4W3 Enneagram Personality And Best Jobs For Them

4W3 Enneagram Personality And Best Jobs For Them

Enneagram is a curation of nine personalities that depict how each type is interlinked via a clockwise enneagram symbol and how they perceive the world and inner feelings. All these nine types have core beliefs, fears, motivations, and a unique view of the world guided by their emotions. For example, the 4W3 Enneagram personality comprises the Type 4 features that form the core beliefs and some Type 3 that encircle it. Interestingly, the Type 4 Enneagram with wing 3 is comparatively better at socializing than the other subtypes of Type 4 Enneagrams. 

Traits of Enneagram 4W3

Type 4 is generally introverted and reserved in nature, but because of the dissolving Type 3 attribute, they can either turn out to be ambiverts or not introverts at all. People with 4W3 are deemed as ‘enthusiasts’ because of their energetic ethos and expressive nature. They tend to be inclined towards creativity, productivity and strive to stand out from the thronged crowd with their persistent self-sufficiency. They are critically aware of themselves because of their constant introspection. 4w3 are quite ambitious creatures and desire to make an impact on society with their consistent efforts. As per the Enneagram Institute, Type 4 is the Individualist or Artist because of their creative and withdrawn side. 

What fears do they harbor?

One of the deepest fears that drives a 4w3 insane and probably also fuels their strive to make a name for themselves is that they are scared of being lost. They fear the loss of fame or identity if they fail to prove their competence. They see themselves as beings who could never be loved or understood by others because they are peculiarly disadvantaged and different from others. Personal failures and disappointments upset them, and they get into an internal conflict with themselves with slashed self-esteem because they see it as a threat to their uniqueness. They might be prone to burnout and over productivity because of always trying to accomplish success.

What visions do they hold?

The 4w3 stride forward to impact themselves on society; they want to name and fame. Their contrasting faces lie in the fact that they are introverted but want to achieve great heights. They believe in possessing skills that probably not many do. They are sensitive to themselves and others, making them a lender of shoulder to cry on, emphasizing their empathetic demeanor. 

The 4w3 Relationships Strata

Should Enneagram compatibility be solely considered the foundation of relationships?

Well, not entirely, of course. Enneagram compatibility does not play a crucial role in forging relationship bonds with one another. However, every enneagram personality has certain boundaries and limitations. They are triggered due to some of the other causes and may have an engrained liking towards something in particular. Therefore, enneagram compatibility is only one of the many endeavors in a relationship. It is only a catalyst. 

How do Type 4 enneagrams behave in a relationship?

Type 4 is a critical critic of its own. It believes that it is unique and therefore has flaws that probably not others do. Due to the over sensitivity and hype introspection, it lurks on the belief that no one loves them. Their obsession over this hyperactivity demands a relationship where there is a strong sense of emotional intensity. Type 4 tend to be attracted to partners who can fulfill the need for an emotionally expressive and oriented bond. They admire when they can explore the depths of their relationship with their partner. 

The main problem that stands as a barrier in being open in relationships for Type 4 with wing 3 is self-esteem insecurities. The Type 4  core beliefs and Type 3 subtype both contribute to this self-consciousness. The 4w3 keeps vying for approval. The issues grow dramatically when they cannot make themselves stable; the drift may deepen to the point of vengeance, brickbats, and hurting comments between partners. The possibility of falling prey to mental illness and disorders is vast, given the plethora of self-doubt and latent feelings. That is why emotional involvement is required to break down the walls that keep the feelings hidden to prevent future hostile rage and resentment.  

Job and Career Opportunities

The careers and jobs that hold traction for 4w3 are those faucets that can carve a creative imprint, quench their thirst for curiosity and provide them the platform to connect with people. As this enneagram is synonymous with standing out of the crowd, they tend to choose fields where they have the opportunity for self-growth and fame. 

Best Career Options

As the 4w3 enneagram excels in the arena of creative approach, work related to social impact, and jobs that uplift the skills so that they are highlighted more in the limelight for creating a unique identity, here is a list of golden opportunities they can hitch their wagon to a star. 

  • Artists/Films/Performers: Indubitably grandiose with the flaring blinding lights and colors of creativity, the artist in them never dies. This out-of-the-box and derailed track of the stereotypical career boosts their mindset of being different and indeed unique. They can be painters who are unstoppable. There is a possibility of adopting careers in the film sector as well because acting, choreography, and art director are some of the embodiments of being artists. They can also be performers like dancers and singers because even dancing and singing are manifestations of one’s creativity. 
  • Writers and Poets: 4w3 can be astoundingly phenomenal at penning down their ideas because writing gives them the creative gateway they need. Being a writer or a poet is not common and therefore it enhances their outlook of standing out. The occupation of a writer also gains the position of being popular amongst the masses and henceforth, dabbing the cotton buds of their aspiration of fame.  
  • Designers and Stylists: The type 4w3 enneagram can easily be interior designers, or graphic designers or fashion designers because the intricate work with utmost dedication calls out to their introspective nature that kickstarts the mechanism of improving themselves by bringing out something new and creative each time. In order to perfect, they pour all they have. They can also be top-notch hairstylists and dressers because of the fun in combing out creative hairstyles. It also adds another layer of difficulty where they have to test and try the hairstyle plus see to the linking of the client.  
  • Social Activists: This is indeed a lucrative job for the 4w3 enneagram because they scavenge for matches that allow them to interact with people and do wonders for society. They take a stand on what they firmly believe in. Being a social activist calls for their writings, speeches, and other means like music, news reporting to convey what they stand for. It, therefore, incorporates the creativity they hunt and the mass display of their unique stature. 
  • Photographers: Along with being exceptional musicians and dancers, 4w3 can also be talented photographers. It is so because their trigger for perfection latches itself onto them and makes them strive for the best shot. Being a photographer serves all the demands of 4w3 like restoring individuality and personal significance, not being under someone else’s supervision, and letting the creative worm do wonders. 
  • Journalists: Their sense of passionate reporting as a journalist because of their exceptional creativity contributes to this field of work. Also, the journalism arena grants the name that the 4w3 is searching for. The different and challenging ways to convey views pose an enthusiastic enigma for them.   
  • Personal Trainer: The vigor and enthusiasm are extensively utilized in being a personal trainer because personal trainers give health and fitness training. To be a personal trainer with rigorous workouts and a strict diet, there has to be the exciting motivation which 4w3 are certainly blessed with. It has no layer of monotonousness or mechanical sessions because every individual has a different body type and therefore different regime requirements. New ideas have to be brought up as the progress continues.   
  • Chefs: Type 4 enneagrams are talented chefs because of the vigorous creative flow they possess. The dripping creativity and uniqueness have the means of portrayal via the food made. It makes alone time for them, brainstorm more ideas for better recipes and elevate their personal significance. Is Joe Bastianich a type 4 then? 

Worst Career Options

Any job that compromises their goal of being unique and cuts their outlet of creativity is a suffocating prison for the 4w3 enneagram. 

  • Administrative Sector: Working under someone else’s supervision could be a nightmare for 4w3. Type 4 is under the constant threat of losing out on its personal identity and significance. It wants and works continually to be unique. Therefore, they demand work and a workplace where they do not have a monotonous routine to follow. 
  • Financial Analysts: In order to preserve their individuality and significance, 4w3 looks at where they can contribute their creative mind. They want to work for themselves rather than pay their service to other institutions. They abhor compromising their uniqueness and henceforth feel trapped in environments where they work under orders of someone else. 
  • Executive Assistants: Type 4 carries emptiness if they work as executive assistants because this arena of work does not deal with any sort of out-of-the-box ideas or restore the affinity of the 4w3 to work for themselves rather than someone else. Being watched over and ordered is in a way disliked by the Type 4 wing 3. There is also no scope for creating their own individuality as an executive assistant of a company. 
  • Military/Police Force: 4w3 enneagrams dislike the kind of work that demands emergency attention and tend to be evasive towards negative situations. Job in a military and police force counts for being alert always, facing overwhelming and critical circumstances. It makes them be more secluded, thrives in agony and loneliness. This type of job field does not provide them a creative outlet and neither do they serve the purpose of making them unique. 

The classifications might not apply to all. However, it can help identify what paths the 4w3 may opt for as these are also based on the personal instinct stacking of enneagrams. The instinct stacking causes some alterations in demeanor if they belong to the same enneagram pattern. 

Best Job Opportunities As Per INFJ

INFJ is an MBTI personality type that has often come out as similar to Type 4. Most of the time, if an INFJ takes an enneagram test, Type 4 is the result. Like Type 4, INFJ is attracted to being the epitome of uniqueness, a fountain of creativity, and at times vulnerable to the fragile bubble of fearing failure, self-absorption, and mood swings. As a result, they tend to grow hyper-sensitive and become secluded in the worst scenarios. 

The INFJ prefers a calm and soothing atmosphere to work, are active participants of brainstorming, stunningly creative, and do the work that deals with interaction with people. As INFJ collates the qualities of 4w3, there will be some similarities in the job field. It is because the traits differences between these two personalities are surprisingly not many.  

  • Counsellors/Therapists/ Psychologists. INFJ is caring, sensitive, and thoughtful, similar to the 4w3. Therefore because of their high moral standards, empathetic nature, and dedication to selflessness make them perfect candidates in the field of therapists, counselors, and clinical psychologists. Their problem-solving skills, decision-making capacity, and emotional intelligence contribute to their role as supportive people, good listeners, and insightful beings. 
  • Scientists. This career is seemingly ideal for the INFJ as well as 4w3 enneagrams because they have the elements of being introverted or desiring to work in peaceful environments. As scientists work in labs, it is a calm ethos of them. Also, both personalities constitute characteristics of mental intelligence and uniqueness. Being a scientist undoubtedly makes them stand out paired with the intellectual challenges involved.  
  • Entrepreneurs. 4w3 prefers an ambiance where they are not under the supervision or being watched over. So, being entrepreneurs allows the INFJ and Type 4 enneagram to pave their own path. Plus, because of their in-depth thinking and careful footing, they prove to establish successful entrepreneurship in the long run.   
  • Motivational Speaker/Life Coach. Both the INFJ and 4w3 enneagram have the potential of being stellar motivational speakers because their magnum opus insights, empathetic behavior and altruistic vision turn out to be their biggest emotional strength. Their advice and pursuit for life help to encourage others to achieve their aim.  
  • Human Resources (HR). The INFJ and 4w3 are proficient at managing employees; their calm demeanor and empathetic nature brings them out as being eligible for this. They are experts at planning and allocating. The trait of them being sensitive and good listeners also contribute to their eligibility in this arena. They have to be proactive and keep in mind the ongoing work happenings. The personalities are attracted to this field because of the connection with different people they can make here. 
  • Teachers/Professors. Teaching profession might be a challenge for the more introverted side, yet it is an advantageous job field. It offers exposure to not one but many and diverse mindsets. The complexities that come with the teaching field compel the INFJ and 4w3 because they can be creative in providing knowledge as education providers have to look for ways to make the teaching alluring to pupils. There are many added peels including the assessments and management. They can be the favorite teacher of students because of their sensitive behavior, understanding, and empathetic nature towards them. 
  • Librarian. The quietest place on this planet is undeniably the library. Like writers and editors, the job of a librarian is confined to the bookshelves; there is no need for much human interaction either and it appeals to the introverted side of both the INFJ and 4w3. Also, nothing can be as imaginative and creative as the tales of the books. However, the 4w3 would want to be unique again and they are not entirely introverted so this job field would be preferable only if the instinct stacking inclines to being more reserved.

Another set of job fields remain the same, including designers, hairstylists, writers, poets and editors, and various others. Even the INFJ does not indulge in firefighters, military services, and other administrative or financial analyst sectors. Both the INFJ and Type 4 abhor the arena of politics.  

Population Distribution of Enneagrams

The Type 4 enneagram is found more in females, about18%, and less in males, around 10%. The estimated number of Type 4 subjugated with a subtype of 3 is more, around 55%. While the expected number of enneagram 4 coordinating with the wing 5 is around 45%. Interestingly, the sample data reveal that Type 4 tends to be a part of the enneagram survey more actively because Type 4 is the most introspective amongst all the other personalities. Type 6, 9, and 7 are common, while the rest are filled in the list of rare ones in the North American Enneagram composition. 


Apart from Type 8 and with a close competition against Type 5, Type 4 is said to be the most difficult and rarest enneagram, while Type 9 is said to be the most common amongst all. Type 4 enneagram is mostly well compatible with fives and nines. Some famous personalities with the Type 4 enneagram are Nicole Kidman, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, Anne Frank, Elvis Presley, and even Michael Jackson. 

Type 4w3 enneagram is an engrossing personality because of the dripping creativity, a new outlook, and empathy. However, to overcome their barrier of self-seclusion on failure, they need to practice the art of acceptance to failure and think of it as a staircase to success. It is important because they may adopt the unhealthiest version of themselves, leading them to mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and insecurities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can enneagrams be newly forged or changed as per will?

Unfortunately, no. Enneagram is the hard copy of the blueprint of a person’s personality, which is embossed on their soul and cannot be altered. Similarly, instinct stacking or MBTI personality cannot be changed either.  

  1. How does 4w3 differ from 4w5 enneagram?

Both of them are indeed a category of Type 4 enneagram but differ because of the traits of their wings. While 4w5 constitutes an incline to introverted nature, 4w3 is a rather mingling fan. Therefore 4w3 can often be deemed ‘pseudo-social.’ The 4w5 has a darker side to its persona because of its reluctance to link with society. On the other hand, 4w3 sometimes walks on the same path as society does to adapt to whatever is seen as ‘successful.’ 

  1. What is the MBTI test?

Similar to an Enneagram Test, the MBTI test, or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, identifies the cores of a person’s personality. It includes its strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and perspectives. It was developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs based on the personality theories of Carl Jung. As per this, there are 16 personality types, and among them, INFJ is often termed as Type 4 enneagram because of similar persona aspects. 

  1. What is Instinct Stacking?

It involves 3 types of instincts, dominant, secondary, and blind spot. The combinations you may get as instinct stacking are SP/SO, SP/SX, SO/SP, SO/SX, SX/SO, or SX/SP. Every enneagram has an engrained instinct stacking. For example: if SP/SX is the stacking, it means that the dominant instinct is Self-preservation (SP), second is Sexual (SX), and the blind spot is Social (SO). This determines which kind of trait is more focused on and which one is subdued. 

4W3 Enneagram Personality And Best Jobs For Them

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