How to Insert a Vertical Line in Word Using Shapes?

how to insert a vertical line in word

No one notices the regular ones when it comes to a Word document. We will discuss how to insert a vertical line in word in this article here. It should be either bold or italic with different font styles, sizes, and colors. But nowadays these are out of trend. So then, how to make a unique Word document? How do you make the readers engaged? The answers are all here. 

Though there are several ways to insert vertical lines in a Word document, the easiest way is to go with the Shapes tool. All one needs is to click Insert from the Menu bar and select Shapes from the Standard Toolbar. From the various shapes available on the Formatting Toolbar, choose the line icon under the lines tool. After choosing, place the cursor on the screen and drag it by holding the Shift key to confirm that the line is as straight as an arrow.

And there comes the vertical line in less than a minute. The user can change the place or insert more vertical lines anywhere around the document. And this doesn’t stop here. The user can also change the color, shape, or even the style of the vertical line drawn. The format tab becomes active automatically on the ribbon once the user inserts the vertical line. From the given layouts, the user can pick the desired outline, effect, and color of the line in a way that suits the document as a whole.

The layout has double-lined, dotted, dashed, circle-chained, looped, zig-zag, wavy lines. In addition, the user can customize the thickness and color of the line. Another feature is the Shape effects, where the shape can have 3D effects, reflections, and even soft edges. Here are a few easy but effective steps to insert vertical lines in Word, which is time-saving and, at the same time, makes the document more prominent to the readers.

How to Insert a Vertical Line in Word Using Shapes?

  • Click Insert on the Menu bar
  • Select Shapes from the Standard Toolbar
  • Choose the Line icon from the Formatting Toolbar
  • Now place the cursor on the screen and drag it downwards by holding the Shift key for a straight line
  • From the Format Tab on the Ribbon, pick from the layouts to change the style, shape, and color of the vertical line

Where are Vertical Lines Made Use?

Vertical lines usually indicate the flow of movements. These are great options for a timeline chart or a chronological resume to represent the workflow or a list of events. Nowadays, vertical lines are being used even on newsletters to segregate the contents from the main subject. These are also used in other documents to differentiate contents and to draw a flow chart. Sometimes, these are figured as borders too. A vertical line makes the text in a document more apparent to the readers and makes them zealous.

It could be an awe-inspiring resume, an eye-catching newsletter, or a stunning timeline document. The similarities are those vertical lines that make them more imposing. It’s not a big deal anymore to make exemplary documents just by inserting a few vertical lines. Vertical lines are playing a vital role even on Social Media platforms. Especially in Content marketing, vertical lines are used in infographics, posters, banners in vibrant colors, styles, and effects to attract the audience. 

What is the Other Way to Insert a Vertical Line in Word?

The other way to insert a vertical line to a word document is by choosing the Borders icon from the Paragraph option. But by using this way, the vertical line can be placed only at the sides of a paragraph. The user needs to select the entire paragraph and then click the Borders icon on the Toolbar. From the Borders dropdown list, press the left border option. The vertical line appears to the left of the selected paragraph. Press the right border option, and the vertical line now appears on the right side of the selected paragraph. The user can also customize the border by choosing the Borders and Shading option on the dropdown list under the same icon. 


Of course, it’s easy to insert vertical lines in a word document now. These extra elegant details add noteworthy comments to a document. “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” This was said by the American Basketball Team Coach, John Wooden. All the little details in a word document make it unique, and who doesn’t love to read unique content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a vertical line? It is a right-angled standing line that moves upward and downward.
  2. Is there a shortcut key to insert vertical lines in Word? Press and hold the Shift key and then press the Backslash key.
  3. In which resume vertical lines are used? Vertical lines are used in chronological resumes and sometimes in skill-based resumes too.
  4. Where are vertical lines used other than Word? Vertical lines are used in PowerPoint Presentations, Google Docs, and WordPress.

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How to Insert a Vertical Line in Word Using Shapes?

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