Enneagram Type 6 Careers: Best Jobs For The Loyalists


Taking a personality test can help you know a lot about yourself. You may be able to pinpoint facts that you thought were trivial before and would start working on yourself a little more. Every individual comes with their strengths and weaknesses, and if someone is willing to learn more about themselves to achieve their goal, they sure will work hard to make progress.

As we all know, individuals vary from one another, and so do their personalities. Their life choices, preferences, interests- all are more or less a result of their overall personality. This article will be talking to enneagram six personality type and are best career options for them. If you are thinking about looking for a job, I am sure this article will help you.

But Before We Begin, What Is An Enneagram Six Personality Type?

To emphasize this question, let us understand what makes type three different from other personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, and where they should try to improve. If you think you can relate to these traits, then be sure to read further in the article.

Enneagram Type Six: An Overview:

Type six, or otherwise known as the ‘loyalist’ or the ‘skeptic,’ is the sixth personality type of the Enneagram theory. These individuals value security and belonging, as this style stems from the motivational need to be safe and prepared. Because of this nature, type six prioritizes loyalty and trust. They are very responsible who are always prepared for any situation. They are hard-working who value the people around them as well as the task given to them. Their nature also suggests that they are reliable and supportive who try their best to assist others without any hesitation.

One of the biggest strengths of this personality type is its reliable nature. They like to help and support others who are in need. They are loyal to their ideas, beliefs, and even the people around them, making them such amazing individuals. They do not like to hurt others for their own selfish needs. Instead, they will often put others before themselves because that’s what they believe in. They won’t leave anyone behind who needs their assistance.

Individuals coming under this personality type are also hardworking. They are very detail-oriented and precise when it comes to their work. As they are said to be reliable, it is obvious that these people give their best to support others in every way possible. They focus their energy and pour their time into their work. However, they don’t like wasting their energy unnecessarily. In fact, they are more likely to understand the situation properly and then apply the time and energy required for a particular situation.

Besides being trustworthy and reliable, type six personalities are also said to be very caring and understanding. They have good communication skills, which makes them good team players. During the different situations, they try to understand others’ emotions and look at them through their eyes. Their compassionate and generous nature makes them such beautiful human beings who do not want to see others in pain. They care deeply for others and want to protect them.

However, loyalists are not only emotionally driven. They also like to analyze different situations in a logical sense. Like I mentioned before, they like to think things through before jumping into it, and that’s another one of their biggest strengths. They are constantly strategizing and planning for future events and how to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. Calling them “survivalists” does not seem wrong, as that is what they typically do.

Loyalists can easily blend within an organization and can seamlessly expand their social sphere. They like to connect with other people, which only encourages their will to protect and help them. If someone is having any trouble at the office, they will easily do overtime to help their coworker and the organization. They can smell potential issues from miles away and often have a plan ready to handle such cases. They like to keep their cool during a stressful situation and know how to manage their nerves.

Type six personalities accept their own vulnerabilities and like to express their true and independent self in front of the world. At their best, Sixes can let go of their worries and focus on matters they can change in the present moment. This allows them to feel that they are in charge of a particular situation.

Although, when it comes to their weaknesses, sixes seem to have a number of them too. One of their biggest weaknesses comes from their sense of stability and security, which they often look for. Because they want to be prepared for any situation, they can actually get very paranoid and start acting skeptical. They can get anxious and, even worse, can start thinking about the worst-case scenario. That’s why they don’t like to be a part of inconsistent and unstable environments where any kind of direct results are not present.

As they like to be a group, working solo for loyalists can be pretty troublesome. For them, competition is not a part of their interests. They don’t want to engage themselves at places where they are working for their own good. They tend to thrive in situations where they can collaborate with their teammates. They want to see the direct results of their work instead of doing something which has little personal meaning attached to it.

Their need for constant reassurance for their work can also suggest that they doubt their skills. They may be cautious and indecisive, but type sixes can become rebellious and reactive during worst-case scenarios. They become skeptical about not only just the people around them but also themselves as well.

Wing For Type Six:

Just like any other enneagram type, type six also has two distinct “wings,” i.e., type six with a five wing (6w5) and type six with a seven wing (6w7). These types are slightly different from others and share a few traits with type five and type seven, respectively. While 6w7 types are said to be more social and engaging, type 6w5 types are more serious.

How Should They Improve Themselves?

Even though their good qualities can be very efficient for them and others, there are certain areas on which type sixes should work on. As I mentioned, they also tend to have several weaknesses that can harm them. And those are something that they should definitely work on.

As they see this world in a pretty negative light, they tend to doubt their own skills sometimes. Instead of being so skeptical about themselves, they should acknowledge and own their power, helping them grow bold and brave.

They may like to pre-plan things to avoid risks, but this trait of theirs can actually backfire at times. They keep on over-fixating certain things, which only increases their anxiety and makes them paranoid. Calming down at times and understanding how they are creating self-fulfilling prophecies can help them get a better insight into the situation.

Because they can get skeptical and paranoid, their relationship with others can also get bitter over time. Their anxious thoughts can bring a lot of hardships in their life, and that’s they should try to quiet down a little and become more aware of their surroundings. They should learn how to put more faith in others and practice habits that allow the energy to focus on their body.

Best Careers For Enneagram Type 6(The Loyalists)

Now that I am done telling you about type six personality traits, let us look at a few career options that are best suited for them. If you know or feel like you come under this category, the list below can help you make a proper decision for your future!

1. Doctor

We all know the job of a doctor is all about dedication and care towards their patients. The amount of time and hard work they spend on the patients to help them lead a healthy life is commendable. Working in the medical field, especially as a doctor, comes with several complications. But if an individual is willing to work through it all while maintaining their professional relationship with their coworkers and patients, it is an achievement in itself. And the required traits for this job are best found in the loyalists.

As type sixes love to provide their support and assistance to others, this medical field career is a perfect choice for them. Here, these people get the chance to provide service to others and can get direct results for their work. Their generous and compassionate nature makes them good with their patients. They are analytical and good at working in groups, which is another important quality doctors should have.

2. Teacher

For a student, a teacher is their guardian and their educator. They are the ones responsible for teaching them, for helping them grown into literate and well-educated individuals. Without their assistance and dedication, it would be possible for any person to excel in their life. Self-tutoring is an option, but the job of a teacher and the education one receives are not as easy as it looks. And for the loyalists, this career option can help them provide assistance and guidance to many people.

Working in a classroom is no easy feat. And this job can only be handled by those who are good at handling many people collectively. For type sixes, this job is an interesting choice. Their dedication towards their students is one of the reasons why type six makes such amazing teachers. As they are well-organized and prefer detailing, they will prepare good lectures for the classroom. They also value security, so they tend to be invested in the secure futures of their students. They try to understand their students, which is also a constructive teaching method.

3. Nurses

Another profession in the medical field is that nurses are considered an important part of this institution as any other employee. While it is the doctor’s duty to prescribe medication and operate the patients, nurses must look after them. Of course, for an individual who is supposed to stay admitted at the hospital for a long period of time, the nurses are the ones who attend them regularly with care.

Type six personalities can make great nurses for their compassionate and dedicated nature. They can tend to patients with ease and can also assist the doctors. As these individuals are well-organized, they can also keep records of the patients and attend to them daily. Along with providing professional support, they will also connect with them personally and form a healthy bond.

4. Caretaker

Working as a caretaker needs a lot of skills. Being available for the individual emotionally and supporting them during the time of need are some of the basic responsibilities of a caretaker. Whether it is children they are taking care of or older people, this job is not just about stoically finishing your responsibilities. Instead, this job requires a person’s compassionate and reliable traits, which type six personalities already have.

Because they understand the longing and the need to be taken care of, type six makes excellent and dependable caretakers. Because of their generous nature, they are also able to form a good bond with their associates. Plus, because they sometimes have self-doubt problems, devoting their time to investing in others’ wellbeing may help their own well being.

5. Executive Assistant

At any workplace, the requirement of a reliable and supportive executive assistant is essential. Of course, the head executive cannot expect to handle all the work by themselves; they require an assistant who can help them out with the immense amount of paperwork and other assignments. They should be trustworthy and reliable who can provide a comfortable environment for the higher-ups, and that’s what type sixes are best known for.

Being an executive assistant, a type six can carry out all the responsibilities assigned to them because of their dependable and loyal nature. They will also be understanding towards their coworkers and will be able to assist on time. Another benefit of this job is that it provides security and stability, which a loyalist often looks for.

6. Veterinarians:

Another profession in the medical field, the job of a veterinarian, is related to treating animals. And who said that animals don’t need any medical assistance at the time of need? Like a human doctor’s job, a veterinarian provides medical treatment to animals, which is another great option for type six personalities.

This job requires several skillsets, and loyalists are said to have them. Handling animals, especially during treatment, is not an easy job. The veterinarian should be caring and compassionate towards them to make them feel comfortable. They care deeply for others, and that’s why this job is also an option where they can do something to better these other beings. Plus, because they sometimes can struggle with self-doubt, working with animals is proven to ease stress.

7. Social Working

Another career option best suited for type six is the profession of a social worker. This job is all about connecting with people, learning new information regarding society, and providing assistance to people in need. This job may be hectic, but it has all the promising benefits a loyalist is looking for.

Type six social workers can be driven and passionate because of their will to support others. Bringing a change in others’ lives by helping them is what they look forward to in a career, and this job is exactly where they will be able to do all the things that suit their personality traits. They will be interactive, understanding, and work for the greater good.

8. Police Officer

A police officer’s work is to maintain law and order in society and provide their assistance and support to the victims. Police officers are supposed to reliable who can assist the ones in need. And that’s why type six can also find a career in this field.

Type sixes are responsible and reliable who always work to provide assistance and betterment of other individuals. Being a police officer, they will be hardworking and dependable who will carry out their duties without any hesitation.

9. Security Guard

The job of a security guard is another good choice for type six. They are supposed to reliable who look a lot for others, and that is what this job demands the most from an individual.

So, here are a few career options for enneagram’s six personality types. In the options above, your strengths sure will shine if you work with dedication and passion. However, do not forget to work on your weaknesses too. After all, you never know when you end up losing your composure. That’s why it’s better if you try to work more on your skills while also looking after your weak points too.

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Enneagram Type 6 Careers: Best Jobs For The Loyalists

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