9w8 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs For Them

9w8 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs For Them

To understand the personality test, you need to know that the Enneagram system usually is a way to find a deep answer about your best and worst traits and apply this knowledge in your day-to-day life. The Enneagram is divided into nine different types of identity, where each number means a personality trait. It’s not rare to find out that you have fractions of your personality in all nine of the sorts, even though one of them ought to stand out as being closest to yourself. This is often your essential identity type.

Everybody rises from childhood with one of the nine sorts overwhelming their identity, with innate disposition and other pre-natal variables being the most determinants of our sort. This is where some Enneagram specialists tend to agree: the natural way of adapting to your childhood environment, shaping later your whole personality base. It’s also noticed that parental figures might influence your type, too. By the time children are between four or five years old, their awareness has been formed adequately to start having a sense of their personalities. Even though your personality is still exceptionally a little fluid at this age, children start to set themselves up and discover ways of fitting into the world independently.

No one may be an unadulterated identity sort. Instead, everybody may be a one-of-a-kind blend of their fundamental sort and, more often than not, one of the two sorts adjoining it on the circumference of the Enneagram. One of the two sorts adjoining to your fundamental sort is called your wing. Your fundamental sort overwhelms your by-and-large identity, whereas the wing complements it and includes imperative, some conflicting components to your add-up to identity. 

Your wing means that it is another strand of your personality and can be helpful to gain even more depth into yourself and your skills. For illustration, in case you’re an identity sort Nine, you’ll likely have either a One-wing or an Eight-wing, and your identity as an entire can best be caught on by considering the characteristics of the Nine, as they extraordinarily mix with the characteristics of either the One or the Eight.

9w8 Personality Traits

Individuals with an Enneagram sort nine wings eight identities tend to recognize more with the sort nine but share a few characteristics with the eight sorts. They are social, autonomous, and scheduled in their behavior. They are, for the most part, more emphatic and bold than other sort nines. Nine wings eights are anxious about being isolated from the world. They maintain a strategic distance from this type of situation; in any case, their eight wings energizes them to be emphatic, making an inside pressure. 

Their essential craving is to be inside adjusted. They appreciate being at peace with themselves and the world. Advisors guard themselves by desensitizing their negative feelings through the schedule and dreary designs. They maintain a strategic distance from confronting their claim inside battles by diverting themselves in this way.

Nine wing eights combine their qualities by attaching the strength of the eight and the resistance of nine, which results in a powerful and kind type. Willpower is the keyword for this personality. With a notorious interior strength and lovely approach, people will usually feel attracted to know more about this person and respect your way of seeing things and making decisions. 

Nine wings eights tend to self-assert effectively and demonstrate worry about their similar ones without losing their grace and calmness, becoming an example of independence with a formidable mood. This subtype adapts to the situation with ease. Even when struggling inside, they try their best to transmit tranquility to the surrounding ones in a stressful situation, taking it over with damage control.

This subtype gives the “good nature” impression followed by sensuality, power, and strength. Nine wing eights have a curiosity to know the world and a necessity to engage with people, more than the other subtypes, they love to socialize, always with a great sense of humor and a facility to portray a bunch of skills even though they don’t usually promote it for their benefit. 

These subtypes also share their emotions completely and openly, without fear of reaction. Still, even with this auto image of peace and kind, they can be very aggressive when they want to without realizing how off-limits it might be. Thus, nine wing eights are more likely to get stuck on their insolence than nine wing ones which can prejudice them in their personal and professional life. 

Talking about their weakness, this subtype might turn too complacent, lazy, and stuck on their heads, failing to achieve success in some areas of their lives. Nine wing eights don’t usually have intellectual dots, focusing their strengths and skills in other areas. They can become very competitive, a little rude, and even slow. This occurs because type Eights and type Nines are not particularly thinkers or intellectuals.   

Their deep interests are more focused on material comfort, they can be easy to please because of their joyful personality, but as it was said before, this subtype can be mean, stubborn, and be on the defensive when asked about it, differing from nine wing ones in this matter too. Other people can’t predict what will push them away, but Nine wing Eights demonstrate their anger little by little.

This personality loses its mood when other people try to interfere or interrupt their tranquility and well-being. They can become liable and explosive, switching between chaos and the “normal” state frequently. When their protective instincts are awakened, they don’t intend to harm others with hard words or aggressiveness but protect themselves and their goods from trouble, always aiming for stability and calmness. Nine wing eights will always prioritize a controlled environment to understand their own emotions and help other people feel the same.

Best Fitting Jobs for the 9w8 Personality

The jobs better suited for this enneagram subtype are the ones that will highlight the best strengths on them, which includes more natural effectiveness in leading people and connecting with them, introducing themselves in a professional setting, adapting fast to new situations, and being able to see more than one possibility to solve problems. Nine wing eights always worried about their necessities and immediate circumstances, accepting people as they are.

The most usual jobs that nine wings eight can thrive and show their skills are Social Working; Editorial Area and Publicity Writer; a Counsel or a Mentor; Diplomat Field; Judge; Management Sales; Management Business; Human Resources Officer; Veterinarian; Worker at a Religious Area.

This subtype feels more comfortable in a professional environment that permits them to share straightforwardly, tune in eagerness, and lock-in in exchange. Share the objective straightforwardly and permit them to allow input and share their considerations. Communicate the reason clearly, whereas permitting room for small-talk and individual association. Dodge being excessively negative or basic; express development regions as openings instead of blemishes. Empower them to share their viewpoint and consistently share your possessions; offer them bolster and talk about the strife until you reach a common solution.

Social Working

This can be a very fitting job since social workers deal with a large range of problems, making the nine wing eight feel useful since they love to solve problems and help people, it will give them a free will to do with these situations they want. But, on the other hand, social work is a tiring field since it is not focused on only one problem or individual at once, it all happens at the same time, and they might deal with families, communities, groups where these people might be on different steps or phases of their lives. Therefore, the workers need to have the skill to think fast and adapt to each situation very quickly. 

The main functions of a social worker include survey clients’ needs, circumstances, qualities, and bolster systems to decide their goals, develop plans to progress their clients’ well-being and make them feel comfortable, help them alter to changes and challenges in their lives, such as several illnesses, a turbulent divorce or even unemployment. React to emergency circumstances such as common catastrophes or child abuse, advocate for and offer assistance to these clients and get assets that would progress their well-being even with small steps, following up with them to guarantee that their circumstances have improved and are gaining good results for their mental state to then evaluate the administrations given to guarantee that they are viable for carrying on with other treatments.

Editorial Area and Publicity Writer

In this professional field, the nine wings’ eight personalities will thrive with their natural leadership skills. Both jobs need the worker to be dominant and sure of their opinions, with a curiosity for stories from different people around the world. 

An editor can fit in different publishing houses and has to be careful when reading a manuscript to be considerate with the author’s vision and the future public that will feel attracted by the book. It is a challenge that the nine wings eight subtypes will love to accept. They also might help the author from the beginning with ideas, scratches, and what’s best for the people involved, always making sure their opinion is solid and final. 

As a publicity writer, you also need a strong opinion to convince people of what you are marketing on, creating a public image for a product or a person. Therefore, a nine wing eight also shines since they are known for their ability to convince people of what they want, and where they most feel comfortable is with material things. 

Consul or Mentor

Different from social work, counseling is focused on a slower path. You will work in a safe and peaceful environment, making nine wing eights very happy, and will help people with a clear vision of what will follow. It is reliable, and it is an opportunity to gain more experience with your skills, helping those who most need to. 

As a counselor, you’ll work in family administrations, outpatient mental well-being, substance mishandling centers, clinics, government, schools, and private homes. In addition, you’ll select to work with a particular populace, such as young people, the imprisoned, families, and the elderly. A parallel career path is marriage and family treatment, which brings a family-centered perspective to mental wellbeing treatment, indeed when treating individuals. Finally, if you are a nine wing eight, you will select professional and career counseling to help and provide a difference in people’s lives.

Most states require that counselors total two a long time of post-graduate administered work, totaling between 2,000 and 4,000 hours of clinical encounter. In expansion, counselors must pass a state-recognized exam and total yearly proceeding instruction courses. Thus, the learning is never done—and your difficult work will be compensated with more noteworthy abilities and understanding.

Diplomat Field

Ambassadors have unmistakeable identities. They tend to be ambitious people, which implies they are courageous, yearning, emphatic, extroverted, enthusiastic, excited, sure, and idealistic. They are overwhelming, influential, and motivational. A few of them are too creative, meaning they can be inventive, instinctive, touchy, verbalize, and expressive.

Negotiators shape and keep up worldwide relations that are respected to issues of peace and war, exchange and financial matters, culture, the environment, and human rights, and also are the ones who develop arrangements and universal agreements at the most possible and available time, any politicians authoritatively support them. An ambassador also has the progressing obligation of collecting and detailing data that seem to influence the national interface and is frequently in a great position to deliver almost how the domestic nation ought to respond.

Nine wings eights would do their utmost to meet the responsible ones for the domestic governmental topics and the nation’s government in which they are located and persuade the nations involved to act in ways that the local government would incline towards. In this way, ambassadors are a fundamental portion of the outside arrangement detailing preparation.

The preparation to become a diplomat involves doing things nine wings eight most thrive in, such as take on leadership roles and work in a political campus or student government organization. Getting involved with a political party also helps since you would be volunteering on campaigns and similar events, which can benefit your introduction to the government and political policies and processes.  

Humanitarian work also provides a valuable experience for the individual who wishes to follow the diplomatic path. It will get you in touch with different social realities and help those in need of better education, health system, or other necessities. 

It is known that for diplomats, instructive necessities are not officially particular or follow a standard, but it is common to have at least an undergraduate degree. Thus, most of them hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Universal Relations, History, or other related teachings. In addition, they ordinarily incorporate outside dialect courses in their courses, and among the dialects in demand within the Outside Benefit are Mandarin, Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish.

Management Sales

Deals administration is the method of sorting out and enhancing a deals’ division. A few angles of deals administration incorporate enlisting and preparing the staff, planning operations inside the division, and making procedures to boost development and drive income. Deals are pivotal for any trade, so viable deals administration is paramount.

Sales management principles include talent administration where the primary step in good administration is finding, enlisting, and holding the finest staff; Feedback loops: Sales staff ought to be kept informed of their performance; Tracking and determining: Being straightforward with key measurements drives inspiration, everybody must know how the group is doing. 

Sales administration includes enlisting, preparing, and propelling the deals group, determining deals and setting deals objectives, and creating viable techniques for overseeing leads and expanding deals. Deals are the essential benchmark of victory for numerous companies, so having compelling deals administration prepared is paramount.

Being a Management Sales is a tough job and can put nine wing eights through a lot of pressure. Still, they can overcome it once they organize their thoughts and use their greatest skills while designing tactics for lead generations, setting targets, and assigning areas of coverage for the staff workers.

It is also part of the management job to recruit the best team for the job, the ones who are most qualified, and put them through a training program where they can learn to communicate with each other and keep the sales up-to-date, offer professional development and see the potential of the team to provide a great day-to-day routine, training for new products and competition are also important. The manager also needs to evaluate the best tactics of the team to ensure the sales staff are being deployed efficiently and always readjust what is needed in the sales strategy to meet the client’s needs.

Nine wig eights while being a manager can also be good at leading day-to-day a team and being reliable for guidance and feedback for those who work with them, keeping the staff motivated, and working hard to achieve success in their sales goals.

Business Management

As a trade director in the business, you’re given the major duty of overseeing authoritative errands for a business. For example, a company may expect you to help with its showcasing program. Moreover, a company may need you to perform a budget examination to discover ways that the company can cut costs. As a result, you might need to have a clever understanding of accountancy, promoting, and the authoritative methods required to run a business. 

To exceed expectations as a manager in business, it is a basic principle that you might have solid explanatory capacities. You may anticipate the requests that a company will confront in the future. It is additionally imperative to have the capacity to work well with other individuals, and you also need to be able to work with a variety of people’s identities. A challenge that might demand a fast form to adapt from you. 

Representatives will see you for administration and inspiration. You ought to motivate representatives to exceed expectations in their work amid high-pressure times for the trade. You, too, may have to have solid bookkeeping abilities in case a trade anticipates you to perform a budget analysis of its operations each month. 

Typically, the duties of business directors include managing operations, looking into contracts and, making a difference, representatives reach their best efficiency levels. A commerce director may moreover be called upon to administer or prepare unused representatives. They may moreover have to be helped with arranging certain occasions for a company. Thus, a commerce director plays an imperative part within the operation of a company, and, fundamentally, they can bargain with overwhelming loads of stress.

Human Resources Officer

Human Resources officers have numerous obligations, including faculty capacities for an organization. In addition, they do enlistment, office organization, interviews, contracting, terminating, benefits, compliance control, stipend talks, organizational preparing, group building, worker relations, and more. 

Human asset administration is an umbrella term for depicting organizational improvement of the workforce within the workplace. Human assets are additionally regularly called HR, representative administration, advantage administration, among other terms.


As you can see above, we offered a few detailed job positions that are more fittable for the ones with a nine wing eight personality Enneagram. It is important to known what would be better for you in your professional life, how you can help people and be satisfied while doing it, sometimes more intellectual jobs can be hard for your comprehension. You don’t know the reason. That’s because your vocation is based on other qualities as being a leader and offer pieces of advice. A peaceful environment for you and the ones around can raise your skills too.

9w8 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs For Them

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