Questions to Expect in E-Commerce Interview 2021

E-Commerce Interview Questions

Different types of e-commerce related questions are asked in an E-Commerce interview. If you want to get into this profession, you should know what e-commerce is and how it was. Also, some of the companies may ask for some required information related to the working of e-commerce. So, in this article, we are going to disuss questions which might be asked in an E-Commerce Interview.

E-Commerce Interview Questions

  1. Why should we hire you?

Answer: The main question asked in most of the account of commerce interview is that why they should hire for their business and what you know about them and the answer is that you should have the basic knowledge about what kind of business run what products are sold by them and in what platform they operate, whether it is providing services or they provide any goods.

  1. What is e-commerce?

Answer: E-Commerce refers to the exchange of goods and services through digital platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and many more. These platforms provide the experience of online shopping to customers at reasonable rates. It is a customer-friendly platform through which customers can buy and sell goods conveniently. It saves a lot of energy and time for the customer.

  1. Elaborate on the characteristics of E-commerce in today’s scenario?

Answer: E-commerce has different characteristics that help the company grow its business and improve its sales through online marketing. The main features of E-Commerce include cash transactions to digitize form or you can say non-cash payments, provide services which are available 24 into 7 the clock, better communication with the customers, better marketing and inventory management of the goods, each and it takes very less time to buy the goods through online shopping as it used to take long hours while going into the physical market space it’s a very efficient and effective way of doing online shopping because it provides the number of alternatives you can compare the prices of different goods and can do shopping anytime anywhere so we can say that E-Commerce adds comfort to your life.

  1. What is the difference between E-commerce and Traditional Commerce?

Answer: There is a vast difference between traditional commerce and modern-day e-commerce. In traditional commerce, the exchange of goods and information takes place directly between the people. But in the modern-day e-commerce is different because goods can be exchanged between people without any physical limitations. Communication occurs between the two people synchronously in traditional commerce or when the business occurs traditionally. Answer-commerce the pattern has been changed because the communication between the business and the consumer takes place in an asynchronous form from both sides through online platforms where busy businesses and customers can interact with each other. Nowadays, all the business processes have been automated due to the coming up of this E-Commerce technology in the business market. Earlier in physical markets, communication depended upon individual skills, but through e-commerce, things have changed. All communication takes place through digital or social media. In modern-day e-commerce, the interaction can occur at a global level, and uniform policies have been framed, which can be changed over time. That was not possible in traditional commercial transactions.

  1. What are the advantages to the organization?

Answer: A lot of advantages of e-commerce models by which companies and businesses can be benefited in the long term. The companies can establish the business at the international level as well as at the national level. Through e-commerce shopping, the product can be purchased overseas. The E-Commerce business requires less capital investment because there is no requirement for establishing any physical work to run the business. Every work on the online platform also helps the organization reduce the extra cost of production incurred during the production process and provide the goods and services to their customers at reasonable prices. With the help of these benefits, the companies can create a better image and reputation in the market and provide excellent customer services.

  1. Give a brief description of different e-commerce business models.

Answer: By evaluating the E-Commerce models, you can earn lots of profit and make success detrimental to success. In an E-Commerce interview, there are certain and very famous interview questions that are asked. One of the questions is related to the models are the types of E-Commerce will include: 

  • B2B models that are business to business 
  • B2C model business to consumer,
  • C2B model consumer to business,
  • C2C model consumer to consumer,
  • G2C models government to consumer,
  •  C2G models consumer to government. 
  1. Discuss the disadvantages of E-Commerce experienced by the companies.

Answer: If there are advantages of e-commerce, there are certain disadvantages that E-Commerce companies may face. These are as follows:

  • The first problem faced by the company is the privacy issues and the leakage of confidential information of the customers.
  • Sometimes a company may also face problems related to the payment made by the customer if the payment gets stuck in the customer gateway then the order cannot be placed properly which may lead to cancellation of orders.
  • Due to the fast working of e-commerce companies, there is a requirement of a high-speed internet facility to purchase goods from the customers. If the customer belongs to remote areas then this could be the biggest disadvantage for the E-Commerce transactions.
  • High Technological and legal costs may be faced by the e-commerce company. The companies work on the digital platform so they need to pay this cost to provide services to the customer, Internet charges, website charges, domain costs, and any other legal costs have to be paid by them.
  1. Elaborate on the advantages of e-commerce about society?

Answer: It helps reduce the cost of products because more and more people can use the product. It helps to enable the rural areas to access the service and products because they can use any product that all others are using in towns or cities. It helps the government deliver public services such as healthcare, education, and social service at minimal cost and better. Most importantly, no need to travel anywhere; the products will be delivered to the defined address and benefits the customer, organization, and environment.

  1. Elaborate on the sectors in which E-Commerce websites are available in the market?

Answer: Websites provide the goods to the customers of different kinds of customers and field areas. It is growing in different sectors of the economy, whether it be in online shopping, artificial intelligence, data analysis, video-related services, and a lot more. Commerce applications are available in  different kinds of field areas related to the marketing of clothes, services, electronic services, financial services, mobiles, medicines, home, toys, technological gadgets, products, beauty products, fashion accessories,

  1. Discuss the demerits of the e-commerce industry?

Answer: While setting up the e-commerce business, there is a need to arrange a proper amount of capital. As it involves a lot of initial setup costs for creating a website on the computer. Traditional e-commerce is different from modern-day e-commerce. It has a lot of difficulty in ensuring the privacy of the users and maintaining confidentiality. Sometimes payment related issues may also occur due to which proper processing of orders may not take place. In e-commerce, many protocols are not standardized worldwide, which may lead to some technical limitations on e-commerce websites. Also, the business’s high technological costs may be faced by the business due to online selling and purchase of goods that require a large number of funds.

  1. Explain the B2C business model briefly?

Answer: B2c business model refers to the business-to-consumer model, which occurs between the business and the consumer where the consumer purchases the goods from the business. Goods are provided by the business directly to the consumers without any intermediaries—the most popular business model in e-commerce companies. Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, all these companies are involved in the b2c model. The customers can purchase or through the model on the websites. It can easily order from E-Commerce companies the product selected by the customer will be directly sent to their address and timely notifications.

  1. How does e-commerce work?

Answer: Major question asked by the people is how the E-Commerce industry works. This industry is related to transactions and commerce-related activity, but its work has changed a lot due to digitalization. E-Commerce means getting the customers’ needs and selling them or providing them the goods they choose from the websites. First, the customer will select the product on the website, and after selecting, they can select the mode of payment, which can be through cash credit for any wallet payment. For E-Commerce merchants, there is a need to have proper websites and get in touch with the customer and logistics after the goods are ordered. Then these goods are shipped to the customer’s address and delivered to them by their delivery people.


E-Commerce is a well-established branch of business in today’s world. It has occupied more than 80% of the market. If you are planning to enter the e-commerce sector, different E-Commerce Interview questions will be asked from you, discussed in the above article. These are very important for qualifying for any e-commerce job interview.

Questions to Expect in E-Commerce Interview 2021

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