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Activity is a relative word. It is so encompassing as well as it involves every aspect of human day-to-day activities.  Different activities are performed in a country. Politics, social groups, and religion are not left out in regular activities. Socialization is one of the prominent characteristics of a human being. In fact, activities are what keeps society moving.  Every day, activities are performed by all humans. Various forms of activities can only govern a nation. Talking about human life’s social aspect, starting a project or organizing an event is a crucial part of human activities. In the United States of America, every event, project, or meeting is always anchored by a professional individual. Most of the time, an activity coordinator is consulted.  This is article will give an overview of the Activities Coordinator Job Description, salary, duties, and resposibilities.

Activities Coordinator Job Description:

An activities coordinator is a professional individual specializing in an event or a project’s planning and organization. The activities coordinator organizes, plans, and anchors an event or a project to be executed.  An activity coordinator coordinates the activities of all other professional personnel involving in event planning or project management.  The ability to socialize and relate well is the best quality of an activities coordinator. 

Qualification, Skills And Requirements For An Activity Coordinator:

The following are the requirements and skills for an activity coordinator. 

  • He/she must be educated by obtaining a certificate in relevant courses. Education has a way of improving our mental and psychological fitness. Education is important for any important and prestigious position. Obtaining a certificate in any course is also advantageous, although courses involving logistics and human welfare will be most preferable. 
  • He/she must have acquired skills, especially those involving home economics and human behavior. This increases the level of experience and also helps to be an expert in the field. 
  • He/she must have the ability to socialize and relate well with others. The most important qualification is the ability to relate well to society. 
  • An activity coordinator must also have a leadership ability since he/she will have to coordinate some other individuals. The leadership ability will help him/her cooperate with others he/she is working with without being authoritative. 
  • An activity coordinator must possess good and efficient planning skills. This is the ability to organize and plan all activities in an event in such a glamorous and exquisite way. 
  • He/she must be proactive and must be able to manage time effectively.
  • He/she must be dynamic and mobile that can travel to different locations at different times. This is often required due to the nature and requirements of the job, especially in the United States of America.  This is very important and will surely be stated in the terms and conditions because activities can be in a different location within and outside the country. 
  • He/She must possess the ability to manage resources well and effectively to achieve the best result. 
  • He/she must be honest and possess good behavior always. Since most of the time, an activity coordinator is always awarded a contract. Good behavior and honesty will make his/her employer call or refer him/her when such services are needed again. 

Duties And Roles Of An Activity Coordinator:

An activity coordinator performs the following roles and duty:

  • Financial Estimation: One of the major functions of an activity coordinator is budget preparation and estimation. He/She works with an accountant to plan every expenditure to be invested in any project activities. He/she helps to exclude the excesses and include the necessities. He/she ensures that the employer is not spending money on things that will not bring any satisfaction. 

  • Event Planning: Although an event can be planned by anybody, especially the social ones, slackness, and imperfections occur along the way. It is safer, less stressful to allow a professional individual to plan an event. An activity coordinator is more capable of planning an event. In a developed county like the United States of America, where they experience a busy schedule, the activity coordinator is often hired to plan an event for its perfection. 

  • Project Management: Planning and managing a project is always a herculean task. In fact, an individual will not be successful in such a project because of a lack of experience. Even if the project is successful, the expenditure may be greater than the income. For successful project execution, an activity coordinator is often employed. He/she knows the right professionals to include in the team for the execution of the project. He/she will also know how to use little but sufficient input to achieve a better output. 

  • Organization of Meetings and Conferences: Dialogue and meetings are one way of settling and establishing a fact among people. Organizations (public or private) organizes meetings frequently to deliberate on important issues. In most cases, an activity coordinator can be employed to plan and organize such meetings and conferences. His/her duty is to prepare a meeting place and estimate the budget for the meeting. He/she also coordinates with other professionals like the interior decorators, catering services, transportation unit, the technician, and probably the speaker to ensure that everything is ready before the occasion. 

  • Product Marketing: A production is a form of activities performed on a daily routine. Most often, goods produced in the company find it difficult to reach a final consumer. There must be a link between the producer and the final consumer. An activity coordinator can help bridge the gap. Through experience and the level of exposure, he/she helps the producer to direct the product to the right consumer. This can help the product sells faster. 

Salary Structure For An Activity Coordinator:

Most of the time, an activity coordinator is employed on a contract basis. Are wages dependent on negotiations, terms, and conditions? Although a well-established industry can employ an activity coordinator permanently. In the United States of America, the activities coordinator’s average salary is $32,801 per year. This can varies actually based on the amount of contract awarded or the financial capability of the organization. 

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Activities Coordinator Job Description, Salary & Duties

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