How I Started a Business Specializing in Software development, Digital marketing & website design/hosting

My name is Alessio Rigoli and I am a small business owner and entrepreneur based in Australia and owner of AGR Technology a business specializing in software development, digital marketing, and website design/hosting.  I formally started my business at the beginning of the 2020 year to offer services to other businesses however I initially got […]

Follow Your Dreams – Your Enthusiasm is Contagious!

SEO and WordPress Hello. My name is Camilla Simonsen. I live in Denmark. I have run my own business since May 2009, helping other companies with their online marketing, primarily SEO and copywriting, as well as building and supporting WordPress websites, consulting services, and courses. Unusual Educational Background My educational background is unusual for working […]

How I Became A Serial-Entrepreneur of Italian origin based in Thailand

First of all, I started my Electrolux career in Italy, Porcia, in January 2009. In a short time, I decided to become the software referent for the washing performance and energy declarations for Southeast Asia, North America, and South America. For 6 and a half years. In this period, I have created 9 international patents […]

How I Found Myself Flip-Flopping Between VC and Startups

Yehoshua is the co-founder & CEO of Alpe Audio, an audio learning platform for achieving lifelong learners. He has been both an investor and entrepreneur in start-ups over the past several years. Yehoshua managed Toyota’s early-stage investments in EMEA and led business development & strategy at Spatial Logic, a deep technology start-up, and has assisted 100+ startups as part of OurCrowd’s BD […]

How I Started Phone Repair Business & Motivational Fashion Brand

Brandon Glasgow has been a successful entrepreneur since 2011, with a vision to inspire, uplift the youth, and give to those in need. Glasgow mentors the youth, especially in young minority communities, passing on the power of inspiration. Inspired by his father to give back, Glasgow has remained selfless in his contributions to the youth. […]

How I Became A Brand Strategist & Creative Entrepreneur

David Yarde is an award-winning designer and software engineer that is now focused on leveraging his 17+ years of lessons learned in design, software programming, and building brand experiences to help individuals and teams build lovable products and cultures. During Davids career he has helped to facilitate a variety of customer experience solutions involving developing […]

How I Became Chief Mood Booster at Adoratherapy

At Adoratherapy, Laura is the “Chief Mood Booster”. A manufacturer who is making the pivot to a Direct to Consumer brand, Adoratherapy is disrupting the aromatherapy category with essential oil blends designed to shift mood. A Tory Burch Fellow and a past winner of the Western Woman Small Business award, Laura is a seasoned consumer […]

How Chris TDL went from Apple Developer to CEO of a multinational.

My name is Christopher Alexandre Taylor, better known as Chris TDL. I am a 21-year-old Serial Entrepreneur, former Apple developer in computer security, event organizer, and founder of 6 companies, including a multinational (CH TDL Company) and media owner of the company (Net Worth Space) located in Toronto, Canada. You must be wondering how I […]

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