Apple Interview Questions [With Sample Answers]

Apple Interview Questions and Answers

To top a global chart isn’t an easy game, but we all know how Apple has been seen as a pioneer in the technology sphere. This is probably why a lot of tech geeks thrive on bagging a spot inside the Apple company. Getting inside isn’t an easy task as their interviews are going to be top-notch as their quality. But hey, nothing is impossible, we say! Numerous experts wish for an opportunity in Apple, and we believe it’s neither too easy nor too tough. Yes, this company’s one of the trailblazers with immense gadgets and ground-breaking ideas, but if you’ve got the potential, then you’ll get in. In this article, we provide sample Apple interview questions

Speaking of the mega tech company, do you know that within the 2.4 million job positions in America, almost 137,000 staff are from Apple? This evidently shows how great of an impact Apple has on the U.S economy. We truly get your stand right now, but there’s no need to panic. In this post, we’ll have a look at certain questions with sample answers that will aid you in cracking the interview code. 

Let’s check it!

Sample Apple Interview Questions

You’d have heard that Apple’s interview has doozy questions. It can be tricky to answer, but you needn’t fear because you can always prepare to give your best shot. We have listed some of their brainteasing questions with engaging answers, which you can look to face at the interview. Take it slow, make it move!

  1. Do You Have A Favorite Apple Product? If So, Why?

This seems like a very straightforward question but is trickier than you think. Let’s say you’re owning an iPhone 8+, and this is your favorite product. Sounds simple, right, but are you ready enough to explain its features when they ask that in the next question? It must first get familiar with Apple products, their features, and uses, so the hiring manager will find your enthusiasm interesting. To answer “why,” you are free to explain an emotional story behind it, but this is a job interview. Thus it requires some tech skills on the floor. Spill it!

Sample answer: While I am a lover of all Apple launches, I still have to admit that I can’t get enough Apple Watches. Who won’t love a stylish wristwatch that’s smart as a smartphone with music facilities as well? The ability to check my messages, emails, reminders, schedules, and hear my favorite songs is all a bonanza. Plus, I needn’t have to tag my phone everywhere because things are right on my wrist. 

  1. What Pulled You Here?

Isn’t the question a little off? But this is hella complicated! Obviously, you’ve come to the interview because you were reviewed to fit the company. As much as the question sounds odd, this is where you’ll need to let them know your goals. Mention your reason to work at Apple and how skilled you feel you are for the position. Let them know your excitement because we believe your bubbly personality would attract them than a very nervous side of yours.

Sample answer: I grew up with and around gadgets, and they’ve fascinated me ever since. Even a small wristwatch of my father caught my attention, not for the appeal but the built-in features. I loved to read about technology and extend my knowledge of it. After receiving the Apple appointment letter, my first thought was that I’d pull the interview somehow. Not that I’m overly confident rather it’s because I truly believe my inner child who loved the gadgets in childhood has grown much skilled. I will be a good choice for this position, and I really want to make much more interesting things pop in here. But of course, it will come only after a good rapport with my colleagues. I believe in the phrase, “together we learn, together we create.”

  1. How Would You Enhance Your Skills Which You Believe Works Best For The Job?

When you mention your skills to them, hiring managers would first enquire how you would make it better. Whether you flex it outside or inside, they need people who can learn and better themselves. The Tech industry is tarnished, and they love to set trends to stay fresh. Having an employee with an old-style fashion isn’t bad if they can catch with current trends. When you answer this type of question, you need to make them believe that you’re willing to lift your skills to date and ensure you’re passionate about the work.

Sample answer: Yes, I will definitely take measures to level up my current skills. I wish it to be regular training rather than an edge-cutting forced one because I believe there’s no limit to learning. I also do believe even a professional will have to keep growing to fit in the emerging trends. So, I’ll enjoy doing projects that’ll wear and tear my skills for a sharp definition.

  1. Let’s Check Your Communication Skill, How Would You Explain To A Kid About A RAM?

You should have noticed how the questions are linked. This is to show that hiring managers don’t prepare questions but question what “you” say. That’s why we said it’s important to only utter words you have good knowledge about. When the recruiter asks you to describe something, he/she is simply testing your basics on the topic. Of course, Apple won’t need someone who can’t simplify complicated contexts—remember, speech is key.

Sample answer: If I come across a 5-year-old kid fascinated by computers, I’ll start with a comparison. Well, children respond quicker to drawings or illustrations, so I’ll try to make them picture RAM with something to define. For instance, I’ll explain to the child how RAM is like a play-dough that can be reshaped and have fun with new shapes. A RAM does the same as it can be rewritten repeatedly on the computer to add new files. 

  1. How Would You Then Explain A Modem To An Adolescent?

They’re either pretty much interested in your previous answer if they ask something similar, or they didn’t find your answer satisfying. Both ways, it’s a great chance to show how you can communicate effectively with simple vocabulary. Without getting technical, you’ll need to summarize a modem’s function as you’re addressing someone in their teens. Because an adolescent likely knows what internet and is pretty cool with Wi-Fi details. So, keep it short yet professional.

Sample answer: That’s an interesting question. As teenage lads know what the internet is, I’ll describe how the modem is a box that connects the internet from the internet company. I’ll introduce the other word router and explain how they share the internet to multiple devices such as tablets, mobiles, and other gadgets. I will also show a modem’s image if the child’s question was out of the blue and not because a modem was nearby.

  1. How Do You Take Up Failures? Have You Learned From It?

Alright, do not panic when they ask it. We understand you might feel they’re checking how you’ll react if you’re not selected for the job. No, they don’t really ask this question for that but to only see how optimistic you are. Even if it was a hidden meaning you’re out, remember that you can flip the coin with an effective answer. This question is an allusion to check your greatest weakness; thus, you need to show how strong you are to overcome mistakes and straighten the path. Don’t over-explain and vent. Rather just keep it simple when you share your failure. But, be honest and acknowledge your mistake because that itself is a sign of might!

Sample answer: Last time, when I said a wrong tool to be used to a trainee when he asked, I had my fellow teammates put under trouble. Thanks to my supervisor that we somehow managed the fault. It was very embarrassing and disheartening because I felt I wasn’t a fit in the company. But I realized with the encouragement from my colleagues that it’s never too late to learn. I overcame this issue and never repeated it by carefully analyzing every decision before I declared it. Also, I started to boost up my skills through reading and working with professionals. This way, it made me feel confident about my current skill, and it still inspires me to enrich my knowledge more and more. Through this experience, I learned how important it is to be around positive people. Otherwise, we’ll end up on a curveball because of mockeries. But even if it were that case, to prove them wrong, I’d have satisfied my abilities by putting them to work. Practise makes everything possible, don’t we believe this?

  1. How Do You Address The Condition If You Disagree With Your Supervisor?

A very crucial question because this is where they find the right respectable person for their job position. Apple would definitely not tolerate impolite staff to evade chaos, so show your humble side and earn the bounty. One thing you’ll need to remember is to be honest. We are humans, and we have our side of the story that seems fair, so if you answer them too positively, they’ll find it a flaw. We aren’t robots; we have feelings, so address them and say how stressful you were with the authorities and how you took steps to handle it. This will confirm that you’ll make an effort to set things straight. Personality is important, so project it finely.

Sample answer: When I was assigned as the project leader leading a team of 7 members, the stress was unimaginable. Being always watched by the supervisor was creeping me out, so I addressed it to him. That’s when the discussion heated, and I was feeling terrible. Because who’ll like to be watched when the job was given as a responsibility? I was confused about whether he was taking note of how I was doing or wasn’t sure of my abilities. To make him trust me, I asked him to give this project a heads up and full control of my hand. I asked him not to glance now and then but that I’ll update by myself. Surprisingly, he agreed, and things went smoothly. The project was a success, and to date, I am in communication with him. I completely understood he was trying to make sure things were right, but I wanted to let him supervise the final version so until then, I can show what I’ve got. Things went well, and things are going well. 

  1. If You’re Proud Of Something, What Would It Be?

The question’s answer can be anything. It can be work-related or personal related. All they want to hear is how good you feel about yourself. They’ll love a person with humbleness and self-respect, so it’s vital to let them know how you conquered something. But we’d suggest you mix them both and answer because you’re here for a job and not for a mental health check, so explain to them how you overcame something work-related needed your mental stability. This is most likely to impress them.

Sample answer: As a software engineer, I wanted to produce something outstanding, so I tried a model. When I showcased to my clients, all I received was negative comments. It put me down, and I lost confidence. But with proper research and guidance from fellow workmates, I pulled off another one, and this time, they were agape. It earned me a great sum of money on selling it. I have created quite a lot of software, but this one is so far my best accomplishment because it was solely an individual effort with extreme criticism won over.

  1. What First Catches Your Eyes When You Step Inside An Apple Store?

Very straightforward and tricky, so clearly understand what purpose they’re asking for. Did you speak about a product in your previous answer or about a person? Or did they churn it out of the blue? All you need to express is what catches your eye because that might be the next question they’ll want to pop. You can explain how you notice the latest models and go to read about its new features. But make sure you’re aware of those technical updates because the next question might place you to elaborate on them. Be clever with your choice of words.

Sample answer: Whenever I walk into an Apple store, I notice the staff’s attitude. I sternly believe that a good atmosphere around customers would guarantee success. The primary reason they walk into the store is that they want to buy an Apple product. So, a staff that guides them and assists them fine will make a sure sale. If I enter as a customer and come across someone assisting me with not much knowledge of the features when I inquire, I’ll be so disappointed. So, communicating the store staff’s skills and the way they present themselves with neat attires catches my eyes.

  1. What Would You Focus On: Fixing A Customer’s Issue Or Making A Great Customer Experience?

Your recruiter is trying to find how dedicated you’ll be to the company by making you address the customers. Customers are the only reason why any organization tops, so prioritizing them is the main idea. The choice is yours because be it an option; you’re trying to make the buyers feel at ease. But we would suggest fixing a customer’s issue because that renders them a great experience working with the staff.

Sample answer: Fixing a customer’s problem would be my priority because they are the initial members who trusted our product and bought it. When they seek help, and we deny it, then we’re declining their satisfactory experience. Then what’s the point of making a great customer experience for someone else who’s wishing to buy our product? Analyzing the customer’s problem and finding a solution for it will not only satisfy them but will make them return to buy more from a trustworthy company. On seeing this, even the new customers will cave in, believing a great experience automatically. 

  1. What Was The Best And Worst Day In Your Previous Or Current Work?

Through this question, they’ll analyze why you’re planning to make ends or made ends with your career. The hiring manager will decide the reason why you wanted to enter Apple; hence be clear and convey the content straightforward.

Sample answer: When I received my first salary in my work, I was delighted because it was fair and soothed my hard work. I also was grateful to my manager for guiding me properly throughout the whole process. My worst day will be when my views on an upcoming project were rejected by my supervisor, while when another staff said the same, he agreed. It wasn’t very respectful, so I confronted him. They put me as the project leader and asked me to take complete charge. It was nerve-wracking because it was my first, and they purposely gave me believing I’d fail. Eventually, I completed it successfully with my teammates, but that day, I felt awkward when I was ignored. 

  1. If You Get Inside Apple, What Will You Miss About Your Previous/Current Work And How Will You Cope?

Here’s the big call; this could be your sign of affirmation. So let them know how grateful you are to both the Apple company and the last career you stepped out of. The hiring manager is probably curious about why you’re quitting your job if you had spoken about it in a good manner previously. Also, never talk ill of the former work because it raises questions like what if you do the same to Apple in the future if you’re put in a resigning situation. So, be earnest and grateful while answering this.

Sample answer: I’ll miss my colleagues and supervisors because they’ve pushed me this far. But I’ll be carrying the experience which they’re a part of. Thus, it’s good to go for me. If I get inside Apple, I’ll try to get along with the other staff and establish rapport like at my previous work. I’ll take the chances I missed back there over here to enhance my exposure. Life goes on, and I believe every farewell has beautiful moments to cherish. So, in my mind, the experience stays, and in my next phase of work-life, it returns mightier.

  1. 5 Years From Now, Where Do You Picture Yourself?

This question is to figure how much you’re ready to invest yourself in the company to better both the work and yourself. After all, you’re about to enter a tech company that’s motivated to be in the everlasting glory. Answer positively and describe a bigger picture. This will ensure your dedication and professionalism when it comes to working!

Sample answer: To be honest, I want to be the head of the software engineers and organize major projects that’ll make the world’s customers in awe. There’s plenty of trends setting their foot on the shore, and I want to capture them quicker to recreate into a bigger, brighter catch. I want to be in a position where all the days spent using my smart work is satisfied. By satisfaction, I mean the company’s reputation lifted by my part. That’s my biggest victory.

Some Extra Questions Apple Interviewers Might End With

So far, we had a glance over the necessary questions to prep up, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over. When the sun rises, it has a long way before it sets. Hence, you ought to be prepared for extra questions that might pop up. It is never bad to be ready for anything because if you become nervous, it’s big trouble. Be it for any company, enthusiastic engagement during the interview is a must. It will give the recruiters a sign of hope that you’re a great fit for the job role when you express this persona. Here are six basic ends of the discussion questions which you can begin with.

  1. What does success mean to you? Money or fame?
  2. If you’re given this job position, how active would your days be? 
  3. What caught your attention in Apple and especially for this opening?
  4. Have you planned a bigger career path following this?
  5. If you’re a recruiter, what qualities would you seek from the applicant?
  6. How would you react if you’re starting work from tomorrow? 

How Does The Hiring Process Go For The Interview?

Firstly, you need to know the two main types of jobs at Apple. They are retail and corporate, and that’s why the interview process takes up to a few weeks or months before they confirm employees. It’s a big company, and patience got to be the key. After a few days, you’ll receive a phone call to schedule an interview, be it on the virtual or physical model when you apply. During this pandemic period, most of the interviews are held through virtual modes, so your confidence got to break through the screen. The application process might vary depending on what industry you’re applying for. If you want to work in the marketing department or if you want to work in the engineering department, the application format, questions, and other activities will vary. But no worries, they’ll all be checking your honesty and positivity, so answer earnestly and be you!

Tips To Handle The Questions With Ease

It’s no wonder when we panic while recruiters throw their questions at us. Even if we’re well prepared, that passion for getting the job might make us anxious. We have gathered a few tips which you will find helpful for the interview.

  • The interview is critical, so wear an appealing outfit and act briskly. Avoid fidgeting, using non-lexical fillers often, flattering, etc. They’ll find the scenario awkward, so be bold.
  • Many people’s dream is to work at Apple, and you’ve got the chance to grab it. There’s a load of competition out there, so speak with clarity and speak with appropriate breaks. If you talk way too fast, then it’ll be confusing, so calm and collect yourself before going to the interview—answer to the point.
  • Have an interview strategy. For instance, use keywords that they might follow up for the next question. Only use them if you’re good to answer any questions around them.
  • Make sure you research well about all Apple jobs, say retail, marketing, operations, administration, accounts, and other professional fields inside. The range of jobs is vast in Apple, so be thorough.
  • Do not expect questions that match only your job post. They’ll ask general questions, so they clearly understand how the company works.
  • Review the job description because the recruiters don’t wish to explain to you about the work. So, brush them and be alert about what’s need from you for the company and ensure you’ll give it.
  • Go to Apple’s website and read all the contents about us, mission, values, accomplishments, current projects, important authorities, etc. We suggest this be added not so bluntly but appropriately within your answers as it’ll make the recruiters believe that you’ve put effort.
  • Do not purposely showcase your apple gadgets in front of the interviewers. Anyone who likes the brand will buy it. But you’re here to work for the company, so do not look at your Apple Watch or iPhone because that will look like you’re showing off. It’s unprofessional, and the hiring person might get annoyed.
  • Avoid using slang and short forms while speaking. The tone must be professional and packed with etiquettes. Address with honorifics and have a tranquil tone.
  • Talk to someone who works at Apple or with someone who aced the interview. Having words of wisdom from someone who cracked the recruitment will get you to view a bigger picture of the entire selection process. Write down questions so you can pull the necessary answers from an Apple professional.
  • Recruiters will tactically ask behavior-oriented questions, so present your personality clean. If they ask how your relationship with your previous boss was, be honest and admit things. Say if you had had a bad relationship and often end up misunderstood, explain it with a sign that things were settled. Otherwise, you might get an arrogant impression from the hiring managers if you over-explain the fights or discussions between your past boss. Keep things simple.
  • Brainteaser questions might arise so, make sure you refresh some maths additionally.
  • Smile and be confident while answering. Do not respond in one or two words. At least speak up 3-4 sentences. But do not talk too long; that will make them feel stale. 

Our Final Thoughts

It all takes one step on the right train. Working at Apple is a dream yearned by many, and if you could nail their signature questions, you’ve got it! Now that we’ve presented you with strategical samples, questions and tips, the next step is in your hands. 

As we mentioned, Apple is a vast company, and many professionals are working inside. The amount of experience and guidance the employees get is immense because every person’s skill varies. Imagine an abundance of skills inside a big office that is contagious! Learning from colleagues will be way enthralling when experienced than reading.

We suggest you research well, read this post clearly and get an overall idea of how the tone of answering must be. We completely believe that your chances of grabbing the job are one plus! Be optimistic and believe you’re a great applicant! It would be best if you expressed it without panicking.

Hope we have aided you well and good. Have an amazing interview. All the best!

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Apple Interview Questions [With Sample Answers]

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