How I Started a Business Specializing in Software development, Digital marketing & website design/hosting

Alessio Rigoli

My name is Alessio Rigoli and I am a small business owner and entrepreneur based in Australia and owner of AGR Technology a business specializing in software development, digital marketing, and website design/hosting. 

I formally started my business at the beginning of the 2020 year to offer services to other businesses however I initially got my start in high school building basic websites and programs along with video tutorials on my YouTube channel which eventually evolved into my business today. 

While in high school I became interested in different aspects of I.T  primarily Android and Linux technologies which I found to be interesting at time as Android in particular was still in its early stages and rapidly growing with new development and software been created every month. 

Like many I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I finished school so started exploring some career options and applied for a position as a trainee at a local highschool in the I.T department. 

This traineeship was really beneficial as it helped me to understand the greater I.T industry and different types of technologies and methodologies used. 

In addition to the hands on experience I received through this work I also completed a 12 month course which covered the fundimentals of I.T and system administration which helped me to grasp a better understanding of the theory side and the correct terminology to use. 

After completing this year I moved on to work in a similar tech support role at a commercial business this time dealing with different technologies and businesses in the private sector whilst completing a short online university course around I.T and Computer Science as I wanted to explore the software and online space further as this was an area I had enjoyed back at school but wasn’t sure if it was the right fit at the time. 

After this I decided to go out on my own and start my own business to offer the services mentioned above to other local businesses as well as businesses abroad that may need my services to help grow their business. 

While my time at university was short I enjoyed the course and collaborating with other students for our group assignments where we also explored other tools and software such as Git and Boostrap. 

I have really enjoyed my journey so far and look forward to working with other like minded individuals and new technologies which will become available as the industry rapidly changes in future. 

In terms of advice the biggest thing I would say would be to never give up and remember that if one door closes another will open and that you shouldn’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to secure the job you want right away. 

When it comes to building a CV keeping it short and to the point has always worked for me as well as including practical work you have completed that clearly demonstrates your knowledge on the topic or industry showing you have passion for what you do. 

This will help showcase that you are a worthy applicant and prepared to learn and grow with the role over time. Next I would recommend challenging yourself to try different job roles if your not sure what you want to do as it will help give some perspective to things you may really enjoy. 

As this is such a rapidly changing environment keeping updated is very important so I subscribe to range of blogs and news websites  to see whats happening all the time such as TechCrunch, The Hacker News and other frequently updated sites. 

I hope you found this to be useful and enjoyed the read, if you would like to connect me with you can reach me on Twitter where I share content from my blog and YouTube channel. 

– Alessio Rigoli 

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How I Started a Business Specializing in Software development, Digital marketing & website design/hosting

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