Why should you work at apple?

work at apple

Apple History

Apple is a multinational technology company that centralizes computer software, electronics, consumer services with online facilities. Apple is the world’s best tech company in the frame of reference of revenue, and since 2021 Apple has rooted its name in the World’s most valuable company. It is one of the 5 top American tech companies and Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne founded Apple in 1976 to sell the first Apple I computer made by Wozniak, and from there, they started the apple journey. Still, after some time, because of internal misconceptions between the founders, Steve Jobs left the company to found the next along with employees. In this article, we are going to discuss why you should work at Apple.

But in 1990, Apple lost its market share, and then it gradually started decreasing and after facing setbacks because of their highly competitive competitors like Microsoft. So, Steve Wozniak brought back Steve Jobs to the company. Then Steve Jobs brought a new campaign called Think Different in the company and launched iPad and iMac in their collection, which gave them a sudden rise in their business, and market share also increased. And in 2007, they found the iPhone, which boosted their sales and earned the most, and in 2011 Steve Jobs handed over the company to Tim Cook and resigned because of health complications. 

4 Big Reasons to Work at Apple

  1. Creativity/Innovation: As per the strategies of Steve Jobs, he firmly believed to give best out of best to customers and don’t let them think twice about their product that’s why he always tries to bring something unique to the market every time. He doesn’t believe in putting varieties of things in the market rather than it, he firmly believes to bring less product with the best quality. He was so obsessed with this thing LESS IS MORE. and which stills continues by Tim Cook. For the very first time, he was the person who replaced the product packaging from shiny or eye-grabbing to be neat and clean. He was the very first person who built a box opening team to just check how it feels when customers will open, and he removes all the unnecessary clutter and place at the side and adds the most vital and needy things into their boxes. So, he always tries to bring new things into the market, and they review and experience their customers first, then work according to that. As an employee, what you have to take away from this point is that if you want to fit in apple company, you must have to keep your customers in mind and be innovative at the side as well. You have to Bring new and market-changing things which can lead to something better in the future. So, you must have the skills of innovation and creativity. And if you have it, then show it because your action can lead to your office corner in the apple company.  

  2. Sterling Excellence: As a founder of Apple, Steve Jobs always wants to make their product as precise as they can, which gives comfortability to their consumers. They strongly believe that we must free up space for what matters the most, and that’s why he is famous as a cruel boss because he fires the employees more than he hires. It has a negative point that he was not socializing with his employees, but there is also a point behind that he doesn’t start his business to be nice to people. He wants to make them better. It might be a little hard for employees to stay long, but as long as they sustain their innovative and creative ideas and don’t focus on other things than your work while you are working, then it is more than enough. You don’t have to do the necessary things to stay within the company. But at last, you have to be smart as the company is because it is a very prestigious company which wants not only hard-working people, they don’t just want the best out of you; they want the best in you out of everyone. And as an employee in the Apple company, you can actually reflect yourself among the best people whom you are working with. The competitive nature can fire you inside that you have to be the best among the best. It will bring something new to yourself, and your colleagues would play the role of the soundboard. 

  3. Best Place to Play with Peers: if you are looking for a job that has the power to change you or your skills astonishingly, then apple is going to be the best place for you because as an employee in this company, you never know what you have to learn next. Because you can never think that you are secured as an employee, so you have to improve yourself daily, polish your creativity daily, craving to gain more knowledge, prepared to face challenging things, think first about your company rather than you, give priority to your mind to think about customers, it is a place where you have to do such things that is not related to only your job because they don’t need machine workers for that they have machines already what they need is the brain, brain which brings change which let the millions of brains to think about that change. Steve Jobs or even Tim Cook wants passion in yourself for what you have to do or what you have received to do. Maybe you have to stay all night to work on products. Still, you have to be energized because you have to get attention by commuting to the dreams of consumers for which they aspire to live. They are waiting for your product; they want a fresh change, again a new technology, thinner products, and your company takes every step by keeping customers in their mind or by thinking like a customer they bring their dreams into reality. Because your company can afford to fire you but can’t afford to lose a single customer, then you have to brainstorm what you can do for a customer because they want their employees to use Apple as a medium or platform to bring a change in the tech software world. Because Steve Jobs says they don’t accept things the way they are, they don’t stop innovating.  

  4. Salary: It is not probably the most important point, but consideration of salary is quite helpful for everyone, so if I talk about salary, then apple gives a really decent amount of money. It varies from job to job in which you are working. But there is one thing that I want to mention is that, if you go in apple by money-oriented mindset then probably you cannot stay long, because when you compare the work with salary, it won’t seem too much, but after all, apple pays a very good amount of money along with other perks as well such as health insurance, vacation, flexible hours [probably not], etc. 

Not only this, but they also appreciate their employees and give them independent thinking. They have full rights to talk about new ideas, discuss their ideas with managers. Actually, they even get rewarded with discounts on iPad and Apple products, or even their family members can benefit from this. So, Apple is a treasured company to work with. I know getting a place in Apple is difficult but not impossible as you think. And here are some things which you can take as moral with you that why you want to work with Apple. So rather than expecting what you get, think about what you can give. 

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Why should you work at apple?

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