as important as the words and prayers you uttered at the time. I was sick of not knowing the cure and just being asked why? But every time I see the faces of people who love me, especially my family and friends, all of you are my support and strength every day. I can say that God does not leave us alone because he does not allow us to be alone and fall. He always gives way to reduce the pain an,d resentment that we feel; thank you for all the prayers. I cannot even pay for that with the money. I know there are great blessings for those who run to the father when they fall.

Life is like a dream. We have dreams that we do not think will come true sometimes sad, sometimes happy, we often do not understand and seem to be ignored. Life is shortened to be grateful for what you have. Do not ask too much like illness. Do not ask for immediate recovery if the body is really not ready and still in process because it may worsen. Let us wait for the good plans of God, which will be followed because he will not let us be hurt and stumble, but he will show us the right path to healing and luxury. Likewise, with the people around us, God will keep us away from the wicked as long as we trust, so when you came into my life, I was very grateful. You really stand as my cure.

You are such a Good Samaritan. Thank you!

Giving help and care is given voluntarily by people who are willing so it indicates that you are very good in every prayer you offer. It has been a great good effect on my recovery. I hope you like this message, at least in my simple way of expressing gratitude; I hope you can get a signal that I appreciate your care so much.

From the depths of my being, I want to convey that I did not feel that I was alone and hopeless because you are with me. Through my darkest days you did not leave me hanging. Through the painful moment in my life, you offered, me sunshine. Through my scariest time, you handed me comfort. Thank you!

When we fall into the most difficult part of our lives, there are people who really give full attention to their tight embrace and in that way all the sorrows and pains that afflict us are removed. I am happy and you are my mainstay because with your help and prayer I became well and again rose and thanked millions of times to show that you are among the answers I consider to my questions in life and the blessings I seek and pray for. . Although I am not rich in money but I feel richer because I have to lean on every joy and sorrow, for happiness and health, thank you so much for being part of my life.

Sometimes we feel like we are exhausted, do not know where to run, will we just sulk or deal with every morning but what if you are squeezed and you have nothing to talk about? It hurts when you see that you are at a point in your life that you are gone, lost, useless and very exhausted but you can do nothing and then the health problem is accompanied by a very unequal state of life but when you overcome it you will just think you are most auspicious creature. Every night there will be a morning, with every raindrop there will be a rainbow, and every twilight there will be a bright sun to meet, with every tear there will be a smile, with every evil there will still be good ones left. Thank everyone while there is still time while still able. Let us be a blessing to each other and hope to one another.

At the beginning of my message I do not know what the end will be because my joy and happiness are always overflowing. I hope you get a good clue to the words I left out because every word here symbolizes me and I am thankful that you came into my life and had the space to have more family members

When joy overflows you just cry and no amount of words can be uttered to thank you. Whether we are siblings, blood relatives or real family members, I can say that your offering of prayer for recovery is a gift that cannot be matched by any amount. Thank you for coming into my life and I met you. It feels sad when someone goes through something you have no one to approach, run away, be told to just cry, it’s depressing but that’s the reality of life so I’m very grateful you came and colored the sad story I can’t quite imagine how to solve the obstacles alone.

It is impossible to imagine why the Lord takes us to the point where we have to feel the pain of hatred and hardship but there is a reason. We are given a test to be more courageous and strong, there is a prayer for salvation and healing, there are those who are willing to help without hesitation because they are destined to be a part of our lives. We do not know why in each of our differences we are united in a heart full of love that is willing to help all the time with no seeming expectation of replacement but to be happy and improve. Thank you for signaling that my life is important because there are so many colorful parts of it and the moments you value in me cannot be thrown away by the words or prayers you mention to God. Thanks to all of you.

At the end of my message I would also like to sincerely pray for you in my heart that I hope you will be rewarded with many good things in the world to have a way for heavenly Father to reflect on your thoughts, words, feelings and deeds because you are angels descending from heaven to give positive energy to the moments when sadness and pain are felt, give love and care because you are like vitamins that give strength to each other, like fruits and vegetables full of nutrients. I will love you because from the time I met you I can say that God gave you to me to be your partner and companion in every blow that comes, I hope it will last a lifetime. From the bottom of my heart 

I wish I could end my message with a peaceful and nutritious prayer. Father, thank you so much for the strength, the health of each one, for the love that is so mysterious, for your words that guide us every morning, for the trials we go through and for giving us more confidence that we are tested to be strong and helpless. Thank you for the blessings and we offer every good word to you until the end of eternity.

 Yes, We believe! Amen!

Until next time my Colleagues’, have a healthier lifestyle… Thank you!

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Thank You For Prayers Messages To Colleagues During Illness

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