How I went from Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo to Head Of Content at a tech startup

Deborah Tan-Pink If you are with Deborah and, someone comes up and says to her, “Hey, you look familiar. I think I’ve seen you somewhere,” chances are it is her magazine-past catching up with her. The head of content at didn’t start her career in tech until 2017. What led her here? How Was […]

How Bo Peng Got Technical Program Manager Job at LinkedIN

Last week, I accepted my offer to join LinkedIn NYC as a Technical Program Manager job. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how I used LinkedIn to get a job at LinkedIn. Photo credits: Komal Why I found LinkedIn interesting I have been a huge fan of LinkedIn, both the product and company, for a […]

How Nitin Julka, Group Product Manager at LinkedIN Got his first Product Management Job

Context After six years of running an Ohio-based IT business, I was ready for a change. I wanted to work in Product Management at a rapidly growing, venture-backed startup in Silicon Valley. I had loved software technology my entire life, majored in Computer Science and Psychology as an undergrad, had an MBA, and 7 years […]

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